6 Tips on How to Pick the Right Bat for a Youth Baseball Tournament

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HomeBlogsChris Sloan's blog6 Tips on How to Pick the Right Bat for a Youth Baseball Tournament
6 Tips on How to Pick the Right Bat for a Youth Baseball Tournament
Chris Sloan

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Finding the right baseball can be a difficult process, especially when it comes to youth baseball. Supposes for adults; pretty much any baseball bat is acceptable as long as it's within the tournament's rules, but with youth baseball tournaments.

In that case, there are many more things that you also have to consider outside just the youth baseball tournament rules alone. Luckily for you, that's what we will talk about today. In this article, we will discuss some tips on picking the perfect youth baseball bat. Let's start.

Check the Material

This one will be a doozy since there are several materials for baseball bats, and we will talk about them all. If you're an MLB bettor, one factor affecting MLB odds is the type of bat used. The type of bat you want for the youth league is important.

The first material would be aluminum alloy baseball bats. Aluminum alloy was the first material that made it into competitive baseball. They are lightweight and almost indestructible. There is also no breaking-in period for aluminum bats. However, they are more prone to dents and being misshapen. Other than that, they are one of the most cost-effective bats in the market.

The next one would be composite bats. Composite bats usually have larger sweet spots in their parts, and they have the maximum jumps, meaning that home runs are more likely. However, they have a breaking-in period.

Usually, you would need a hundred hits at least to reach the maximum potential for the fibers to tighten in. They are also more durable than wood, albeit they can be uncomfortable to hold during cold conditions.

And, of course, wood. Wood is the most popular material for bats and is the most commonly used, especially by the MLB. Purists would argue that it's the most optimal material for bats since they are perfectly balanced. And, of course, the cons of wood bats are that they are prone to breakage and damage over time. However, since this is classic and widely used in official leagues, it's the safest option for youth baseball leagues.

Look at the Size and Weight

When picking the right bats for youth baseball, size and weight matter highly; the players are not fully grown adults, so the bat should also be fitting for their children their age. That said, the weight of the bats in general for youth baseball leagues is between a ratio of -10 to -13.5. This represents the bat's weight and length. The higher the ratio is, the lighter the bat will be, and the lower the ratio is, the heavier it is.

Suppose your youth baseball league varies a lot in terms of the size of the players. In that case, it's usually better to have multiple bats in different ranges but still within the general range for youth baseball leagues.

You should opt for a heavier bat with a low ratio for a generally big kid. A good rule of thumb is swinging the bat as hard as possible in different ranges. You should pick the previous bat for the league once you get into a range where you lose speed.

Association Rules

Of course, the rules are king, and you should read the rules first before buying a bat for the youth baseball league. Usually, the rules have their say when it comes to the bats that you should use. It tells you what material you should opt for, the ratio, etc.

Or if your league doesn't have official rules yet, you can refer to the Dixie Youth, ASA, USSSA, Babe Ruth, or Little League baseball and try to figure out the kinds of bats they use in their leagues. You could also try to read up on the USA bat Standard published in January 2018, as they categorize the bats based on the age range of the kids playing in your youth baseball league.


Durability is another factor you should consider when picking a youth baseball league bat. Thankfully, most bats come with a warranty period where you can have a refund or pick another bat if the bat gets broken within the period.

If you're using a wood bat in cold conditions, you might want to read a few more bats since they are prone to breakage in cold weather. These are the same composites since they are also prone to damage in these conditions.

Break-In Time

When buying a youth baseball league bat, you should check out the break-in time length to ensure the bat will be ready in time with the league. For example, if you want to hold your youth baseball league in the summer, the most appropriate time to buy a wood bat would be April or May. This will leave you enough time to break in the bats without rushing, which makes them prone to breaking.

Once a bat is broken in, it should no longer be used for practice but only in the official tournament. This is because you don't want to waste your hits during practice. All bats have a useful life before they eventually break, so ensure they are in a safe space once broken in. You don't want to have a bat suddenly breaking during the league.


And, of course, the price. There are a lot of cheap brands for bats out there, but we can't say anything about their quality. That said, setting your budget before you go in and buy is a good way to ensure you won't go over budget.

Of course, you don't always have to opt for the optimal brands, but they are considered optimal because of their quality. Remember, they are kids, and we want them to have fun, so ensure that all the baseball equipment, especially the bat, is always the best.

Final Words

As kids, we remember how our parents cheered for us during youth baseball leagues, and let's admit, it's a fun memory. So, of course, we want our kids to have the same fun as we had during our time.

That said, we can do that by picking the best equipment for their youth baseball leagues, and one of the most important pieces of equipment would be the bat. Following our tips above, you can ensure our kids are safe and satisfied as they make their first home run

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