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Ocala Elite Baseball Club Youth Baseball Team

Located in the heart of Inverness, Florida, our team, Ocala Elite Baseball Club , is a prominent force in youth travel Baseball. Embracing the spirit of competition and camaraderie, Ocala Elite Baseball Club participates in Full-time travel tournaments, offering our players diverse and enriching experiences on the field. Whether it's local events that build community connections or travel tournaments that challenge and expand our skills, we are committed to providing the best opportunities for our athletes. With a strong focus on developing young talents, we are proud to offer an environment where players of all ages can thrive, learn, and compete. Our zip code, 34431, is not just a location; it's a community where Baseball is celebrated and skills are honed.

Our Philosophy

At Ocala Elite Baseball Club , we believe in more than just winning games. Our philosophy is centered on fostering teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. We understand that each player brings unique strengths to the field, and our experienced coaches are dedicated to unlocking the potential in every individual. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every practice, game, and tournament we participate in.

Join Us

Interested in becoming a part of Ocala Elite Baseball Club ? We're always on the lookout for passionate and dedicated young players who love the game as much as we do. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Baseball, Ocala Elite Baseball Club offers a supportive and challenging environment to grow. Contact us for tryout information, practice schedules, and to learn more about what makes Ocala Elite Baseball Club a special place to play.

Stay Connected

Stay up-to-date with all the latest news, events, and updates from Ocala Elite Baseball Club . Follow us on our social media platforms, and don’t forget to check regularly for the latest team news, game schedules, and results. We're more than just a team; we're a family, and we can't wait to share our journey with you.

Be sure to visit the Ocala Elite Baseball Club website to find more information like:

Ocala Elite Baseball Club Coaches

Currently the Ocala Elite Baseball Club are actively looking for coaches. Please visit our website or call 386-688-1660 to be considered for one of our travel head coaching positions.

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Ocala Elite Baseball Club Tryouts

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Currently, the Ocala Elite Baseball Club fields teams in the following age group(s):


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Coaches Notes: 

Looking for hard working kids with great attitudes!!!

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Full-time travel tournaments
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Whispering pines park
Inverness, FL 34431
Outdoor Facilities
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Volunteer Coaches
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