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Easton Youth HS3 Batting Gloves Review
Jack Perconte

Something as seemingly minuscule as batting gloves are often overlooked when examining baseball performance. You'd be amiss to brush aside the importance of proper batting gloves,however.

Batting gloves were originally invented inadvertently by Ken "Hawk" Harrelson when he used a golf glove to protect a blister he had gotten earlier in the day while playing a round of golf.

Initially he was mocked for wearing a "flaming-red" glove in front of all of his macho, baseball buddies but after he hit two homeruns in a row, their tune changed. He performed so well, that the entire Yankees team was allegedly wearing golf gloves to bat just the next day.

Whether or not that origin story is entirely true, the importance of wearing batting gloves remains. Batting gloves are a miniscule effort that can have significant results.

Batting gloves help baseball players improve their grip on the bat, combat adverse weather conditions, and protect from friction blisters. A good grip on the bat is key for proper rotation and proper bat rotation in your swing is key to an adequately powerful swing.

Gloves can also remove some of the sting of a high-vibrating bat and a hard swing. Some players even wear gloves all the way around the diamond to protect their hands while sliding.

Considering this, batting gloves become especially applicable for younger players.

There are a few things you should look for when purchasing a new pair of batting gloves:

  • Tact the "stickiness" on the palm

  • Padding

  • Comfort

  • Weight for youth, the lighter the beater is a good rule of thumb

  • Material leather is widely preferred but there are some fantastic synthetic gloves on the market

  • Weather-readiness should be breathable for warm weather

  • Durability

The youth HS3 gloves by Easton are an example of an affordable pair of batting gloves that also feature advanced technology. Your little sluggers will feel more comfortable and confident using these gloves, and you'll love the price.

What Makes the Easton Youth HS3 Batting Gloves Unique

One of the primary features of the Easton HS3 youth gloves that sets them apart from other batting gloves is the material and method of construction. The gloves are made up of supple goatskin leather on the palm and have advanced technology placed on strategic zones of the hand.

Leather is the preferred material for batting gloves among most players.

Dugout Debate, an online baseball blog, said, "Most hitters are proponents of leather, because of its longevity and how it ages well. Also, most people favor the feel and grip of leather over synthetic."

While the leather is naturally high-friction or "grippy" the gloves have additional features for even better swings. Easton has outfitted their HS3 gloves with Zonal Flex on each knuckle. Zonal Flex technology allows an extended range of movement and maximum durability.

Between the fingers, the gloves also have 4-way stretch mesh. This mesh even further advances the range of movement possible in these gloves.

The wrist cuff of the glove is composed of a neoprene material. Neoprene is a very breathable material that is also resistant to water damage. Neoprene is used in the wrist because in addition to breathability and comfort it is sturdy enough to provide some wrist support. Neoprene is also known to be durable a very useful characteristic for the material comprising the wrist support.

The makeup of these gloves allows them to be breathable.

Especially on hotter days, breathability can be the determining factor on whether or not a pair of gloves are good or not. A non-breathable pair of batting gloves will not be a sustainable piece of equipment for many players as it will cause uncomfortableness and could even cause the glove to slide off.

These gloves will provide you with enhanced grip for your swings adding control while also protecting your hands from injury. Calluses and blisters are common among baseball players and wearing a decent pair of batting gloves can help to eliminate them.

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Pricing of the Easton Youth HS3 Batting Gloves

The Easton Youth HS3 batting gloves are very reasonably priced not just in terms of other batting gloves but as far as baseball equipment goes overall. They are a small investment that can actually provide significant play performance.

The gloves retail for just under $20.

The Easton Youth HS3 are not short on any features that you'd look for in a standard pair of batting gloves. They offer the following benefits:

  • Comfort

  • High quality

  • A sticky palm grip

  • A style that any kid will be excited to show off

  • Waterproof build

At the price these gloves are offered at, you'd likely assume that they would be short on features but that isn't the case.

Similar gloves are often offered at higher prices. The Franklin Sports MLB Pro Classic Batting Gloves are a great example. They retail for nearly $35 and are quite similar. The Franklin gloves are not bad batting gloves by any means, but they are not necessarily any better than the Easton Youth HS3 and are nearly $15 more.

An example on the other end of the spectrum are the Rawlings Digi Camo 5150 Series Youth batting gloves. These gloves can be purchased for as low as $10 but are widely reported to be of mediocre quality. One reviewer even said, "Not worth the money. 4 games and already ripped. Spend the extra $10 for better gloves"¦."

It's also very important to note that these are youth batting gloves. Youth tend to outgrow clothes very quickly, and gloves are no exception. You may find yourself purchasing a brand new, larger pair of gloves next season, so more affordable seems preferable.

Something unique in regard to batting gloves specifically is that at the highest-end, there are not many differences in terms of effectiveness. Just Glove Reviews said this, "The differences [between baseball bats] are often so small they are simply inconsequential to great hitting. Batting gloves are worse, no doubt."

Other Easton Youth HS3 Batting Gloves Reviews

Youth Baseball Guide, an online publication that has content about all things regarding youth baseball, named the Easton Youth HS3 batting gloves one of the top 10 best youth batting gloves.

A review on The Planet of Baseball offers praise of these gloves.

"These Easton HS3 Batting Gloves offer unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and grip - must-haves for any batting glove. Their palms are made of goatskin to increase grip while Easton's Zonal Flex, 4-way stretch technology, and neoprene wrist work together to provide added flexibility, comfort, and support."

The review also provided a list of pros specifically for this pair of gloves.

  • Palm constructed of supple goatskin for increased grip

  • Zonal Flex and 4-way stretch mesh found on each knuckle and joint to improve flexibility and comfort

  • Neoprene wrist for comfortable and breathable wrist support

  • Inexpensive

A review provided by a verified buyer on Amazon shares some of the pros and cons of these gloves.

"These Easton HS3 youth batting gloves were a very good buy for the price. They come as a pair of left and right hand and they have an adjustable Velcro wrist strap to make them snug. Quality wise, they are a decent blend of fiber in some spots and leather on the grip; not superior quality but decent enough to hold up well to a kids use for a season or two before he/she probably outgrows them."

Across different platforms, feedback and reviews of these gloves are largely positive.

One of the biggest points of contention, however, is the sizing. Luckily, consumers have taken to the internet to share their experience with different sizes and children of various ages. It should be quite easy, with a quick look at the Amazon reviews for this product, to identify the best size glove for your child.

Sizing is by far the most frequent complaint by reviewers on Amazon.

"Gloves are great quality, however, my son has a pair of Easton Youth Large Batting gloves that were getting too small. There was no sizing chart avail, so he ordered the X-tra large, but when they arrived, they were actually smaller than his previous pair. So sizing is not consistent within the brand. A sizing chart really needs to be posted."

A more critical but still mostly positive reviewer shared his experiences with the gloves, sharing that they were great but could be improved in certain areas.

"I used these nearly every day for a month, trying to get ready for tryouts. I was smashing 90 miles per hour balls, and I really thought this would stop me from getting callouses. It didn't. These things were mainly for grip. And they worked. I don't know if you can get gloves that can eliminate callouses, but these sure aren't it and operating on that ideology, the gloves were good for what they did. They were a good fit, kept my hands on the bat, and allowed me to grip it."

Negative feedback regarding the gloves is sparse if not nonexistent outside of the sizing complaint.

If you plan on purchasing these gloves, it is imperative that you do a bit of research to ensure you purchase the right size or else you will end up returning gloves that are too big or too small.

How the Easton Youth HS3 Batting Gloves Compare

As we mentioned, the Easton Youth HS3 batting gloves have received rave reviews by internet purchasers, but you might be wondering how they compare to other popular batting gloves on the market today.

The Youth Vintage Pro batting gloves by Mizuno are a good comparison product to the Easton Youth HS3 batting gloves. The Mizuno gloves sell at the same price point as the Easton gloves do, but how do they compare?

The design is basically the same with some minor variations that arguably don't make a significant difference. The Mizuno has mesh between the fingers, a leather palm, and zone-based flexibility points just like the Easton gloves.

The pro of opting for the Easton gloves is that you're backed by a well-known and trusted sports equipment manufacturer. Easton has been manufacturing sports equipment since 1922.

Easton offers higher-end gloves as well, like the Easton HF3 Fastpitch Youth gloves. These gloves are comparable to the HS3 gloves in some regard, but are superior in others. For example, the HF3 is composed of fused silicon bands to provide extra stability for the glove. The palm is composed of a super-sticky synthetic material and the back is flexible "hyper-skin" material.

The upgraded features come at a cost, of course. These gloves sell for up to $35.

The Easton Youth HS3 Batting Gloves provide the necessary support, flexibility, and grip while remaining affordable.

What We Think

Overall, the Easton Youth HS3 batting gloves are an impressive pair of gloves and a great bargain. As a youth baseball or softball player, grip is of the utmost importance and there is no doubt that these gloves improve that.

Additionally, it's hard to find a pair of gloves today on the market that offers high-quality and tangible benefits for a reasonable price. Kids outgrow things fast and you don't want to buy 5 pairs of high-end gloves before they even leave elementary school, but they also need high-quality gloves that actually improve their game.

Batting gloves are largely user specific. What is effective for some may not be effective for others. Though reviews and data are extremely helpful in helping make purchase decisions, the only true way to know the quality of these batting gloves is to try them out.

If our guide has given you a reasonable impression that the Easton HS3 Youth batting gloves will meet your needs, you should give them a try. These gloves are inexpensive and come highly recommended.

Your kids will love them, and, if you need a great pair of gloves for yourself you'll want to check out some of our other guides.

Coupons and Deals

Currently, on Amazon, the Easton HS3 gloves are selling for under $20 with free shipping.

See our list of the Best Baseball Batting Gloves for 2023!

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