Review of Nike Youth MVP Edge Baseball Batting Gloves

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HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogReview of Nike Youth MVP Edge Baseball Batting Gloves
Review of Nike Youth MVP Edge Baseball Batting Gloves
Jack Perconte

For your kids to get the most out of their baseball playing experience, it is important that they have the best equipment possible. Of course, getting the major stuff, such as bats, helmets, and fielding gloves, is crucial. But even the little things that might not come to mind right away when you think about playing the game are significant as well. Such as batting gloves, for example.

If your little leaguers expect to be crushing baseballs out of the park on a consistent basis, then they need the right kind of batting gloves. But, with so many different batting gloves on the market, which ones should you ultimately get them? In this review, we will specifically look at the Nike Youth MVP Edge batting gloves and see how they match up against the competition.

Breaking Down the Product

When breaking down the Nike Youth MVP Edge gloves, we will focus on several different vital product facets and give a brief idea of how the gloves measure up in each corresponding one. As an important note, any of the specific design elements of the MVP Edge batting gloves or any of the other gloves mentioned in this review are primarily based on the information provided by the manufacturers and have not each individually been tested by us.

Grip and Comfort

The MVP Edge gloves are made out of quality materials to ensure that youth players are gripping that bat to the best of their ability. Constructed mostly out of synthetic leather, the gloves also include goatskin leather in the palm area, which is vital for added durability and comfort. Speaking of the palm area, its one-piece construction eliminates any seams, making it easier to grip a bat.

For added flexibility and security, there is a flex zone in the thumb region, which effectively prohibits the glove material from bunching. The adjustable Velcro straps also help to ensure wrist comfort, and the perforated mesh panel on the back of the hands offer added breathability.


As far as the actual appearance of the gloves are concerned, the MVP Edge gloves are as slick as anything. They are made by Nike, after all. Just one look at these, and you can tell that they are the real deal. Either "MVP" or "MVP Edge" (it varies based on wherever you purchase the expensive gloves from) is written on the Velcro strap, and the Nike symbol is also included on the back of the hand.

Different colors are available depending on where you shop, but the gloves generally come in either black, white, or blue.


Again, just like with available colors, the price of the MVP Edge batting gloves depends on where you shop. They typically range anywhere from $15 to $30.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of the MVP Edge gloves are generally favorable, with most reviewers giving them either a five or a four-star review. Positive reviewers praised the fit of the gloves as well as the long-lasting material.

The occasional negative review (either one or two stars) complained of faulty Velcro as well as the size of the gloves. When it comes to youth sizes, it is important to note that while batting gloves generally come in youth small, youth medium, and youth large, not all sizes are available at every shopping location. So, you should pay special attention to which sizing option you are selecting before ultimate purchase. Also, specifically since these are youth gloves, you will want to take into account that your child's hand could grow fairly rapidly during the time of use, so it may be beneficial to get a bigger size than you think you need.

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3 Other Nike Youth Batting Gloves on the Market

The MVP Edge gloves are a Nike product, but for the sake of comparison, here are three other youth batting gloves that Nike offers. These gloves all run about the same price and have similar features.

1. Nike Swingman Batting Gloves

Like the MVP Edge gloves, the Swingman gloves are designed for superior grip and comfort with adjustable straps, perforated mesh, and goatskin leather palms. The glove design is slightly different, with a man swinging a baseball bat is featured on the glove strap.

2. Nike Trout Edge Batting Gloves

Inspired by MLB player Mike Trout, these gloves are one of Nike's newer products when it comes to youth batting gloves.

3. Nike Huarache Edge Batting Gloves

Thanks to the internal locker tag included with these gloves, you can personally customize them by adding a name, number, or anything else that you choose to.

5 Youth Batting Gloves Offered by Competitors

Since there are a number of different batting gloves on the market, let's take a look at five offered by competitor brands.

1. Easton HS3 Batting Gloves

Like the MVP Edge gloves, these gloves have goatskin palms for a solid grip and good durability. There is also Zonal Flex on each knuckle as well as four-way stretch mesh paired on every joint for added comfort. In lieu of wrist support, the neoprene wrist construction adds breathability, comfort, and stability.

Reviews for these gloves are generally favorable, and they cost around $20.

2. Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves

The second glove in Franklin's "Shok" series, the Shok-Sorb Neo gloves are designed with shock-sorb padding that is meant to absorb any impact and eliminate any "sting" associated with constant bat-on-ball connection. Also, the mesh design and smooth leather coupled with the gloves' tri-curve technology contributes to the ideal fit and comfort.

These gloves also have floating thumb technology, meaning that the thumb is freed from the hand backs, which leads to easier glove movement and adaptability. The flex points in each of the fingers are also a nice added touch.

Additionally, if youth players are specifically drawn to the MLB branding of baseball products (though we will talk more about the inflated importance of branding later on), they may be especially sold on these particular gloves, which cost around $20 to $25 and have generally favorable customer reviews.

3. Mizuno Vintage Pro Batting Gloves

Touted as the same design worn by top professional baseball players, these gloves are fairly unique when it comes to their design, particularly due to the special Xtension flex technology that allows the glove to flex with players' hands as they grip the bat. While the Sensor Point palms aid in improved grip, Mizuno's Airmesh is meant to add greater breathability.

Costing between $15 to $20, the batting gloves' Quick Adjust wrist tab along with the molded pull tab leads to a more secure fit. These gloves come in a variety of different colors, and the 3D logo applications additionally contribute to the sleek, professional look. It is no surprise then that most customer reviews of this product are fairly high.

4. DeMarini Youth Digi Camo Batting Gloves

With a smooth palm for comfort and a special lining on the inside to eliminate chafing, these batting gloves have wider, unobstructed straps that help to improve a batter's swinging motion.

Available in a host of colors, the gloves' digital camouflage design certainly sets them apart as far as style is concerned. With fairly solid reviews across the board, these gloves do tend to run a little bit on the more expensive side at about $25 to $30 a pop.

5. Spiderz Lite Batting Gloves

Though these gloves are the most expensive of the bunch at $40, the intricate and flashy spider web design is something that will definitely grab most kids' attention. And the design is not just for looks either. The silicone palm makes for ideal gripping for most bats, while the thin polyester at the top of the hands offers breathability and a comfortable fit.

In terms of product reviews, customers mostly had glowing things to say about these gloves.

What to Consider When Choosing Batting Gloves

When deciding on the right batting gloves for your little leaguer, it is important to take several things into account before making that ultimate purchase. For one, you should consider your budget. Now, compared to some of the other equipment your kid will need, batting gloves will not cost you an arm and a leg. But you can notice a slight difference in price, based both on the brand of the gloves you get as well as where you get them from. So, if you want to shave off a few bucks here and there, it would help to do your due diligence and shop around a little bit.

Also, and this is absolutely crucial for not only batting gloves but for most wearable baseball equipment, you will want to take sizing into account. As mentioned before, children's hands sizes can fluctuate significantly as they grow, so you will want to accommodate that growth, and be prepared for them to outgrow gloves faster than you might expect. You might even find that a player can move from youth to adult sizes by the ages of even 10 or 11. To get an idea of what sizes you should be going for though, most equipment shops have sizing charts that will allow you to determine what size gloves children need based on the measurement of their hands.

Finally, do not worry too much about a particular brand. Sure, Nike may have that name recognition, but gloves from a lesser known brand could serve just as well. It is all about what your child feels most comfortable with, both feel and style wise.

The Bottom Line on the Nike Youth MVP Edge Baseball Batting Gloves

Taking into account that most youth baseball gloves on the market these days all tend to be of similar caliber, the Nike MVP Edge gloves are a great product, but they will significantly leap out from the rest of the pack.

When it comes to price, they fall on the cheaper to middle of the road side. Their design is eye-grabbing, but not over the top. They have important elements to aid in grip and comfort when holding a bat. All in all, they should make for very serviceable gloves for most youth players.

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