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Florida Travel Softball Teams

Florida is a thriving state with a rich youth Softball history. As the state continues to grow, more and more teams are needed to fill the demand for travel Softball. Here, we have worked hard to comprise one of the most comprehensive lists of Florida travel Softball teams looking for players. We invite you to take just a few moments to browse our ever-expanding list of teams below. We are certain you will find a team that fits you and your youth Softball players needs perfectly!

As you browse our list of travel Softball teams in Florida, it doesn't matter if you live in North, South, East, West, or Central Florida, we include teams from every part of The State of Florida making it easy to find a solid local team.

As with any youth sport, Softball is growing at a rapid rate with new teams and organizations being formed daily. With that, we work hard to keep our list current and our goal is to make sure we are adding new travel Softball teams regularly. If your having trouble finding Florida travel Softball teams or don't see yours listed, we encourage you to take a few moments to create an account and add your teams today!

To add your travel Softball team, simply create an account by using the links in the navigation above (or to the right on mobile), then follow the prompts and instructions once you are logged in. If you're too busy to do that, feel free to send us an email via our contact page and let us know some information about your Florida travel Softball team and we'll work to input your team. Be sure to include links to your organization name, links to your website, physical address, contact information, season costs, and other valuable details. Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for us to get your Florida travel Softball team or organization listed, so the quickest way is to register and add them using our easy to use site!

If you're looking for some of the best travel baseball teams in Florida then be sure to check out our rankings for the top travel baseball teams in Florida!

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Currently there are 67 Club Softball Teams in this list
Team Name Team Logo Type City, State & Zip Code

Adiktiv Elite

Adiktiv Elite Club/Travel Teams

CSB Sports

CSB Sports Club/Travel Teams

Vipers Fastpitch

Vipers Fastpitch Club/Travel Teams

Guardians Fastpitch

Guardians Fastpitch Club/Travel Teams

Lightspeed Gold

Lightspeed Gold Club/Travel Teams

Miami Stingrays (Tampa)

Miami Stingrays (Tampa) Club/Travel Teams

Tampa Hawks

Tampa Hawks Club/Travel Teams

Santa Fe Inferno (Strickland)

Santa Fe Inferno (Strickland) Club/Travel Teams

Florida Stealth

Florida Stealth Club/Travel Teams

Tampa Mustangs (JM)

Tampa Mustangs (JM) Club/Travel Teams

Team Florida Evoshield

Team Florida Evoshield Club/Travel Teams

Florida Gold Jax

Florida Gold Jax Club/Travel Teams

Florida Gulf Coast Red Dragons

Florida Gulf Coast Red Dragons Club/Travel Teams

Dominators 04

Dominators 04 Club/Travel Teams

Intensity Orlando

Intensity Orlando Club/Travel Teams