Top 7 Best Baseball Fungo Bats for Coaches: Ultimate Guide

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Top 7 Best Baseball Fungo Bats for Coaches: Ultimate Guide
Chris Sloan

Hello fellow baseball enthusiasts! Today, I'm thrilled to be discussing one of my favorite topics: fungo bats. If you're unfamiliar with these special tools, don't fret; you're about to become a fungo bat pro. A baseball coach's best friend, the fungo bat is specifically designed to help hit ground balls and fly balls more easily and with less effort during practice drills. Their lightweight design allows baseball coaches to hit ball after ball without getting tired.

In the quest for the best fungo bat, many elements come into play: balance, weight, length, and of course, the material - which is often wood. With the market today filled with a plethora of choices, finding the right fungo bat for you can be a bit of a struggle. But worry not, my friends. That's why I'm here today. We're about to dive deep into the world of fungo bats, and by the end of this post, you'll have a clear picture of what to look for and some excellent options to consider.

Let's start at the very beginning.

What is a Fungo Bat?

Most coaches use fungo bats for infield and outfield training. The word "fungo" comes from the 17th-century word "fungus," which means to pitch, toss, or fling. This is precisely what these bats are designed to do. These bats are longer, typically ranging from 35 inches to 37 inches, and significantly lighter than regular baseball bats. Their unique design allows coaches to hit balls accurately and consistently, giving players the ability to improve their fielding skills.

Fungo bats have a thin handle and a relatively small barrel; the smaller diameter means it takes a little more skill to hit the ball with a fungo bat than a regular baseball bat, but the advantage is the ability to place the ball more accurately, which is crucial for effective fielding practice.

Why do Coaches Use Fungo Bats?

With a fungo bat in hand, a coach can hit grounders and pop flys effortlessly. The lightweight construction, usually made of high-quality wood like ash or maple, allows for easy swinging with little effort. The less weight allows for better control, and the longer length helps reach balls to hit them exactly where you want them to go.

Whether you're working on infield practice or outfield training, a good fungo bat can make a big difference. It can hit long fly balls for outfielders to catch or hard ground balls for infielders to field. This versatile tool can be a great addition to your training regimen, allowing you to provide a wide range of practice situations for your players.

Now, let's dive into the good stuff.

The Seven Best Fungo Bats for Coaches

In no particular order, here are the seven best fungo bats for coaches. I've carefully researched each of these options, considered their features, durability, price, and user ratings, and of course, tested some of them myself.

1. Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat

K100 Fungo Bat

The Louisville Slugger K100 Fungo bat is a top-rated and highly popular choice among coaches. Crafted meticulously from Northern White Ash, this bat stands out due to its unmatched durability and responsiveness. It features an end-weight design, ensuring it feels light and balanced in your hands, which can be particularly beneficial during lengthy practice sessions.

Pros: The Louisville Slugger K100 Fungo bat's primary advantage is its unparalleled durability, given that it's made from Ash wood. Ash wood is known for its hardness and resistance to wear and tear, making this bat a long-lasting companion on the field. Furthermore, its end-weight design ensures that the bat doesn't feel too heavy, enhancing swing control and accuracy.

Cons: On the downside, the Louisville Slugger K100 Fungo bat, being crafted from Ash wood, may not deliver the same pop as maple or birch wood bats. Also, some users might find the bat's overall design relatively simple compared to others with more intricate aesthetics.

Check the Price of the K100 on Amazon

2. Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo

Easton MLF5 Fungo Bat

The Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo Bat is a sturdy, reliable, and well-crafted tool that is sure to enhance any coach's ability to facilitate effective practice sessions. With a 35-inch length and constructed from solid North American Maple, it provides excellent strength, which is crucial for consistent hitting.

Pros: One of the major benefits of the Easton MLF5 is the strength offered by its maple construction. This robustness ensures that the bat can withstand intense, regular use. The bat's length of 35 inches is also ideal for infield practice, making it a versatile tool for different practice drills.

Cons: The Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo Bat, while robust and durable, may feel a bit heavier for some users due to the dense nature of maple. This could lead to quicker fatigue during extended practice sessions. Furthermore, some users might prefer a longer bat for enhanced reach and distance.

Check the Price of the MLF5 on Amazon

3. Brett Bros Fungo Bat

Brett Bros Fungo Bat

The Brett Bros Fungo Bat is an exceptional choice for coaches who appreciate unique craftsmanship. Made from three pieces of maple wood and reinforced with a patented "Boa" handle, this bat promises both longevity and an excellent feel during swing.

Pros: The most distinct advantage of the Brett Bros Fungo Bat is its handcrafted design. Made from three pieces of maple, it offers superior durability and feel. The patented "Boa" handle ensures that the bat is comfortable to hold and reduces the chance of it slipping during a swing.

Cons: Despite its premium design, the Brett Bros Fungo Bat might feel slightly heavy due to its three-piece construction, potentially leading to quicker fatigue. Also, this bat may require more maintenance than single-piece bats to ensure its continued performance.

Check the Price of the Brett Bros Fungo Bat on Amazon

4. SSK PS200 Wood Fungo Bat

Crafted from top-grade Japanese Poplar, the SSK PS200 Wood Fungo Bat stands out for its lightweight yet durable design. With its length reaching 37 inches, it is perfect for hitting long fly balls, while the unique 'dimple knob' provides a comfortable and secure grip.

Pros: The SSK PS200 Wood Fungo Bat offers excellent durability without adding extra weight, thanks to its Japanese Poplar construction. This bat's unique dimple knob enhances the comfort and grip security, which can improve the accuracy of the hits.

Cons: While the SSK PS200's lightweight design is a significant advantage, it may also contribute to a slightly decreased "pop" when compared to denser woods like maple or ash. Furthermore, the bat's extended length, while ideal for fly balls, might not be suitable for all coaches or all types of drills.

Check the Price of the PS200 Fungo on Amazon

5. Mizuno Classic Fungo Bat

Mizuno Pro Fungo Bat

The Mizuno Classic Fungo Bat is another premium choice for baseball coaches. With a construction of Advanced Engineered Chinese Whitewood, this bat is designed for high-level performance and durability. Its length, 36.5 inches, makes it an excellent choice for hitting both infield and outfield grounders and fly balls.

Pros: The standout feature of the Mizuno Classic Fungo Bat is its construction from Advanced Engineered Chinese Whitewood. This material enhances the bat's durability while ensuring a balanced weight for controlled swings. With its optimal length, it offers excellent versatility for a variety of practice drills.

Cons: On the downside, the Mizuno Classic Fungo Bat, despite its premium construction, might not offer the same level of pop as bats made from denser woods like maple. Furthermore, some users might find the bat's minimalist design less appealing compared to more intricate designs.

Check the Price of the Mizuno Fungo Bat on Amazon

6. Rawlings Big Stick Composite Wood Fungo Bat

The Rawlings Big Stick Composite Wood Fungo Bat is a versatile and high-performing bat designed for coaches who demand reliability and performance from their gear. Constructed from a composite blend of different woods, this bat provides the perfect balance of durability, performance, and lightweight feel.

Pros: The composite construction of the Rawlings Big Stick Fungo Bat is a significant advantage as it enhances durability while ensuring a balanced feel during swings. This unique blend of woods also provides a distinctive pop that many coaches appreciate. The bat's extended barrel ensures a large hitting surface, improving the accuracy and range of hits.

Cons: Despite its many advantages, the Rawlings Big Stick Composite Wood Fungo Bat might not be ideal for all users. Some coaches might prefer the feel of a bat made from a single type of wood. Also, given its composite nature, it might require more maintenance to retain its top performance.

Check the Price of the Rawlings Fungo on Amazon

7. B45 Yellow Birch Fungo Bat

The B45 Yellow Birch Fungo Bat is an excellent tool for coaches who prioritize a blend of durability, performance, and style. Made from Yellow Birch, a wood known for its unique combination of hardness and flexibility, this bat delivers an excellent pop and an impressive lifespan.

Pros: The B45 Yellow Birch Fungo Bat, made from Yellow Birch wood, offers an excellent balance between flexibility and hardness. This unique combination results in a bat that delivers an impressive pop and long-lasting durability. Additionally, this bat's sleek design and aesthetic appeal make it a standout on the field.

Cons: On the flip side, the B45 Yellow Birch Fungo Bat might not be the lightest option available due to the density of birch wood. Some coaches might prefer a lighter bat for extended practice sessions. Lastly, birch wood, while durable, might not be as resistant to chipping as other wood types such as maple or ash.

That's quite a list! Remember, the best fungo bat for you is the one that feels best in your hands. It should have the right weight, balance, and length to fit your needs. You might have to try out a couple of options before you find your perfect match.

For more reading, check out our list of the best youth wood bats.


To round out this guide, let's look at some common questions about fungo bats.

Why are fungo bats longer?

Fungo bats are longer because they provide a larger hitting surface area, which makes it easier to hit the ball with precision. The additional length also allows for a better reach, which can be beneficial when hitting fly balls.

How to choose the right fungo bat size?

Choosing the right fungo bat size depends on your comfort and the type of practice you want to do. If you're primarily focused on infield practice, a shorter fungo bat might be better. For outfield practice, a longer bat will provide a better range.

What's the best material for a fungo bat?

Most fungo bats are made of wood, with ash, maple, and Chinese whitewood being common choices. The best material depends on your personal preference; each has its own characteristics in terms of feel, weight, and durability.


The search for the best fungo bat might be a journey, but it's a worthwhile one. Whether you're a seasoned coach or a parent looking to improve your child's game, a quality fungo bat can make a big difference. From hitting precise grounders to long fly balls, a fungo bat is an essential tool in any coach's kit.

In my personal experience, I've found the Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat and the SSK PS200 Wood Fungo Bat to be excellent options. However, all of the options listed above are top-quality and would make an excellent choice.

Remember, it's about finding what feels comfortable for you and suits your coaching style. Hopefully, this guide has given you a solid starting point and has armed you with the knowledge you need to make the right choice. Here's to many successful training sessions ahead!

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