Which Preparations Are Better: Houston Rockets or Sixers Philadelphia?

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Which Preparations Are Better: Houston Rockets or Sixers Philadelphia?
Chris Sloan

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Like most teams across the league, Philadelphia will look different at the start of the season than at the end of the event. The question is, how much will the Sixers change, if at all? How many times in the past year have you heard about the level of young talent at the Houston Rockets? And how many times have you seen quality basketball from them? We are going to figure it out!

Sixers Philadelphia

Some lineup changes have already taken place. Role players Georges Niang, Jalen McDaniels, and Shake Milton left. The 6ers added seasoned guard Patrick Beverley and center Mo Bamba to shore up the bench. But these adjustments are relatively minor. And eventually, Philadelphia’s starting five could look very much like the team eliminated by the Boston Celtics in seven games in May, despite speculation about the future of some important players.

First, James Harden’s departure from Philadelphia may not be as imminent as it seemed. He opted for a $35 million player option for next season. While requesting a trade from the team that traded him less than two years ago. Rumor has it that Harden is upset that the front office hasn’t expressed much interest in continuing the collaboration for a longer period. Moreover, this has led to his request.

Apparently, the Sixers are hoping to convince Harden to play the last year of his current contract at Philadelphia. Daryl Morey’s long-term relationship with the player could help. Their public stance is still that they will only trade James if the deal is good for the franchise. In other words, they are in no hurry to act. Patience has been Maury’s mantra ever since he arrived in Philadelphia. And that measured approach remains his course.

By practicing a patient approach, the Sixers risk further upsetting Harden. This could potentially lead to him just sitting out until his wish is granted. Like Ben Simmons did a couple of years ago. But the difference is that Simmons had already signed a guaranteed contract prior to his withdrawal. And James currently has no guaranteed amount after the 2023/24 season. For that reason, it’s in Harden’s interest to play – and play well – next season. He’ll be looking for a new deal a year from now. If you sit out or play carelessly, you can seriously undermine the potential of the next contract.

Maybe Morey will actually convince Harden to stay with Philadelphia for another year. In the end, he’ll get paid no matter where he plays. And the 66ers are giving him a legitimate chance to challenge for the title again alongside reigning MVP Joel Embiid. But if James is firm in his decision, the 66ers are unlikely to rush into any deals. Even if there is a risk of going to training camp with a disgruntled star player for the second time in three years.

There is also Tobias Harris. He is no stranger to rumors of trades. He is constantly mentioned in them throughout his career. This offseason is no different from previous ones. Speculation continues unabated that the Sixers may be trying to reset his expiring contract in order to revamp the roster around Embiid.

But the organization is taking the same patient approach to a potential deal with Harris as it has to Harden’s future. All offers for Harris this offseason will be considered. A deal will only go through if it immediately makes the team better. There are currently no prospects for any potential deal involving Harris, according to a league source.

The 76ers also want to maintain financial flexibility for the future. They will have significant financial space next summer as Harris and Harden’s contracts are pulled. They probably won’t enter into new long-term agreements with them to protect that flexibility. Without it, the number of potential deals that the Sixers might be interested in will shrink. The fact that they are firmly set on winning now means that a package based on future picks or unverified players will most likely not be of interest to them.

All things considered, it’s possible that both Harden and Harris will still be in Philadelphia by the start of the season. Embiid is clearly not going anywhere. Tyrese Maxey, one of the league’s brightest young stars, is currently completely unavailable for any negotiation. Although the organization has no plans to offer him an extension this offseason. PJ Tucker has two years left on a three-year contract he signed last summer. It is likely that the 66ers will play with the same starting five in the new season as in the last campaign.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets, under the leadership of Steven Silas, have not shown any progress over the past couple of years. Either as a team or as an organization that effectively develops young players. When I watched the club games, I could never understand what the game was about, except to give the ball to Green or Porter and watch them have fun. This, by the way, was confirmed by leaks and insiders from the organization, according to which young stars were given complete freedom of action.

A star-oriented approach to team schemes is given in modern basketball. But you can only give the reins to the star to control the game of the team when the player has confirmed his status and not once. And I would say that in the entire NBA, the number of such players barely exceeds 10. Apparently, Houston finally thought about where they are going to move in the coming years.

The first stage of the “rebranding” was the signing of Ime Udoka. Udoka is a novice coach, but during his year in Boston, he has already managed to achieve a certain status and build the image of a kind of man who does his job well and at the same time is tough on his players, including stars like Tatum and Brown. During his time with the Celtics, he had no problems interacting with the players, and the team showed a good game and reached the final. Putting aside the scandal that followed, it’s safe to say that Ime has so far proved himself to be a good coach for a young team.

The next phase of the “rebrand” has generated much controversy among the basketball community. Let’s look at what happened and why it is now impossible to give a fair assessment of what happened.

Udoka was given an important role in the management of the team and set the task of winning here and now. It’s unlikely that anyone expects a lot of noise from Houston in the elimination games, but the task of fighting for the playoffs seems to be set before the entire team.

Hence the signing of so many veterans with so many talented young people who need to play. The Rockets have created the strongest depth and density of the composition, which increases the competition among players within the organization. If yesterday Kevin Porter could do whatever he wanted on the court and in any case would get his 30 minutes, now he has a real threat of losing playing time for his jambs.

Vanvleet and Brooks are likely to be at the start at first because of their experience and the number of zeros in the contract.  Fred will receive more than 40 million a year, and Brooks – more than 20 million. In a couple of years, both should go to the bench and mentor the more talented Thompson and Eason/Whitmore who will start in their places.

Whether this functionality from Fred and Dillon is worth 40+ and 20+ million a year is, of course, a good question. Yes, they were obviously overpaid, but their contracts are unlikely to be called bad even after a few years.

Summary – “Houston” took two fighters with the right mindset for a couple of years, so that during this time they would train the young ones. What could go wrong in this situation? Yes, a lot of things. When you have so many players on the roster who need to play – someone will definitely have to sit. And this means someone may be dissatisfied with their role. And this means that there may be conflicts both with the leadership and between the players.

But should the Rockets frantically cling to every talented young player when there are already so many of them on the roster? Between Houston with Jaylen Green, who puts out on the court in every possession near Vanvleet and Brooks, and Houston, where Green is having fun with Kevin Porter, throwing averages with deviation and not playing defense, we will prefer the first option. Even if it means breaking up with Porter.

So who will be playing better this season? hard to predict, eventually it is a great game where lots of factors are involved!

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