The Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup Review Keeping You Safe 

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HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogThe Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup Review Keeping You Safe 
The Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup Review Keeping You Safe 

Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup

Although most baseball players don't see the need for groin protection, a few unfortunate infielders have had to feel the need the hard way. And I do mean hard, as they received some hard hits in, well, let's just say for a moment there were three balls in play. Still don't see the need for groin protection? Well, perhaps I should let someone who knows the feeling paint a better picture for you.

The Importance of Protective Cups A Lesson from History

Yes, you probably guessed it Josias Manzanillo. Sure, it may be eons ago but the lesson learned from his unfortunate incident will ring true for ages to come. For those who were still too young to know what happened to dear Josias, perhaps this lesson from history is in order.

In 1997, the then Seattle pitcher, Josias Manzanillo, wasn't wearing a cup during a game against the Cleveland Indians. It was during this game that Josias was hit by a Manny Ramirez line drive in the groin. Amazingly, Manzanillo picked up the baseball and threw out runner, Jim Thome, at the plate and then ran off the field. Unfortunately, the line drive raptured Manzanillo's testicles and he needed emergency surgery as a result. He lost one testicle, all because he didn't believe in groin protection.

I know that doesn't happen every day, but what if it happens to you in your next game. It can happen to anyone at any time, and in all honesty, I'd rather wear groin protection every day of my life just for that one day than to lose one of my testicles (pardon the crudeness).

I believe today he regrets all the times he ignored groin protectors like the Lo Bloo Aerofit. And after today, you will definitely be glad to have heard of the Lo Bloo Aerofit groin guard as I will be giving you an extensive review of this lifesaver.

The Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup A Brief Overview

Although protective cups are not everyone's cup of tea in baseball (they should), in most contact sports, they are a necessity. That is why the best person to design a groin protector is someone who uses one most every day of their life, such as Usama Aziz. Aziz, the man behind the Lo Bloo brand, is a two-time Olympic wrestling competitor, Swedish national boxer, and a European MMA fighter.

And because he understands what makes a good protective cup, from first-hand experience, he decided to go ahead and make a product that is comfortable and easy to use the Lo Bloo protective cup. After this review of the Lo Bloo Aerofit protective cup, you will, hopefully, do away with all your misconceptions about groin guards and the bad rep they've been having all these years because of poor designs that made them unbearable.

Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup

The Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup Review Protecting Your Valuable Assets

Ready to get down to some groin protection business your groin in particular? Great! Lo Bloo Aerofit is our product of choice today and I can't wait to tell you why.

Design and Construction

One of the biggest advantages that the Lo Bloo groin guard has over the other protective cups on the market is its unique design and the choice of materials used. Talking about the materials used, you'll be glad to know that the Lo Bloo Aerofit is made from polycarbonate, the same material used to make bulletproof vests. That means your groin is in very good hands. Okay, that doesn't sound so good so let's forget about it and move on to Lo Bloo's other great construction features.

Inspired by actual full-contact situations and the ineffectiveness of traditional groin guards, Lo Bloo came up with their own patented design for a better and improved protective cup. The new design is very comfortable because of the contoured design that allows the protective cup to follow your body's curves and move with them when you move. So what exactly does this groin guard look like?

To put it simply, the Lo Bloo Aerofit groin guard is a solid rubber rimmed plastic cup that is held in position by a wide elasticated waist and 2 thin elastic leg straps. The straps are adjustable too, making it easy and convenient for you to adjust when necessary, and without the need for anyone to help you do so.

Unlike many groin guards that are complicated to secure to the body, the Lo Bloo Aerofit has a simple securing mechanism. And once secured, it stays in place and doesn't move, even upon impact, reducing the risk of chaffing in your most sensitive part of the body. If the other groin guards put you off groin protection because of their poor design and construction, you need to realize that the Lo Bloo Aerofit does not conform to those patterns and designs. This groin cup is in a class all on its own and you can trust it to adequately protect your family jewels from being damaged even by a fast moving baseball.

And the best part the Lo Bloo Aerofit is lightweight compared to most groin guards. It only weighs 3.840z, half the weight of other contenders in the groin protection business. This makes it easy for you to move around while wearing it as it will not weigh you down.

Lo Bloo Aerofit Protective Cup

Comfort and Fit

This is the major deterrent for many people groin guards that are ill-fitting. I don't blame them. A poorly constructed groin guard can be very uncomfortable, leading to poor performance on your part. There's nothing as annoying as trying to make it to base as fast as possible but not making it because a groin guard slowed you down.

But like I said, the Lo Bloo is in a class of its own and one area in which it proves its worth is in the comfort department. Because of the rubberized rim, all contact between the protective cup and your body is buffered, making for a very comfortable fit. In fact, the Lo Bloo groin guard is so comfortable you can use it with any under-garment, compression short, or directly on your skin. And, yes, without the discomfort and chaffing you often get with other groin guards.

One thing you will greatly appreciate about the Lo Bloo Aerofit is the mesh design. It allows for the free flow of air, making it more comfortable, especially on a hot day or during a drawn-out game. This extra ventilation also makes it easy for sweat and those musty smells to escape. If that isn't a comforting feature (and thought), I don't know what is.

To sum up the comfort and fit aspect of the Lo Bloo Aerofit it's so comfortable and lightweight you can easily forget that you are even wearing it.

Performance and Effectiveness

Lo Bloo's patented groin guard design has been tested to withstand 4 tons of pressure. That is a lot of pressure for a small plastic cup. Tests have proven the cup to be highly effective in offering you maximum protection where it matters most. And for added protection, the Lo Bloo Aerofit is designed in such a way that it won't move upon impact and it won't transfer any of the impact to your body. This is achieved by a soft gel in the rubber that lines the rim. The gel acts as a shock absorber, and it does that extremely well. Again, many groin guards fail to do this as their shock absorbing properties leave a lot to be desired.

If you are looking for a groin guard that will stand up to the task when push comes to shove, the Lo Bloo Aerofit protective guard is the one you should pick. As I said, the Lo Bloo Aerofit is made from the same material that is used to make bulletproof vests, polycarbonate, so you know that it can handle any projectile that may come flying for your groin especially a baseball.

Maintenance and Care

Let's talk hygiene for a moment. I know such talks can be a bit well, unpleasant, but they are necessary. Most groin protectors are very unhygienic for two main reasons your groin and the design of the groin protector. I won't talk about the state of your nether reasons here so you can breathe easy. I will talk about the Lo Bloo Aerofit's design though. Because it has a smooth body (no grooves or texturing), the smooth surface prevents the build-up of bacteria, making the Lo Bloo one of the most hygienic groin guards on the market.

And after sweating in it, it is very easy to clean, in fact all, you need do is throw it in your washing machine and let the machine do the rest. Now that's easy care.

The Lo Bloo Aerofit Groin Protector Hard Nut to Crack

The bottom line when it comes to the Lo Bloo Aerofit is that it's a hard nut to crack, and thus it is fit to protect the nuts that can easily crack at the slightest of pressure. I know what you are thinking. "œIs it really worth it?" well, the simple answer is yes. The long-winded answer is is $44.99 too big a price to pay for the safety of your family jewels? Think about that.

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