How to Coach Tee Ball Players a Beginners Guide

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HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogHow to Coach Tee Ball Players a Beginners Guide
How to Coach Tee Ball Players a Beginners Guide
How to Coach Tee Ball Players a Beginners Guide

How to Coach Tee Ball Players a Beginners Guide

Coaching is hard work. It's not just about teaching the fundamentals of baseball, it's also about managing a large group of energetic kids with varying abilities and personalities. To make things easier you need to be organized, thoughtful and flexible on the field when coaching tee ball players.

Know what is expected of you when learning how to coach tee ball players

As a coach, you are expected to know the rules of the game and how they will affect your players. You also need to know what is expected of you by your league and state, as well as any other organizations that may be involved (such as schools).

Most importantly, if you are coaching at home or in another town or city than where you live, make sure that you have read up on all local rules when it comes to things like playing time limits and pitch count limits. This will help ensure that none of your players get hurt unnecessarily because of something that has been overlooked in their practice schedule.

Plan the practice

The best way to create a plan for your tee ball practice is by using the acronym "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." Respect the kids, respect your coaches and other staff members, respect the game and its rules, respect yourself as a coach.

Respect Your Players

Your players are at different skill levels. Some can hit the ball well while others struggle with hitting even on a tee. They also have varying attention spans and motivations during practice which means some will want to take extra batting practice while others want to play short stop or third base instead of hitting in each position like you'd like them too. Be respectful of their differences in ability and interest level when planning your practices so that everyone feels included in what you're doing as an instructor.

Communicating with the Parents is Vital when Learning How to Coach Tee Ball Players

As a coach, you will have plenty of opportunities to communicate with the parents of your players. While it's important to keep in mind that they may not always be receptive to what you have to say (especially if they're new to the sport), it's crucial that you try to establish healthy lines of communication with them.

It's best if these conversations take place before the season starts and continue throughout its duration. When we start with an open forum, everyone feels more comfortable getting involved and asking questions. This helps create better parent-coach relationships as well as ensuring that everyone understands what’s going on at practice every week.

Remember: communicating with parents is just as important as communicating with your team!

Keep it fun and keep it light when learning how to coach tee ball players

The first thing to remember when coaching tee ball is that it’s still a game, and kids should be encouraged to have fun. Don’t let things get too serious! Avoid talking about the “right” way of doing things or focusing on winning in any way other than simply having fun. It’s important not to make your players feel bad if they aren't doing everything right all the time; instead, try and encourage them by praising their efforts and helping them understand what they did well so they can repeat it in future games.

Knowing what is expected of you and planning your practice will help you communicate better with parents and players.

Coaching tee ball is a learning experience for both you and the players. You will learn about baseball, sportsmanship, and working with children. The players will learn how to play their positions in a team setting.

To keep things fun and light while still getting them ready for the season:

  • Know what is expected of you as coach. You should have some sort of plan for your practices, whether it's something as simple as having everyone run around cones or something more complex like using an age-appropriate drill from an instructional book.

  • Keep track of your players' strengths and weaknesses so that you can figure out where they need help most when playing catch or during batting practice (BP).

  • Communicate with parents regularly about their child's progress rather than only at games or other events such as picnics or pizza parties (if these are offered by your local youth league).

How to coach tee ball pointers

  • The first thing to consider when coaching tee ball is the age and skill level of your players. Tee ball is typically for children ages 4-6, and it is important to remember that they are still learning the basic fundamentals of the game.
  • One of the major goals of tee ball is to teach kids how to hit the ball off of a stationary tee. It is important to start with proper grip and stance, and then progress to swinging the bat.
  • Fielding is another important aspect of tee ball. Emphasize the importance of paying attention to the ball and getting in the proper position to field it.
  • Another key element of tee ball is base running. Teach players how to properly run the bases and encourage them to hustle.
  • It is also important to teach kids how to catch and throw the ball. Start with the basics and gradually increase the difficulty as players improve.
  • Good sportsmanship is crucial in tee ball. Encourage players to congratulate their opponents and be gracious in victory or defeat.
  • One of the most important things to remember when coaching tee ball is to keep it fun for the kids. Use a variety of drills and activities to keep practices interesting, and make sure to praise and encourage players for their effort and progress.
  • Another important aspect of coaching tee ball is to ensure that all players are getting an equal opportunity to participate. Make sure to rotate players through different positions and give everyone a chance to hit and field.
  • A big part of coaching tee ball is teaching players the rules of the game. Make sure to explain the different parts of the field and the consequences of breaking rules such as striking out or getting tagged out.
  • Finally, make sure to emphasize the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Encourage players to support and encourage their teammates, and teach them the value of working together as a team.


Coaching Tee Ball is a great way to be involved with your children and the community. It’s a great way to teach them how to play sports in a fun environment, while also encouraging them to work together as part of a team. The most important thing to remember when coaching young players is that they are still learning! Make sure that you have fun with them and don't get too frustrated if things don't go exactly according to plan - everyone makes mistakes sometimes!


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