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AAYBA World Series (Odd Ages)

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AAYBA World Series (Odd Ages)
Event Date: 
6/15/19 to 6/21/19
Event Age Group: 
7U, 9U, 11U, 13U
Event Location: 
1201 Duncan Lane
Flower Mound, Texas 75028
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Odd Age Groups 7U, 9U, 11U, & 13U June 15-20, June 21st is the rain day

Even Age Groups 8u, 10U, 12U, & 14U June 22-27, June 28th is the rain day

ENTRY FEE - The entry fee for the Texas AAYBA World Series is $895. However, only those paying after May 25th, 2019 will pay the full $895 fee - see below. With the cost of travel increasing and the economy in turmoil we realize that every dollar saved is important so we are pleased to bring you the following promotional discounts. Most of the discounts have a DEADLINE DATE and we will not extend them so if you plan to take advantage of one of our promotions please pay special attention to the deadline. See Promotions and Discounts Below. The deadline to enter is either when the age groups caps out or June 1st, 2019 at the close of business.
PROMOTIONS AND ENTRY DISCOUNTS - We realize that every dollar saved is very important to each and everyone of you which is why we have implemented the following loyalty and promotional discounts for our 2018 participants. Most of these promotions have a deadline so please act quickly.

Please visit our "Discounts and Promotion" page before registering your team.

SANCTIONING FEE - This is an "open" tournament.You do not have to pay a sanctioning fee,"pre-qualify", or pay and play in any other tournament to gain entry into the AAYBA World Series. AAYBA does not charge a sanctioning fee. Just sign up and join us for one of the top tournaments in the country.

ADMISSION/FRIENDS AND FAMILY PASS - Admission for the AAYBA Open World Series in Flower Mound, Texas is $65 per roistered player. (This is different from the $40 per adult that we have in the past and represents a substantial savings). This is a friends and family pass which will cover anybody traveling with the team. Parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, friends, etc. Parents with multiple children playing the "same week" will only need to pay once. {In this situation the family should pay the rostered player fee with the FIRST TEAM that checks-in on Saturday, this way, it can be easily verified by tournament staff.}

AAYBA HOTEL PROGRAM - The AAYBA World Series is a Stay to Play event. Teams traveling from 125+ miles must stay at one of our sponsoring hotel properties. Click here for more information ...

GAME ITINERARY - Games will begin Sunday at 8:00am and conclude Thursday P.M. All teams will play a total of three games on Sunday and Monday and another three games on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some teams will be eliminated at this point while those advancing will play Thursday. All teams will receive a minimum of 6 games and a maximum of 10 games (weather permitting).

DROP DOWN FORMAT/NUMBER OF GAMES - We utilize our drop down format whereas all teams will receive six games (weather permitting), 50% receive seven games, and if your team makes the final four in the Platinum depending on the number of teams a few can get 8-10. These would be the final four teams in our top "Platinum" bracket as the final four close the tournament with a double elimination bracket. Champions will be crowned in several levels of play - Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, etc, (however, the format may be altered dependant on the number of teams entered).

MAJOR TEAM COMPETITION - Major teams will play pool play vs only major teams. Once pool ends and we advance to bracket play the lowest seeded major teams from pool play will be seeded above the highest seeded team from the general tournament. Top tier AAA are welcome to play up in the Major Division but no Major team may play down. Teams will be vetted on June 1st. Amy Major team trying to register as a lower tier team will be disqualified from the tournament with no refunds issued. AA will not meet a Major team at any point in the tournament.

NEW FOR 2019 - New this year - the final four teams in all Platinum brackets will conclude their schedule in a double elimination form.

LOOK WHO IS COMING - We feel that it is important to list a "Look Who is Coming" as it allows our participants to know well in advance what type of event they will be attending. We will not mislead you. There are too many National events that play "I've got a Secret" regarding their list of teams, and in most cases that is a signal that the field of teams are low and that the event is in danger of cancellation. At AAYBA we will post a "Look who is Coming" as always by no later than April 1st, for teams that have registered for our World Series events.

ADVERSE WEATHER/RAIN - We will do everything possible to insure our games will be played AAYBA may play in adverse weather conditions. However, our format may be changed to lesser time limits or less innings only, and in a worst case, a game or two could be cut from the schedule to complete the tournament. Coaches and players accept these conditions when entering the tournament....

AGE VERIFICATION - All teams must present "copies" of birth certificates for each player on your roster. If an age challenge occurs, you will be responsible to present an original birth certificate on site. Failure to do so will result in the player being deemed ineligible.

PROOF OF INSURANCE - Unlike most of our competitors we are not in the insurance business, feel free to purchase your insurance from a agent/broker of your choice. However, each team must present "proof of insurance" listing AAYBA as an additional insured. I assure you this is required by all National events and the additional insured is quite common. A copy of your insurance certificate will be required at check-in. You are free to purchase insurance from any company of your choice. However, we highly recommend Chappell Insurance Agency. Their rates are quite competitive and the insurance covers you for all events that you play in for a twelve month period.



19 Vesper Lane

Nantucket, MA 02554

WORLD SERIES SCHEDULES - Will be available online one week in advance.
BALLS: All teams must supply two new balls per game.
COMMON OPPONENT - If there are teams in your league that you see often please your online application listing those teams so we don't schedule you against each other in the initial round of play.

SPECIAL START REQUESTS - We will do everything possible to honor your requests. On your online tournament application we list the type of requests we accept. Do not wait until the schedule has been published as no changes will be made at that time. We have some control during pool play but we cannot control requests for bracket play.

EARLY WITHDRAWAL - Any team pulling from the event for any reason without notice, after your entry has been received will forfeit your entry ... no exceptions. However, if you inform us that your team will be unable to participate prior to the schedule being written you will receive a 100% credit good for 12 months. This credit can be used for your team or it can be transferred to another team of your choice. We have NEVER kept an entry fee for a team dropping other than no-shows.

AWARDS - Individual and team awards will be given to the first and second place teams plus a team award will be given to the 3rd and 4th place teams in each level of play (Platinum, Diamond, Gold, etc).For the 16 team woodbat divisions individual awards will be given to the 1st and second place teams in the Platinum Division only.

OPENING CEREMONIES, PIN TRADING, SKILLS COMPETITIONS - The opening Saturday of the event is the day we will make host to "Vendor City" featuring every major sports vendor in the country showcasing the latest sports equipment and memorabillia. Various team and individual skills competitions will also take place throughout the day. The day will conclude with a team parade. Teams are encouraged to bring their banners. Opening Day has become a major "Tail-gating" event. Be sure to arrive early to insure you get a good spot.

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AAYBA World Series (Odd Ages)
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