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What is a BBCOR Bat? Everything You Need to Know

What is a BBCOR Bat? Everything You Need to Know

posted on 02 Nov , 2023 in General by Chris Sloan

BBCOR bats are required for high school and college baseball because they perform similarly to wood bats, with a lower trampoline effect and more consistent batted ball speeds. This helps to level the playing field and reduce the risk of injuries.

When choosing a BBCOR bat, it is important to consider the player's size, strength, and swing style. Power hitters typically prefer heavier bats with a larger barrel diameter and a longer length, while contact hitters typically prefer lighter bats with a smaller barrel diameter and a shorter length.

BBCOR bats are different from USSSA bats and USA bats. USSSA bats are not subject to the same performance standards as BBCOR bats and typically produce higher batted ball speeds, while USA bats are designed to perform similar to wood bats and are required for use in many youth baseball leagues.

Ultimately, the best BBCOR bat for you is the one that feels most comfortable in your hands and allows you to swing with confidence. Experiment with different bats to find the one that best suits your needs.


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