Top Baseball Games to Play on PC and Gaming Consoles 2024

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Top Baseball Games to Play on PC and Gaming Consoles 2024
Chris Sloan

There’s something about playing our favorite sports through games – whether it’s basketball, volleyball, baseball, or any other sport out there, being able to step into the cleats of our favorite athletes and experience the thrill of the competition. The best part? You don’t have to be sporty or athletic to be great at these games. You won’t have to sweat through your clothes in the summer heat or spend hours perfecting your swing at the batting cage. PC and gaming console baseball games are a stress-free way to enjoy your favorite sport at the comfort of your own home. 

We’ve tried countless baseball games out there to determine the best ones out there, and we’re proud to show you this list. Some of them will require you to have a fast internet connection and a reliable internet service provider as they are played online. Nonetheless, every game on this list is fun to play and worth every second of your time. So, without ado, here are the top baseball games you can play on PC and various gaming consoles this 2024.

Super Mega Baseball 3 and 4

If you enjoy in-depth strategy and team management, Super Mega Baseball 3 is an excellent game for you to try. You'll play as a general manager tasked to build your dream team through player drafts and come up with winning strategies. This game offers a comprehensive Franchise mode, which gives you to freedom to manage your team over multiple seasons. It even features online leagues for competition against other players.

For Super Mega Basebeball 4, there was some critics that say it’s just similar to SMB 3. However, it’s a big upgrade for someone who really plays this game. In SM3, players can just leave whenever they want, which can be a bit frustrating. Fortunately, that's now a thing of the past, thanks to the new loyalty system and the ability to resign players. This means you can finally build a stable team that sticks with you, making the whole franchise experience much more rewarding.

SMB4 also adds a whole new layer of depth to your team building and on-field experience. Each player now has expanded traits that come into play during every game, which makes matchups more complex and every player feel unique. The new team chemistry system takes this even further, with different personality types affecting how well your players work together. This identity your team builds goes beyond just what the game tells you about their playstyle. 

On the field, players now need to cover larger distances, which means speed, fielding, and arm strength become even more crucial to your team's defense. This directly impacts your decisions in both team building and player development. But overall, the core gameplay is the still the same.

SMB 3 can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, while SMB4 is available on these three consoles plus Steam and the EA App for Windows. 

Out of the Park Baseball 

Similar to Super Mega Baseball, Out of the Park Baseball is another huge baseball game franchise that has been entertaining many baseball fans out there since the 1990s. However, it offers a different experience from SMB. 

Super Mega Baseball focuses on fast-paced arcade-style action or in-depth franchise mode strategy, while Out of the Park Baseball goes all-in on simulation. It lets you take control of every aspect of a baseball team, from managing the roster and finances to scouting new talent and calling the shots on game day. You can even play through historical seasons or create your own fictional baseball world. The latest version is the Out of the Park Baseball 25, which was released this 2024 and costs $49.99 on Steam.

You can play this game using offline and online gameplay options. But if you’re planning to play this online most of the time, make sure your current internet plan can handle the game. If not, it may be time to look into better internet plans. Oh, and by the way, this game is officially licensed by Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and the Major League Baseball Players Association. 

MLB The Show

What better way to enjoy the real MLB experience than playing MLB’s official video game? MLB The Show throws you headfirst into the world of professional baseball. You can live your dream as a team manager or become a star player of the league. This game will give you the complete baseball experience, with all the real teams, stadiums, and rosters constantly updated throughout the season. It's like having your own personal MLB season pass that lets you play a full season with your favorite team, battle it out online against other players, or test your skills offline against AI.

When playing this game online, it would be best if you have the best internet provider in your area. This is because online play in MLB The Show requires a strong internet connection. Lags can ruin your gameplay so it's important to have a stable connection and a reliable internet provider when playing this game. You can play MLB The Show on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch. 

Backyard Baseball 2005

As kids, we’ve always wanted to play as our favorite baseball player, and Backyard Baseball made it a reality for many of us born in that generation. While this is a relatively old game, it still stands out to be one of the best baseball games out there. It’s a 3D baseball experience filled with lighthearted fun and wacky characters. Unlike more serious baseball sims, Backyard Baseball 2005 lets you manage a team of quirky Backyard Kids alongside legendary MLB stars like Pedro Martinez and Derek Jeter (depending on the version).

It's a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many, but even newcomers can enjoy the simple joy of cartoonish graphics and silly power-ups like the Lightning Bat and Fire Ball. If you’re just looking a fun time playing baseball, you must give this game a try. It’s simple but it’s very entertaining. 

Super Psycho Baseball

Super Psycho Baseball is a wild ride for baseball fans who crave something different. It's not your typical baseball game like MLB The Show or Out of the Park Baseball. It's all about pure, unhinged baseball action. It's a chaotic game involving over-the-top characters and wacky power-ups. It’s actually a great breather if you’re tired of strategizing and just want to swing for the fences. You don't need to follow the rulebook or be bogged down by complex strategies managing a whole team. It's just completely fun, no-brainer game any individual can play regardless of age or skill level. Super Psycho Baseball is available on Steam for only $4.99. 

Home Run High

Home Run High is more of a combination of baseball and school management simulation that even new baseball fans can enjoy. You'll be able to develop your players both on and off the field, manage practice schedules, and build various facilities like dorms all while making sure they maintain good academic standing. You can also scout and recruit promising young talents to fill the gaps left by graduating players, who move on after three years. It gives a satisfying experience of building a team from the ground up. Who knows? Your players might even be drafted by Major League teams.

Football Manager 2024

Football Manager is another massive baseball game franchise that’s all about, well, managing. It's a strategic football management simulation that puts you in complete control of every aspect of your club's operations. You'll oversee everything from scouting and signing world-class talent to crafting winning strategies and managing player morale. 

You're 100% responsible for its success or potential failure. Every player in the game is meticulously recreated, complete with strengths, weaknesses, and contract demands. Negotiations become a tense dance as you haggle with other clubs for transfer fees and player wages.

Final Thoughts

Playing baseball games is indeed one of the best ways to relax and have fun after a tiring day or simply to kill time. However, finding the best game for you is a trial and error process simply because we all have our own preferences. What might be the best one for us isn’t that great for you. That’s why it’s important to take your time in finding the right game for you. Whether you like simulation games or no-brainer games, this list has different types of games that cater to various preferences. You must also consider factors such as the features, difficulty, and your budget.

The games we’ve included in our list are just the tip of the iceberg. The sports gaming industry has come a long way throughout the years, so these games won’t fail you. We hope this list will help you find your next favorite baseball game. There's a whole diamond full of options out there, so go ahead, explore, and get ready to swing for the fences!

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