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Halo Headbands and Halo Baseball Sweatbands


We have all been there. You are juking and jiving, dribbling behind your back and transitioning to a mean crossover dribble when that single bead of salty sweat hits your eye. You blink for a second, and your bro swoops in and goes coast to coast for an easy two, making you look like a chump.

You've tried wearing a headband but they have always been itchy and stinky, and they constantly need adjusting during the game, just ask Al Harrington, Paul Pierce, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James.

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But, then along comes Halo Headbands and dispells all of that noise, and even baseball players are wearing skullcaps, hat liners, and Halo baseball sweatbands to keep moisture out of their eyes. Plus, by all accounts, Halo's patented "SweatBlock Technology" and "Dryline Fabric" will keep you dry and comfortable all game long.

Moreover, the elastic pullover design promises to be a breeze to put on and take off, and the band boasts durability and that it won't stretch out. But we wanted to see more before we hoped onto this new sweatband train, and, as it turns out, that the Halo baseball sweatband has a lot going for it.

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Halo Headband World of Sweatbands

Halo Headbands started out in the UK and came to American in 2001. The company was founded by Nick Holslag and his partner, and, between them, they shared a lot of experience with professional running, tennis and cycling. Over the years, the two had both struggled to find headbands and sweatbands that would 1) keep the moisture out of their eyes and 2) hold up over time.

After little success finding anything to their liking, the two decided to take matters into their own hands and make one. Eventually, they developed a material that they called "Dryline Visa Endurance," a blend of neoprene and other moisture-wicking acrylic fabrics, however, it would take another reported two years of intensive R&D to get to the point where they could see a product.

What was known was that they had their hand on a high-performance material that demonstrated marked moisture-wicking and hydrophobic abilities, pulling moisture away from the skin so that it evaporated quickly and resulted in a lasting dryness and comfortable feeling.

Moreover, the fabric was lightweight, durable, and resisted tugs and pulls, and, what was more, the rubber-like qualities meabs it will not lose its shape or form over time. Of course, Halo also made sure that the material included silver-based antimicrobials to retard the formation of unpleasant orders and resisted dirt an stains. And what followed was a revolutionary headband that could be worn for every activity and in every sport.

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The First Headband: Halo I Tie Headband

Starting out the product line with an item that tied was an impressive marketing move, to be sure. Though it is true neoprene tends to hold its shape anyway due to its rubber-like qualities, even if it did not, the user could just retighten the headband by re-tieing it.

The first attempt, however, had flaws, as the sweat just avoided the material altogether and ran down into the face anyway. Undeterred Halo headbands soon developed and patented a product called the SweatBlock Seal, a material that, when pressed against the forehead, created a seal that kept moisture from dripping down.

The tie version was similar to a small headscarf, it was dainty, lightweight, and gave the wearer the feeling of being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or, at least, that is what we assume. The folks at Halo Headband were rather hoping, though, that the headband would appeal to cyclists and runners.

The upshot was that is appealed to a much larger audience and, now, with 23 different colors and patterns, this incredibly soft product has a unisex, one-size fits all appeal that continues to make it incredibly popular. Due to its slim material and lightweight nature, the Tie Headband is recommended for activities that require light-to-moderate physical excursion.

Plus, a tied headband meant that customers essential got a custom fit, as the neoprene fabric would conform to a person's individual head. This ability to be easily customizable lends to immense popularity in pro sports and in the enthusiast, and it can be picked up for just under $15 on Amazon.

The Most Popular Headband: Halo II Sweatband Pullover

This most popular Halo sweatband by, this one put Halo headbands on the map. The second iteration of the halo headband, this band is recommended for sports demanding intense physical exertion. While most headbands would have the tendency to get saturated and leak moisture, this is where the Halo II excels.

Designed to absorb sweat and wick it away from the skin to quickly evaporate, this Halo baseball sweatband is perfect high excursion physical exercise, and, what's more, it cost just under $15 online. This one-size-fits-all unisex elastic pullover is designed to fit different head sizes in a comfortable manner, the sweatband is rated for all sorts of physical activities.

Running, soccer, Crossfit, and baseball are all great activities for using the Halo II Sweatband Pullover with. Not only is the pullover moisture wicking and odor-retardant, the breathable material is thin enough to wear under helmets in many sports.

In fact, the pullover air cleans and dries naturally while it is on your head, it is soft, and it keeps your head and faces dry and sweat free. Moreover, most users report that they can barely even feel that they are wearing one. And, what's more, it won't bend, or warp, or lose its shape over time, which means you will have it long after you buy it, especially since it is also machine washable.

Halo Headband Slim, Protex, and Anti-Freeze

Of course, there are times when a full sweatband is just too much, and you are really only looking for extra moisture-wicking support under your ball cap. Well, Halo Headbands makes that product too. The small Halo 1-inch headband is a great solution for stopping sweat under your helmet or hat, as it is small and thin, but it is also super-absorbant and perfect for any sport that uses a hard helmet, ball cap, or visor, and golfers even wear them on the links.

The Halo Headband Slim Sweatband is an extremely comfortable, light and thin headband that features a classic elastic pullover design and is great for cyclists who ride for a few hours every day. It also good for mild to moderate work-outs and should relieve sweat in the eyes. Workouts that are hardcore or take place in extreme heat will reduce the effectiveness though it is excellent as Halo baseball sweatbands.

One step up from the one-inch slim (it is kind of a combination of a skill cap and the one-inch) is the Halo Protex, and it offers more sweat blocking protection than its counterpart. The other neat thing about this sweatband is that it is both a pullover and a tie.

It is also a little thicker than the skullcap and much more absorbent. Therefore, a lot of pro sports players reportedly wear the Protex to protect their heads from the sun. Both of these products work extremely well with helmets and ball caps and are popular for use in cycling, baseball, football, and other pro sports.

Finally, picture the baseball playoff and the World Series, which do not take place until September and October. Well, for teams in the Northeast, games during this time can get downright cold. Cycling, too, often holds races throughout the month of November. Well, think of the Halo Pullover with added earmuffs, and you have pretty much got the Halo Anti-Freeze Pullover, a great Halo baseball sweatband addition to the crisp, Fall Classic games.

Halo Skull Cap and the V: Adjustable

The Halo V adjustable sweatband features a Velcro® strap to further hold that custom fit in place. Think of it as the big brother to the Halo I - tie version and the One-Inch Slim. It will give you the extra control you need in the placement of a band on your forehead, and it works great under helmets. It is so popular that it is now featured on the REI online store.

The Halo Skull Cap is basically the Protex without the tie in the back. It is a little lighter due to less material, and the 4-way micro mesh basically feels like air conditioning for your head. In typical Halo fashion, one size fits most, and the cap is unisex and the Halo baseball sweatbands will fit underneath most helmets, from cycling to football.

Available in nearly 30 vivid colors and patterns, the material is quick-drying and moisture-wicking. Also, the band promises not to lose shape or stretch out, and, above all else, it will keep the sweat from your eyes with its Sweat Seal Technology.

Halo Headbands Wrapup

So, as you can see, Halo Headbands makes a number of different sweatband products, from Halo baseball sweatbands to headband ties and skullcaps. In fact, Halo products all feature some pretty great assets including moisture channeling technologies, so let's take a minute to recap them now:

  • Halo products fit almost any head size and are made to be unisex.
  • VELCRO® product featured on some Halo products are soft and smooth and will not pull on hair.
  • Patented Sweat Seal channels block sweat from your eyes and forehead.
  • GRIP Technology keeps the band in place during activities.
  • Dryline® Visa Endurance fabric absorbs sweat and keeps it away from the skin so that it dries quickly.
  • Headband and Halo baseball sweatbands will not lose shape or stretch out.
  • Bands work great under cycling, baseball, football, and other sports helmets.
  • Products come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • All Halo items are made in the USA.

Halo Headbands are widely used in, but if you would like to see the gear in action, please take a look at this video. With its selection, including types and colors, versatility across sports and activities, and effectiveness at blocking sweat this a likely to be a headband that will be around for a long time.

Moreover, you will smell better, feel better and perform better, and isn't that really what sports are all about? With the Tie, the Pullover, the Anti-Freeze, the Protex, the Skullcap, and the One-Inch you will always be on your game in any weather condition, even cold-weather climates. So, if you are in the market for a versatile, effective headband that performs under pressure and won't stretch out over time, we urge you to give Halo Headbands a try.

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