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McKinney Marshals

The McKinney Marshals is a youth travel baseball organization with select Baseball Teams based out of McKinney, Texas. They are located in the 75069 zip code and historically they participate in travel tournaments that are Local mostly, with 1-2 travel tournaments per year.

Be sure to visit the McKinney Marshals website to find more information like:

McKinney Marshals Coaches

McKinney Marshals Practice Facilities

McKinney Marshals Tryouts

McKinney Marshals Teams

McKinney Marshals Tournaments

McKinney Marshals on GC.com

Currently, the McKinney Marshals fields teams in the following age group(s):

13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U

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Coaches Notes: 

One of the Best College Prep Baseball Programs in the Country


The McKinney Marshals were originally founded by ex-Major League pitcher Mike Henneman. After retiring from Major League Baseball, his sons started playing baseball and, as his sons got older and more involved in competitive youth baseball, Mike became concerned by how some youth clubs were run and how some teams and coaches conducted themselves. He decided to find a way that kids could learn the intricacies of the game of baseball, 'The game within the game', yet still have fun while playing it. He started a 'select' team, the RedHawks, which grew into a small organization of teams after a few years.

Then came time for growth. The name became The McKinney Marshals. Eventually the dream included building the 'Ballfields at Craig Ranch' baseball complex and acquiring the Texas Collegiate League franchise of the McKinney Marshals. The growth of the organization, the quality of the coaching, the success of the teams and the overall experience for players and families attracted more and more new players and in just a few short years the Marshals became one of the most respected select baseball programs in the country, winning numerous national titles and sending many athletes on to play collegiate baseball. Although Mike has since gone on to new things, his legacy lives on as one of the best select baseball programs in the country.

Local or National: 
Local mostly, with 1-2 travel tournaments per year
Phone Number: 
101 Main St.
McKinney, TX 75069
Indoor Facilities
Outdoor Facilities
Paid or Volunteer Coaches: 
Paid Coaches
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Chris Sloan
Chris Sloan's picture
First Rate Organization
Organization Reviews: 

The Marshals are a top notch organization that produces highly competitive ball players and sends numerous players on to the next level every year!

Joe Smith (not verified)
Helped prepare my son for the next level!
Organization Reviews: 

The Marshals are a great organization and helped elevate my son's skills to be an amazing high school player and then helped him have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.

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