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Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack Review
Jack Perconte

Get an Easton Walk-Off Backpack Now!

Easton backpacks are built for those that want to supercharge their performance. The Walk-Off IV will aid with both, and it is Easton's # 1 ranked bat pack of all-time.

With an updated style and recently rubberized pullers, these backpacks are more flexible and durable than ever before with the storage for two bats and room to spare on top.

Not to mention the fence hook that allows for simple storage and even simpler availability while in the dugout. As if that wasn't enough, the inside of the bag has compartments, racks, and much more to store everything you need.

There's a ventilated area on the bottom that's perfect for foul-smelling cleats, a shelf in the main compartment that's ideal for glove storage, and a little outside pocket for individual gear.

Plus, the special exterior helmet holder is built to offer additional space for baseball equipment inside.

Why not have some extra cushioning around the back, or have shoulder straps for elite convenience and security?

Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack has a leading panel on the top that is perfect for team embroidery and a felt-lined pocket used for individual items.

Get an Easton Walk-Off Backpack Now!

Easton: Engineered for Glory!

Easton Stamp of Quality

Experience the uniqueness of a top quality bag, providing a sleek design and plenty of durability. Easton Walk-Off Bat Knapsack is one of the ultimate bags, and one that many baseball players are craving.

Its unique look is unlike many other backpacks, and guarantees that you can bring all of your gear in one go. It includes a pocket on the outside, allowing plenty of internal space for all of your other items. It also features an extra space just for team insignia.

The Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack is dedicated to carrying sports equipment. It is equipped with dual zippers for great protection when taking a trip and helps to keep them safe.

As well as zipping, it is very easy to store using the equipped hooks. The Bat Backpack shoe compartment is well ventilated too, guaranteeing that cleats fit snugly.

Thick cushioning in the bag makes it safe and versatile to bring many different pieces of gear. Besides being a great sports bag, you can store your laptop, clothes, or anything else you need.

It even has felt lined pockets at the bottom, which are crafted to hold individual products. The outside of the bag combines a honeycomb ripstop and a 600D polyester build, making for plenty of sturdiness.

  • Distinctively developed with external helmet compartment
  • Versatile: suitable for bring range of products
  • High-grade building product for increased sturdiness

When it comes to selecting a bag to bring your baseball bats, Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack is the ideal option. It is sturdy, comfortable, and ideal for bringing others individual things.


Here are some testimonials of those that have fallen in love with the Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack -

Testimonial 1

I required a brand-new bag for my ten-year-old. Looked at various types of bag. The Easton Walk-Off is a little more dear but absolutely worth the cost.

It took me a little while to get round to this style of bag. I thought I would try the backpack style instead of a cumbersome roller duffle bag, as I noticed that many other older kids were going for a backpack. My little one likes it. Big enough for anything! External helmet strap is great.

Nicely built with very sturdy zippers, plus a different compartment at the top. Very comfortable too. There is a hook on top that lets you hang the bag on the dugout. Sleeves holding the bats aren't bad.

Easy to get them in and out. Still looks like brand-new bag after a complete season! All in all an excellent worthwhile purchase. I highly suggest this bag.

Testimonial 2

I acquired the DeMarini Voodoo in April 2015, and the zipper broke quite quickly. Because it had great reviews and was only like $35.00, it wasn't the worst bag, so I went with it.

Anyways this time I opted for quality as I figure being on Travel and at home does put a good beating on his stuff - this bag is great. It's such a worthwhile investment, I now I feel nowhere as bad about spending the money that I did on it. Go grab one yourself.

Testimonial 3

Enjoying it! This is our very first (and I imagine only) baseball bag. The quality is marvellous, plus the Easton's design aesthetic is very beautiful! The bag has the ability to fit a helmet easily, as well as all of the other equipment you'll need. The helmet strap most definitely is a plus; nevertheless, my child wasn't fond of the concept, considering that the bag has enough space to fit everything that I need as well as the helmet inside. Will purchase again!!

Testimonial 4

This bag is ideal for my boy and will grow with him! My son is 7, and the bag is a bit large for him, however, it will absolutely work with him as he gets bigger.

So far, it appears to be of terrific quality. I love that it has so many different compartments, specifically the additional one at the bottom to keep his cleats different from everything else! There is lots of space for both bats, his cleats, the helmet on the outside, his batting gloves, his face mask, and more, as well as having room to spare!

The hook is great and lets him hang it up on the fence, keeping it off the dugout floor. This bag is truly wonderful!

It might, however, be a bit over the top for the regular player who does not have much equipment or isn't that serious about playing but is ideal for older or younger players who will be batting years to come.

Ways to Choose a Baseball or Softball Bat Bag

Get your equipment to the diamond and back with a convenient bag for your gear. Here, we split the selection process into bite size chunks, so you can more easily decide what it is that you need out of a backpack.

But, of course, it's up to you.

The utility of a baseball bag may not even be necessary for certain player. We do think it helps.

Alternatively, you can carry everything by hand if you'd like. Prop your bat under your arm. Put your gloves away in your pocket. Maybe put your change of clothes across your shoulder.

How about having your cleats under one arm, and water bottle under the other? And we're sure you'll discover space for everything else.

However, if like most people you want to forget the hassle and secure your brand-new gear, getting a bat bag is paramount. Below, you can find our top tips on what to think about when you're looking to get a new bat bag.

Things to Look for in a Bat Bag

If you want a bag that is going to last, and keeps your equipment safe, start by selecting something that has a rubber-reinforced bottom with double-layered panelling.

You need a resilient external layer for defence from dragging and a variety of weather conditions, however you'll also want a soft inner layer to keep all that equipment secured and scratch-free.

One way you can keep scratches from your gear is by having lots of pockets.

At the very least, separating your cleats is ideal. For ideal security, you bag will separate all your equipment by consisting of additional pockets, as well as a divider located in the main section, keeping uniforms and bats apart.

Superior choices include space for luxuries like water bottles and sunglasses.

Bag Designs

Presently, four basic designs of baseball or softball bags exist, each having their own features.

  • Handheld

Designed to resemble the classic duffel, this bag makes use of a short handle. It's a great choice for transporting plenty of balls and bats. These kinds of bags have structured designs, but we recommend one with many pockets. Nevertheless, this design only provides one carrying technique.

  • Shoulder strap

Bags like these are similar to duffles, mostly with a short handle, as well as longer one for more versatility. This is great for fast and comfortable travel – consider wheels for longer strolls.

  • Wheeled

Depending on your stance, you may want to go with a wheeled bag for carrying your stuff around. Perhaps an outfielder can carry around their equipment. However, if you're an umpire, catcher or coach, you'll bring a lot more weight than other team members, so invest something sturdy. You can look for large or coach's bags and, of course, catcher's gear bags.

There are two styles (inline or tank), but style takes a back seat to quality construction. Top choices have metal runners along the length of the bottom of the bag for structural support, plastic wheel plates to resist bag tears, and-- for umpires, coaches, and catchers-- adequate pockets for all that extra gear.

  • Bat pack

As designs go, the bat pack is the new kid on the block. Developed like a school backpack, it might work well for a youth player due to the fact that, to them, it will feel completely natural. The design of bat packs also can be quite trendy, something that might be important to your child among his peers.

Even for older players, this pack is a great alternative due to the fact that it distributes weight more uniformly than other bags. It's developed differently, relegating bats to the mesh sleeves on the sides – a great design indeed.

Although that can limit your ability to carry bats, it frees up the centre compartment, so you can have space for a helmet and other gear.

Versatility of this kind, and the large range of choices for all ages and skill levels, makes the bat pack among the most popular choices on the marketplace today.

Choose packs with enhanced bat sleeves and a tough, easy-clean bottom to guard against tears and dirt.

Look for cushioning in the straps and a broad back plate to disperse weight adequately. And of course, search for added pockets!

Thankfully, many bat packs have pockets for accessories such as mobile phones, wallets and maybe even laptop computers. There is even the option of cleat pockets to prevent the smell from getting worse. This is great to prevent everything from absorbing undesirable smells.

Of course, there are a lot of decisions involved in finding the ideal baseball/softball bag. However, making use of this information is a perfect way to help you select a bag that will last for multiple seasons and might make a difference when moving your gear to and from the field.

Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack

Easton's Walk-Off Bat Backpacks are great accessories for carrying all of the essential gear to and from games, providing easy and convenient storage at all times.

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