Baseball Off Season Training - Infographic

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Baseball Off Season Training - Infographic

Baseball Off Season Training Suggestions

If your son or daughter's favorite sport is baseball, it's important to consider their baseball off season training. I include daughters in the above statement because females playing baseball is on the rise, which is exciting news.

First, it is worth discussing the state of play and youth sports now. Most parents are beginning to realize that allowing their child to specialize at a young age is not conducive to their long-term future in the sport, but not specializing still creates problems from playing other sports. Sports often overlap in seasons, which wears kids out even more, especially during the school year.

It's kind of unfortunate with the state of youth sports now as year-round play, or close to it, is the norm. Even if parents are trying to avoid burnout, their team may be practicing most of the year, putting them into a tough decision-making process. They may have to decide to have their child play on a weaker team and less competition or on the strong team but miss some practice time or have them playing almost year-round. Such is the dilemma parents face. Once again, more people are coming to the realization that playing other sports is good but finding time for all and avoiding player exhaustion is necessary.

No easy answers exist, so it's crucial to find a balance between doing enough to keep your child up with the competition but also to give them enough time away from playing, so they stay mentally excited throughout the entire baseball season. Baseball off season training

Tips to avoid all the craziness

First things first, parents should discuss with their young player what sport is their favorite. Of course, that may be hard to determine and that is OK. Often, the sport they are playing at the moment may be the one they like the most, and it changes throughout the year.

Then parents should draw up a schedule for the year that puts as much balance into everything as possible. Parents must also consider costs too, as youth sports are now big business and the pocketbook can take quite a hit when parents are not careful.

For those that determine baseball is the sport they want to focus on, I put together this infographic to print out to follow. Once again, one never wants to overdo or force the baseball off season training on kids, but these tips will help in the long run without burning kids out.

Of course, some of these suggestions are good during and for baseball off season training as well.

Baseball Off Season Training Infographic


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Please fire a link to this page if you find the PDF useful. Printand hang in your coaching office, locker room, batting cage, or weight room!



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