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The North Florida Storm is an organization with select baseball teams based out of Jacksonville, Florida. They are located in the 32207 zip code and historically they participate in travel tournaments that are mostly local with some limited travel.

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Currently, the North Florida Storm fields teams in the following age group(s):

13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U
Coaches Notes: 

The North Florida Storm was started in 1999 for simple reasons. First, was to give our young men a better chance to play the sport they love beyond High School. Second, if you play the ultimate team sports game the right way, you can make friends that could last a lifetime. I have seen too many teams with tremendous talent lose to teams with average talent because of what I like to call "ME Guys". The importance of being a great teammate can't be dismissed anymore. I am a believer that 17 players pulling the same way have much more strength than 17 guys pulling in their own direction.

Many say, "Well this is travel ball, who cares? Just put the players out there and let them play. The best will shine and move on." In my eyes, that's the problem! My job is to get ALL of my players in the BEST position to succeed at the next level and to be prepared. We accomplish this on many levels. A Storm player must maintain a 3.0 GPA to play on our teams. There will be NO profanity by both coaches or players at ANY time. "Sir" is required at the end of an answer. Hustle and respect of both the game and other players is extremely important.

We have a 100% success rate of players that go through our program to move on to college or professional baseball. I do not put on tryouts, because in my eyes, it's stealing money. I personally go get my players, receive calls/emails, or visit with players and offer an invite to join the North Florida Storm team. To call us a team is almost disrespectful because we are more of a family. I would rather consider us an old-school organization. If you could imagine a travel ball baseball team from 1978, we would be just that. We stress the importance of academics, family, and our Lord EVERY day, No, we do not shove any of this down our players' throat, but these are things that are important to me. We stay positive about ALL situations and yes, I am the "bad guy" in our family. We have a tremendous coaching staff that does a great job of instructing and teaching. There must be a disciplinarian, and that just so happens to be me. There is NO talking back, no walking on or off the field, no talking to mommy or daddy during practice or games, no bad body language, no missing signals, no looking at umpires, and NO negativity. Please understand that it is not my job to be friends with the parent or the player. My job is to get your child into college and have them prepared so they succeed, and by the way, we are pretty good at it!

Our goal isn't to win a single tournament, it is to get the players in front of the right people so that their success is on the radar of college scouts. The Lord has blessed me with the ability to have an impact on the molding of these young men, and I have always considered it an honor to earn the trust of the parents and players to play this role. We are blind to color, financial situations, and people your parents know. We want ball players, it's just that simple.

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5909 St Augustine Rd #4
Jacksonville, FL 32207
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