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Master instructor for Epstein Hitting. Love teaching kids how to destroy balls with a better fundamental understanding of their top hand arm. For more information on this distance learning 14 day program send an email to [email protected]

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Chris Sloan
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Ron is the best of the best!

I've had a chance to see Ron work with players of all skill levels and he knows exactly how to get on their level. He's an excellent communicator and will break sessions down into drills each player can utilize. If you're looking for a hitting coach in the DFW area he's your guy!

Dale Chmielewski (not verified)
online hitting lessons/ video analysis

My son is a 13u travel player. I would like to know how I go about getting online lessons/ video analysis from you

Marty Logan(par... (not verified)
Hitting lessons for my 12UAAA SON to take him to the next level

Looking for an instructor to take my son to the next level hitting. He does ok, but not GREAT. I'm looking for THAT GUY that will take an interest in my son, point out his FLAWS, AND develop and implement a program to take his hitting to the next level. I'm talking about killer consistency, developing his best swing, and improving his confidence at the plate. My take, is he has a pretty good swing. He tends to REACH and swing from the top down, which results in poor consistency and less than optimum contact. I have tried and tried to get him to wait, and let the ball come to him, and swing from the bottom up. He will do this for a few swings, and if I don't stay on him, he will revert back to top down reach swing. When he does what I ask, his consistent contact goes way up, as does his power. Looking for an instructor to get him past this bad habit. He will work hard and do whatever you ask in lessons. Just need to get him to it in games and practice. I will be happy to send some videos if you are interested.

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