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Rivbos Baseball Sunglasses Budget Sunglasses Superior Eye Protection
Jack Perconte

Glare. It's every athlete's worst nightmare. And if you are an athlete, you understand why. But for eyewear manufacturers, it's making a lot of their dreams come true, and that because of one word "polarized".

Polarized sunglasses have become the rave, not only in the world of sport but for everyone who values their eyes. And because of their anti-glare properties, they are selling like hot cakes. And one of those best sellers is the Rivbos sports sunglasses.

But what's so special about polarized sunglasses? Let's find out, shall we?

Polarized Sunglasses- A Clear Picture

The hype around polarized sunglasses is not just a passing fad. Developed by NASA after studying eagles and noticing how a film of oil on their eye lenses helped them overcome glare from lakes and other reflective surfaces. Now, everyone knows that whatever NASA develops is definitely worth it, after all, the billions of dollars they spend on research are some of the best research funds spent on the planet.

Okay, back to polarized sunglasses. The discovery by the scientists at NASA led to the creation of a new type of sunglasses, a type that mimics the filtering capabilities that eagles have. And thus polarized sunglasses were born.

So how do polarized sunglasses work?

Good question.

To answer this question, you need to understand how light travels. One characteristic of light is that it usually scatters in all directions. And when it's reflected from a flat surface, it becomes polarized "” meaning it travels in a more uniform direction, and with that uniformity comes intensity. That intensity is what is called glare, and not only can it be annoying, it can also be dangerous.

Polarized sunglasses are made with a film of chemical laminate that acts as a filter to filter out this kind of intense light, just like the oil on an eagle's eye lens does. This means the major difference between polarized sunglasses and non-polarized sunglasses is that non-polarized sunglasses allow all wavelengths of light to pass through (including high-intensity ones) while polarized sunglasses are selective and block out intense light waves.

Now, you may be wondering what polarized sunglasses have to do with baseball. A lot actually, seeing as some of the best baseball sunglasses are polarized, and that for some very good reasons. Because baseball is mostly played in the sun, there are many potential hazards that you may encounter as a player, hazards in the form of shiny and reflective items in the crowd. Because these, and other objects around the venue of play that have the ability to reflect light your way, you really need to consider polarized glasses.

Does Polarized Always Mean UV Protection?

Many times people confuse polarized with UV protection. These are two different things altogether. Not all polarized sunglasses offer UV protection and not all sunglasses that offer UV protection are polarized. Therefore your best bet would be to get a pair of sunglasses that is both polarized and offers excellent UV protection. And one name that immediately springs to mind is Rivbos.

Why Rivbos? Well, I guess I should tell you a bit more about this stylish set of baseball sunglasses so that you see why these are highly trusted sunglasses by many sportsmen.

The Rivbos Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review Superior Sight, Packaged Stylishly

When it comes to sport, it can never be separated from fashion, after all, most fashion trends are inspired by sportswear. That is one of the reasons many people, sportspersons and non-sports people love Rivbos sunglasses. Not only do they offer great UV protection and better sight in bright conditions, but they also make you look good.

But, we're talking baseball here, so let's take a look and see why this particular type of sunglasses is perfect for you as a pair of baseball sunglasses.

Design and Build Quality

One of the major components of a pair of sunglasses is the frame. Weak frame equals no sunglasses very soon. That is why when you are on the lookout for a pair of baseball sunglasses you need to pay attention to the material that the frame is made of. Rivbos sunglasses are made from TR90 material, an ultra-light, strong, flexible material that has a high tensile strength. In fact, these frames are so strong they come with a lifetime warranty. For a $19.98 pair of glasses, that's a deal you can't afford to pass. The frame also features a wrap-around design that gently hugs your face in a firm embrace that gives the glasses a better "staying power" whether you run, jump, or jiggle your body, the Rivbos sunglasses will not fall off.

The lens on the Rivbos baseball sunglasses are another notable feature of the sunglasses. They are coated with a special coating to make them, polarized, enhance their UV protection features, and also increase their durability. Oh, and they look good while doing all that too, especially since they have a wide design that just gives you that "cool" look.

Rivbos sunglasses also spot a rubberized nose pad that is designed to give you maximum comfort. No matter how rigorously active you may be, the nose pad will still be gentle to the bridge of your nose no chaffing. This is one pair of sunglasses that was well designed and built. And it being a unisex design makes all the easier to purchase a second pair as a gift for that special person in your life.

Performance and Functionality

If there is one thing you will fall in love with when you try out Rivbos baseball sunglasses is the way they enhance your vision, especially when you are in a bright environment. Even when some light is reflected in your direction, you won't lose any precious time due to being dazzled as the polarizing effect is so effective. This is the pair of sunglasses you need on your day on the diamond as their performance will definitely help your performance as well. The NASA inspired polarization is exactly what you need to enjoy a nice game of baseball on a nice sunny day without having to worry about glare.

As for protection from the sun's rays, Rivbos sunglasses offer you 100% protection from UV rays, thereby helping ensure that you maintain your good eyesight for a long time to come. Don't take eyewear lightly when it comes to your sports kit, after all, if your eyesight diminishes, your performance will also be drastically affected. This is why you need to make sure that you invest in very good eyewear that will safeguard your eyes and your future in sport. Rivbos baseball sunglasses do just that. They are high-performance sunglasses for high-performance athletes like you.

Durability and Strength

No one likes to buy a product that will have to discards soon because of it falling apart prematurely. Especially if it's a piece of sports equipment, and worse still if it falls apart in the middle of a game. That is why, when it comes to sunglasses, you need durable ones like Rivbos sunglasses.

Rivbos sunglasses are made from the some of the toughest materials on earth (don't be fooled by their cheap price) that can withstand anything. Unlike most rigid frames that break upon the application of excessive force, Rivbos have a lightweight, flexible, and yet very strong frame that comes with a lifetime warranty. And it's not just the frame that carries a lifetime warranty, the lens do too, attesting to the strength and durability that you can expect from these sunglasses.

This super strength that Rivbos sunglasses have is not to be taken for granted as it can actually mean losing your eyesight of preserving it in one of those rare instances when a projectile comes straight for your face. Other sunglasses can break and cut your face or worse, pierce your eye. But not Rivbos sunglasses. These offer real eye protection for the active sports person or anyone who just enjoys the outdoors.

The only thing you can do to Rivbos sunglasses is to lose them, otherwise, these are sunglasses that will last you a lifetime.

Rivbos Baseball Sunglasses The Best Budget Sunglasses You Can Ever Find

Rivbos sunglasses are truly a cut above the rest when it comes to comparing value, durability, and performance. If you are looking for budget sunglasses that perform just like high-end ones, Rivbos sunglasses are your best bet. You won't find this much value from any other $20 sunglasses anywhere else. And did I mention that they come with a lifetime warranty? Did I? Well, that's because it's such an amazing factor I have to make sure you get it.

Are Rivbos sunglasses worthy to be part of your baseball kit? Hell yeah, they definitely are. Besides, their stylish looks will compliment you very well. You may not get the MVP award, but you surely will be in line for the most good looking player award. So go ahead, get yourself a pair of Rivbos baseball sunglasses today.

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