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Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag Review
Jack Perconte

The Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag is a baseball or softball bat tote bag that is designed specifically for youth players. The bag is on the smaller side, so it is manageable for a smaller person, but it still has room for lots of baseball or softball equipment.

Easton has been manufacturing sports equipment since 1922 and now provides some of the best market options for baseball equipment. The E100T Tote Bat Bag is no exception.

The bag has room for two bats and additional equipment, an internal valuables pocket, and a specialized structure allowing for more volume inside.

While other bags may offer additional storage or bigger sizes, the Easton E100T is great at what it claims to be a starter bag for a beginning or youth baseball or softball player.

What Makes Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag Unique

The Easton E100T is a bag specifically designed for younger players who will have less equipment to take on the field with them.

You shouldn't judge the E100T too early though, it is not necessarily a small bag. For its size, the bag can hold quite a bit of equipment. This is achieved through the use of specialized structural technology. Labelled as "structural piping" this feature increases the durability of the bag but also frees up more interior space for storage.

One report online states that the bag was capable of fitting a bat, a glove, cleats, a helmet, and an extra outfit.

It is important to note, however, that the big is likely not large enough to fit catcher's equipment.

The bag is incredibly stylish and modern. The Eastern E100T is offered in an array of colors.

  • Black

  • Green

  • Grey

  • Navy

  • Pink

  • Purple

  • Red

  • Royal

The bag is similar to some of the most popular high-end-label baseball bags on the market today as far as appearances go and will not disappoint your little home-run hitter.

The Easton E100T is can be carried in two configurable ways. Using the included shoulder strap, the bag can be carried over the shoulder. The bag can also be carried by its built in, reinforced duffle handles.

While at practice or during a game, the bag can be hung from the field fence for ease of access. There is a built-in hanging hook inside the bag. Some baseball bags on the market today place the hanging hook on the outside of the bag which can get caught easily when moving it.

The construction of the bag is quite strong. The Easton E100T is made of T420D hex rip stop 600D polyester. The dimensions of the bag are 35" in length, and 7" in width. Youth baseball bats range from 26" to 32" so you should have plenty of room in this bag for at least two bats.

The Easton E100T has two main pockets, not including the small internal pocket made specifically for storing loose valuables. One of the main pockets is for equipment and the other is specifically for bats.

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Pricing of the Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag

As far as pricing goes, you would really struggle to find a more affordable bat tote bag than the E100T especially if you're looking at one from a top-brand manufacturer like Easton.

The Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag retails for about $20.

Compare that to the very similar Franklin Sports Junior Equipment Bag. In terms of luxury, the bags are very similar however the Franklin bag is much larger. The franklin bag retails for about $5 more than the Easton bag but does not meet the same quality standards.

The more expensive Franklin bag was called a "One Season Bag" by a verified purchaser on Amazon. They even added, "If you're lucky." Additionally, the Franklin bag would be much too heavy and bulky for a child to carry. The Franklin Sports Junior Equipment Bag is 3.7 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers.

Let's look at the pricing of another comparable bat bag,

The Athletico Baseball Bat Bag is a different style of baseball bat bag but offers the same functionality as the Easton E100T. The Athletico Baseball Bat Bag is a backpack style bat bag but still holds two bats, some baseball equipment, and has a fence hanging hook.

The Athletico bag retails for no less than $30.

Easton is a brand with a higher level of provenance and is widely trusted in the world of baseball. It would be easy to assume that a bag manufactured by Easton would sell for a higher price, but the E100T seems to be the exception.

The low price is not indicative of quality necessarily as Easton has produced as high-quality of a baseball product with this bag as they do with their wide range of baseball and softball equipment.

Other Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag Reviews

Reviews online are mixed for the Easton E100T. It seems that those that had a clear idea of exactly what the product was ended up being more satisfied while some did not research the product adequately.

We'll share with you some of the reviews from across the internet both those that praise the bag and those that bring up valid criticisms.

One verified buyer on Amazon claimed that they were very pleased with the bag and that it met all of their expected needs.

"Wonderful bag holds everything we need for games/practice. Has a hook so it can be hung up on the fence. Only thing I would recommend to the manufacturer would be to add a small pocket somewhere for the eye stick/chap stick. I can't put those in there because they fall to the bottom never to be seen again. In ours we have a glove, batting gloves, helmet, and bat. My son is in tball so his equipment is not the size of older kids, works well for us."

The most common concern with this bag is that it is not quite large enough to fit all of the equipment. As long as you know how much equipment you usually take to the field with you regularly, then you'll easily be able to determine whether or not this bag is a good fit for you.

"Would have given 5 stars except it is a VERY tight fit to zip the helmet in there. Zips work well, bat pocket is slick, and it appears the stitching is tight. Overall a very good value for the money!"

Another verified purchaser turned reviewer echoed very similar sentiments.

"I like the way the bag looks, and would have been perfect for an 8 year old to carry. But it is a little too small to have bats inside, and try to zip it with a helmet. If the bag was 1" larger in girth, and a heavier duty zipper, it would be perfect. You can make two bats, helmet, ball and glove fit, but barely. Factor in a 7 or 8 year old packing this thing, and the zipper will not last a season. Went to the Easton 300 instead, things fit, but a little too big for the kid."

Though uncommon, there are those who purchased the bag that were very unhappy with their purchase. This product has a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon.

One reviewer shared that he was disappointed with the purchase

"Extremely tiny. I don't know how people are saying they fit 2 bats and a helmet in this bag. We struggle to get my little sisters (she's 11) helmet in with 1 bat, her batting glove, her baseball glove, and a small 12 oz Gatorade. It's a nice bag... For little league."

How It Compares

The Easton E100T compares quite well to other baseball bat bags, especially in terms of price. There are of course higher-end bags than the Easton E100T, but for the price, let's see how it performs.

The Easton E100T is a strong competitor for one of Easton's newer model bat bags the E300T. The E300T is composed of the same material as the E100T and is nearly the same dimension. The E300T is about 4 inches longer. The only easily-noticeable difference between the two bags is that the E300T has new-and-improved and stronger zippers.

Weak zippers are one of the common complaints of the E100T, but that is largely due to over packing it seems.

The E300T retails for quite a bit more than the E100T retailing somewhere between $35 and $60 depending on the various sizing and pricing options.

One reviewer of the E300T remarked that they loved the bag overall but wish that it had a valuables pocket, much like the pocket present in the E100T by Easton.

"Great bag with a solid zipper. I am an adult baseball player and I carry two sets of cleats, a glove, ball, and two bats with no problem. I think it would fit a couple more bats and a helmet too, but I don't carry one. The shoulder strap is great. My only complaint is that I wish it had a better valuables pocket, because all it has is a non-closing mesh pocket on the outside."

The Easton E500T is also a good product to compare the E100T to. The E500T is considerably roomier than the E100T but at what cost?

The Easton E500T is huge. It's a very large bat bag that is certainly not kid-friendly. But, in terms of features, it is worth comparing to the E100T.

The E500T is made up of the same 600D polyester material that comprises both the Easton E100T and the Easton E300T baseball bat tote bags. It has reinforced zippers and includes Easton's structural piping for maximum internal volume.

The main differential of the E500T is the reinforced straps that help your load feel lighter. This bag is designed to carry a very large amount of baseball equipment, so it can easily get heavy.

The most attractive features for buyers of the E500T are the separate bat and cleat compartments. Some buyers of the bag claim that 3 bats fit easily in the compartment with some even reporting they are able to squeeze a fourth bat in.

The E500T, of course, comes at a higher price. It retails for no less than $50, but depending on additional features, the price can rise much higher.

What We Think

We think that the E100T is a very good deal considering the price, but that you should be well versed on what the product is and isn't prior to buying it. At $20, you cannot expect the world from this bag. Hopefully, this guide has given you a clearer picture of what it is that you can expect from the Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag.

The E100T by Easton is a fantastic bag for a beginner baseball or softball player, a young player, or even a t-ball player. The space inside the bag is basically limited to a couple of bats and minimal equipment about as much room as you would need for a little-league or youth player.

Additionally, the E100T is not meant to last a lifetime. It is constructed quite well compared to other bat bags in the price point it's in, but at some point it will need to be replaced. This should not be a problem seeing as children will outgrow the bag anyways as they advance in the sport.

The E100T is a sort of "stepping stone" between a poor-quality bag and a high-end bag, allowing players or parents of players to put off investing in a luxury bag before knowing if they really want to spend that kind of money.

As long as you are able to gauge your needs appropriately, the Easton E100T is a great starter bag. The bag is especially good for youth players because it will be much easier for them to manage on their own as compared to some bulkier bat bags.

Coupons and Deals

The Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag is currently listed for sale on Amazon for under $20.

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