Bats: Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3

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Bats: Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3
Bats: Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3
Jack Perconte


Every Baseball player knows that the bat you choose can have a large effect on your game. You need to make sure the feel of the bat is to your liking, and you also need to make sure you feel comfortable hitting balls with the bat. With a large amount of balls to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which bat is right for you. Enter the Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3.

What Is The Easton BB17MK Mako Beast And How Does It Work?

The Easton BB17MK Mako Beast is a composite bat designed and created by Easton. The Mako Beast combines a long two-piece composite barrel with a fast swing weight. The barrel of this bat is 1.5 inches longer than the original Mako Beast design. Easton's two-piece ConneXion technology maximizes the energy transfer that the bat promotes.

The composite handle has 1.2mm HYPERSKIN grip that provides a comfortable level of stability and feel with the bat. That bat is around 1.86 pounds and comes in a Black, Gray, and White color scheme.

As an additional benefit, the bat comes with a BBCOR certified sticker. This will be something that serious baseball competitors will appreciate as the certification proves that the bat is not a wooden bat. BBCOR measures the trampoline effect on a bat and also ensures that there is an appropriate level of give when the bat makes contact with a ball.

BBCOR certification requires that a bat has a length to weight ratio that is no greater than -3. In addition, the barrel diameter must not exceed 2 5/8 inches. All of these specifications are very important as BBCOR bat certification is necessary in high school leagues and collegiate leagues.

Manufacturer History

Easton is a well-known world leader and manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment. Easton is located in Thousand Oaks, California. Among manufacturing bats, gloves, and other baseball equipment, Easton also introduced the first aluminum bat in 1972.

Easton's first jaunt came before it was even incorporated with the creative arrow designs of Doug Easton in the early 1920s. Dough Easton crafted bows form yew wood and made wooden arrows from cedar and pine. His arrows were known as the best tournament arrows to use in his time.

After World War 2, when aluminum was available for public use, Easton developed aluminum arrow shafts developing the 24SRT-X. From the late 40s into the early 60s Easton and his employees would go on to develop the XX75 which became the bestselling arrow shaft in history.

Easton became a fully incorporated company in 1985 after acquiring Hoyt Archery Company, and Curley Bates. Hoyt specialized in making high-end bows and accessories, while Curley was an aluminum bat distributor.

Outside of developing baseball bats, Easton developed and produced a thermal shroud for the seismometer that was used in the Apollo lunar landing. Easton has an entire R&D team dedicated to developing state of the art equipment that can push forward baseball. Easton is a company that has prided itself on the development of state of the art equipment, and that pride led itself to the development of well-designed baseball bats.

What Makes The Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Unique

The BB17MK Mako Beast is a composite bat that is designed with a larger sweet spot in mind. Composite bats provide many benefits over bats made of alloy. First, composite is a lighter material allowing it to be stretched more than alloy. This stretching contributes to a lower swing weight.

The longer barrel of composite bats leads to a larger sweet spot which allows for squaring up pitches. In addition composite bats also handle vibration and sting better because of the two piece composite design that allows for the dispersal of energy.

This is an excellent bat for newer baseball players and for younger baseball players as the larger sweet spot will make hitting pitches a bit easier. Reducing the sting of hitting the ball can also help more novice players develop more confidence with hitting the ball at higher speeds.

The Easton BB17MK is also an upgrade from the original Mako sporting a redesigned TCT Thermo composite barrel that is around 1.5 inches longer than the original Mako barrel. The longer composite barrel helps by reducing vibration at a greater rate than the original Mako bat.


The Easton BB17MK Mako Beast can be purchased from Amazon for 279.95 for a bat that is 31 inches and 28 ounces. Amazon Prime members are in luck as the Mako Beast is available for the prime service. This will allow you to possibly get same day delivery if you live near an Amazon Warehouse, or at least two-day delivery.

The bat can be purchased in 4 different lengths and weights:

  • 30 inches, 27 ounces $239.95

  • 31 inches, 28 ounces $279.95

  • 32 inches, 29 ounces $429.99

  • 33 inches, 30 ounces $449.95

As you can notice the price of the baseball bat increases the longer and heavier the configuration of the baseball bat gets. If you are worried about the up front cost, we recommend you go into a store to test the bat before purchasing it.

If you are looking for a store to purchase the Easton Mako Beast bat, you could go to Dick's Sporting Goods. This retailer sells the 31 inches, 28 ounce bat for $299.97.

In terms of color schemes, the Easton BB17MK Mako Beast comes in a Black, Gray, and White color scheme that allows for a pretty clean build.

Public Perception of Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3

Public perception regarding the Mako Beast is quite positive. One of the most referenced perks of using this bat is how easy it is to hit the ball because of the longer sweet spot. Some individuals have even gone as far as to state that this baseball bat feels like an excellent blend between a softball bat and an end loaded baseball bat.

Another love people have for the Mako Beast is its ease of grip. The Hyperskin Grip really allows for a comfortable grip that even novices can appreciate. Having a more comfortable grip makes accidently throwing the bat and incurring a penalty less of an issue. It also helps if there are players on a team who share a bat, and you don't want to worry about the transfer of sweat. The Mako Beast is a truly accessible baseball bat that a variety of age ranges can use and appreciate.

Another great aspect of the Mako Beast is the excellent swing that the bat has. The bat has an excellent swing that is powered by the TCT Thermo Composite Technology. In fact, this is one of the reasons folks love the Mako Beast. Getting a good swing with a bat is important to playing the game of baseball well.

Critiques of the baseball bat state that at times it may not come at the appropriate weight listed when purchased from Amazon. Luckily Amazon has a forgiving policy put in place that will allow you to return the bat in exchange for one of the correct size.

How It Compares

The Mako Beast is one of a few bats that come with the BBCOR certification. Because of this certification the bat is quite expensive. If you are looking for competitors to the Mako Beast we've got you covered. We've compared a few different bat models and came up with a few that make for good comparisons to the Mako Beast.

2017 Lousville Slugger Solo 617 BBCOR Bat

The Solo 617 is a beautiful black, white, grey, and red bat designed by the Lousiville Slugger Brand. The bat is made with SL Hyper Alloy material. This material allows for greater energy transfer when hitting the ball. When you have greater energy transfer you have to use less energy in your swings. This can help maintain your shoulders for longer.

This bat is noted as also having the highest swing speed out of all Louisville's bats. The end cap of the bat delivers a very low moment of inertia that also helps remove excess weight at the end of the bat. This lack of excess weight helps the bat keep a more balanced feel. In that regards it is very similar to the TCT Thermo Composite Technology that is available in the Mako Beast.

Similar to the Mako Beast, the Slugger Solo 617 comes with Lizard Skin Grip that promotes a more comfortable grip feel for the baseball bat. In terms of quality the grip is comparable to the Mako Beast's grip. This bat can be purchased for around $199.99 with different configurations available.

2017 Mizuno Covert BBCOR Bat

The 2017 Mizuno Covert BBCOR Bat is another bat that is BBCOR certified. It will be ready for high school and collegiate leagues. The bat is a two-piece hybrid bat with an alloy barrel and handle made from composite.

Mizuno's 2 PC Link Construction allows for excellent performance, comfort, and vibration reduction. This will let batters swing without worrying about the sting from too much swing vibration. The bat is made from a hot metal alloy that allows for more power and pop. The Cortech features that comes with the Mizuno Cover contributes to a larger sweet spot meaning this bat can also be used for softball. The price range of this bat is between $82.95 and $294.97 depended upon length and weight. At this price point this bat is much more affordable than the Mako Beast at a similar level.

What We Think

We think the Easton BBCOR Bat is an excellent bat to choose because of the benefits it offers with its swing, weight, certification, and grip. You will definitely appreciate the quality of this bat as the build quality ranks highly among BBCOR certified bats.

In terms of your swing, we think you definitely notice a difference using this bat. The TCT Thermo Composite Technology looks like a promising technology that actually allows for a better swing. Based on reviews we've seen the TCT technology does contribute to a more reliable consistent swing.

When comparing the Mako Beast to its competitors we see that the Mako Beast shares a lot of the functionality as other top bat brands. We think in terms of brand choice the Mako Beast is a safe bet due to the Easton's history of developing excellent baseball products.

When taking into consideration the Mako Beast's price range, we recognize that the Mako Beast is on the more expensive end of bats. However, we think that this cost is justified in the features that the bat has. We believe this bat is of excellent quality and in action the bat performs as well as it is written.

Coupons And Deals

From time to time there may be deals inside of physical stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods. If you can find this bat on eBay, you may be able to purchase it during one of eBay's 15% off promotions. Lastly, you may be able to find a promotion on Amazon. As always if you are an Amazon Prime customer you can purchase this bat and either receive free same day or two-day delivery.

The Easton Mako Beast Is An Excellent Baseball Bat

The Easton Mako Beast is a beautiful, efficient bat that is updated with top of the line materials to improve hitting game. The bat is usable by different age ranges and has clean design and finish. If you were looking for a bat that handles vibration better, the Easton Mako Beast was created with technology specifically designed to ease rattling after making a monster hit. We are confident that you will enjoy the Easton Mako Beast.

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