Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Are These Socks Worth Buying?

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HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogSof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Are These Socks Worth Buying?
Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Are These Socks Worth Buying?
Jack Perconte

For many of us, a pair of socks is a pair of socks is a pair of socks, right?

Well, we tend to just wear socks and forget about them. Well, that's the case if the pair is actually good. Otherwise, wearing bad socks will not only make your day a lot more uncomfortable but also may result in a day of hurting.

This is especially true if you're wearing socks for sporting activities.

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There are just so many things that can go wrong when you wear the wrong socks. So if you are playing baseball, you need the right pair of socks. Baseball is tough on the feet so having a good pair of socks is like having a first line of defense against pain and blisters.

Today, we will be reviewing a pair of baseball socks that might just be worth your money, the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Socks.

About the Company

The Sof Sole company has been established back in 1991 and is now a worldwide leader when it comes to athletic footwear accessories. Sof Sole is mainly well-known for their insoles and socks which range from every day needs to high-impact performance activities.

Outside of the usual "mainstream" brands, the Sof Sole might not seem like a well-known name. However, their products are tested and proven to provide adequate comfort and performance for many different athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

There's a reason why it's a popular brand among the baseball circles.

Reviewing the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Socks

If you play baseball, it's important that you put some thought into your gear, and that includes your socks. As stated, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Socks.

First, let's take a look at this pair's general specifications and main features:

General Specs and Features

  • Color: Available in multiple colors
  • Size: Youth XS to Men's Large
  • Brand: Sof Sole
  • MPN: 106
  • 80% Acrylic, 17% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Imported
  • 2-Pack of Over-the-Calf athletic baseball team socks
  • Keep feet comfortable and dry with Hydrologix moisture moving fiber technology
  • Acrylic, Polyester and Spandex materials prevent blistering and resist shrinkage while remaining naturally soft to the touch
  • Deep heel pocket provide an improved fit and keep socks firmly in place
  • Full cushion sole and a seamless toe provide extra comfort


I don't know with you but I wear socks to feel good and comfortable.

Fortunately, the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Socks deliver in terms of comfort. The socks are made of 80% Acrylic, 17% Polyester, and 3% Spandex.

So you are probably wondering, why acrylic? Isn't that used in glass sheets?

Well, there are such things as acrylic fibers which are majority of the materials used in this pair of socks. Acrylic is actually very durable man-made material which provides the much-needed softness and warmth without the heavy weight. This material is particularly excellent for wicking moisture.

While it's true that cotton socks can absorb three times more moisture, they also have the tendency to retain moisture. Soaking your feet in moisture is never a good thing because it increases your chance of getting blisters.

Acrylic, on the other hand, demonstrates reliable moisture absorption but doesn't retain moisture which is a must for high-impact activities like baseball. The addition of polyester also ensures that the pair is durable, flexible, and will keep your feet dry. The fit is also good, thanks to the deep heel pocket.

Aside from that, the socks have sufficient thickness to keep things comfortable and keep blisters at bay. I love how comfortable these socks are that it made me buy multiple pairs.


A surefire way to get blisters while playing baseball is to wear cotton socks. As mentioned earlier, the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Socks are made from synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester, so you don't really need to worry about blisters as you run from base to base.

The pair also has a good thickness which provides the much-needed cushioning. However, it's not that thick that it won't stifle the heat. The Sof Sole RBI Team Socks provides a great balance of cushioning and comfort. The cushioning probably won't blow you away but it's still that it's there.

The socks are also made of 3% spandex which is strategically placed in all the right parts. This will keep you from slipping as you run. This is further reinforced by the deep heel pocket that should help keep the socks in place.

In terms of performance, it's safe to say that this pair definitely delivers. They won't soak up moisture so your feet will be free from moisture and all that unpleasant feeling that comes with wet socks. Even when you are on the move, the socks should stay in their place and you'll feel comfortable at all times.

The performance is definitely one of the more impressive features of the socks which you can usually only expect from big brand footwear brands.


Upon wearing the socks, the first thing I've noticed is that the pair runs small. I wear medium when it comes to socks and it's definitely smaller than what I am used to. So keep this in mind when buying or if you can, consider going one size higher.

Once I've tried the right size, the socks do offer a great fit. The addition of the deep heel pocket has definitely improved the fit. The socks feel secure even when you're constantly on the move.

Again, the sizing can be off, so it's highly recommended that you go one size higher. Other than the sizing issue, the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Socks offer a pretty good fit that gives way for better comfort and performance.


The Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Athletic Performance Socks is available for $7.99 and that's for a 2-pack.

For the price, this is definitely one of the most affordable pairs of socks that you can use for baseball, softball, and other high-impact activities. For such a low price, you get a high-performance pair with some pretty good comfort and moisture-wicking features. The Hydrologix fiber technology really adds a lot of value to this package as it keeps your feet dry and comfortable. It's also a fairly comfortable pair which is what most people want from their athletic socks.

Again, this package offers a lot of value and the low price means that you can purchase multiple packs without multiple packs without making a dent in your budget. This is a good thing too because these socks are available in many different colors. There are some issues with sizing and quality but the pairs we've bought are still doing good so far.

Pros and Cons

So in summary, here are the pros and cons of this particular pair:


  • Excellent moisture-wicking performance
  • Durable and comfortable materials
  • Good for preventing blisters
  • Flexible and stays in place
  • Good fit
  • Great price
  • Available in many different colors


  • Sizing runs small
  • Some minor issues with quality

What Other Customers are Saying

Reading user reviews is always a reliable way to find out if a certain product is worth your time and money. In this case, the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Athletic Performance Socks has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5, with 446 reviews. With such a high rating with hundreds of reviews, it's safe to say that this pair is quite highly-rated.

On the positive side, most of the reviewers have bought these socks for athletic purposes, generally for baseball and softball. Many users are particularly pleased with the performance of the socks. They have used the pair for multiple games and still managed to hold up.

Many of them are praising the quality and materials. A lot of them find the pair to be very comfortable with just the right amount of thickness. There have been several mentions of the socks' cushioning which is good for added comfort and support.

Arguably, most of the reviewers really love the pricing of the socks. The price is a lot lower than what they normally spend when it comes to socks, yet the pair still manages to deliver in both quality and performance. A user mentioned that he or she was managing her expectations about the socks because of the price but was pleasantly surprised.

On the negative side, there are many buyers that find the sizing to be on the smaller side. Many of them have ordered the socks in their usual size but it still fit small and too tight. There are even buyers that kept using the socks despite the small size which led to damaging their pairs.

There are also buyers who complained about the quality of the socks. They felt that the pair is not as high-quality as it used to be. There are a few reviewers that torn their socks with just a few uses. Also, one user pointed out that his pair shrank just after a few washes.

Main Competitors

Just in case the Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Athletic Performance Socks did not tickle your fancy, here are some recommended pairs that are worth checking out:

TCK Prosport Performance Tube Socks

Made from 96% Polypropylene, 4% Lycra Spandex, the TCK Prosport Performance Tube Socks is also a great pair for playing baseball or softball.

This features a moisture and odor control system which helps keep your feet dry and odor-free. It also has antimicrobial properties to ensure that you don't contract those nasty foot conditions. The ergonomic cushioning does a great job of providing support and comfort. It's also available in about 20 colors which is a nice touch.

At about $9 per pair, this is definitely a more expensive pair but it does offer some worthy comfort and performance features.

Under Armour UA Over-The-Calf Team Socks

If you want a pair of baseball socks from a prominent brand, the Under Armour UA Over-The-Calf Team Socks should help meet your needs.

The socks are made from a high-quality polyester blend which ensures comfort, durability, and good performance. The socks come with a signature moisture transport technology that helps wick moisture and quickly facilitate evaporation.

There's also the ArmourBlock® technology that neutralizes the bacteria that cause odor for that maximum scent suppression. The cushioning is also quite superior as it provides maximum impact absorption and protection. For reducing foot fatigue and promoting circulation, the pair features an embedded arch support.

At around $10 per pair, this is yet another expensive pair of socks. However, it does make up for some impressive features that are designed to provide the best comfort and improve your performance in the field.

MadSportsStuff Baseball Socks

The MadSportsStuff Baseball Socks stands out because of its design. It is certainly one of the cooler-looking pairs that I have seen in a long time. The stitching that resembles a baseball just screams fun.

The socks are made of 94% Nylon, 03% Elastic, 03% Lycra Spandex. These materials give the pair the much-needed durability, flexibility, and toughness. There's the standard moisture-wicking feature to keep your feet nice and dry. The pair is also equipped with arch and ankle compression for reducing foot fatigue. The pair is also amazingly lightweight but still comfortable.

At around $15 per pair, these socks are easily the most expensive ones that we have featured here. However, you are indeed paying for quality and performance features that will help you perform at the top level.

The Verdict

The Sof Sole RBI Baseball Over the Calf Team Socks is an easy recommendation, especially for baseball players or athletes who are looking for a pair that offers good performance without breaking their budget.

Obviously, the main draw here is the price but don't mistake this for a low-quality pair. This pair delivers both in the comfort and performance department.

About Jack Perconte

After playing major league baseball, Jack Perconte has taught baseball and softball since 1988 and offered valuable coaching training too. He has helped numerous youth players reach their potential, as well as having helped parents and coaches navigate their way through the challenging world of youth sports. Jack is one of the leading authorities in the areas of youth baseball training and coaching training advice.

All Jack Perconte articles are used with copyright permission.

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