Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Infield, Outfield, &  Pitcher Baseball Gloves

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Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Infield, Outfield, &  Pitcher Baseball Gloves
Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Infield, Outfield, &  Pitcher Baseball Gloves

If the baseball bat is the offensive tool in the game of baseball, then the baseball glove is the defensive tool. Fast balls, curve balls, trying to get someone off of base, each of these requires the ability to catch a ball that may be travelling at very high speeds. Enter the Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Baseball Glove. This glove provides a comfortable fit for infield plays, outfield plays, and first base plays. We've gone through the far reaches of the internet to inform you on why this baseball glove is a smart investment.

What Are The Infield/Outfield/First Base Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove and How Do They Work?

The Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove line comes in 3 different types. There is the Infield glove, the outfield glove, and the First Base glove. Each of these different gloves performs differently depending on the position that you are playing.

The Wilson Game Ready Soft Outfield Fit Glove is a soft fit game ready baseball glove usable in the outfield. The soft fit provides a comfortable fit that takes away the nuisance of breaking in a baseball glove. This leads to the glove being game ready as the time you would normally spend breaking in the glove you can use to actually play baseball competitively. Being 100% factory broken in means the glove

The Wilson Game ready Soft Infield Glove is a game ready glove that is meant for a right-handed infielder position. This glove boasts the same soft fit technology as the Wilson Game Ready Soft Outfield Glove.

The Wilson Game Ready Soft First Base Glove is a game ready glove that is meant for the first base position. It boasts the same technology as the Wilson Game Ready Soft Outfield Glove.

The Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove line works by is 100% factory broken in by being constructed out of full leather. The full leather construction assists by creating a better break in. The exclusive Cheyenne Penny leather is a durable material that makes the glove durable. The Low profile heel assists in making the glove more flexible. Flexibility opens up the palm and the pocket allows for more forgiving bad hop grounder catches.

Manufacturer History

To understand how this glove line came to be, knowing the history of Wilson provides some insight. Wilson Sporting Goods is a company that was founded around in 1913 in Chicago, Illinois. It was formerly known as the Ashland Manufacturing Company. Wilson is known for making equipment for many sports including baseball, softball, basketball, football, and even volleyball. The companies long standing history with manufacturing products for various sports is proven by having the largest market share of in the sporting and athletic goods industry.

Wison was originally created to discover ways to revolutionize how slaughterhouse byproducts were used. In 1914 this company further diversified by producing tennis racket strings, violin strings, and even surgical sutures. This is probably why the company has such a wealth of experience designing sturdy and soft baseball gloves. In 1915 after a shift in leadership, the company began focusing on the manufacturing of sports and athletic equipment.

Wilson's largest success in its earliest years was the acquiring of the Chicago Sporting Goods Company. By acquiring this company Wilson would be the sole provider of equipment for the North Side Chicago baseball team, the Cubs.

In 1922 Wilson introduced the world to the Ray Schalk catcher's baseball mitt. This baseball mitt would set the standard in comfort, quality, softness, and feel. This mitt would eventually be redesigned into the Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove.

What Makes The Wilson Game Ready Soft Glove Line Unique

The most unique factor of the Wilson Game Ready Soft Glove is its "game readiness". With most baseball gloves there is an uncomfortable period of time where you have to break in the glove. The glove can feel awkward, tough, and unwieldy until the glove conforms to the shape and size of your hand.

The Wilson Game Ready Glove boasts an exclusive eco leather finish that is engineered to provide softness on purchase. In addition to the exclusive leather, the glove features Double Palm Construction. Double Palm Construction helps stabilize the pocket allowing for quicker throws when scooping up the ball from awkward positions or fast catches. This will help get the ball back out of the pocket faster than most gloves.


You can purchase the Wilson Game Ready Soft Outfield Glove from Amazon, Ebay, and Wilson's website. Currently, the glove is unavailable on Amazon, but it can be typically purchased from between $60 and $80. You can watch the link here and set up an alert to be notified when the product is available on Amazon.

The Wilson Game Ready Soft Infielder Glove can also be purchased from Amazon. It costs around $351.38.

The Wilson Game Ready First Base Glove is very expensive on Amazon with a price point of $5,277.56. Is there a right handed variant?

The Game Ready Soft Glove comes in both a left handed version and a right handed version. It is made out of unique Cheyenne Penny Leather and features excellent double palm construction. This glove can be purchased in youth size and adult size depending on the website one visits to purchase this glove. The standard size of the glove is 12.5 inches. The glove comes in a clean brown leather finish.

This glove has excellent quality as it is made with exclusive leather featuring Double Palm Construction. For the price, this glove is an excellent purchase, especially due to the fact that it comes with an easy

Public Perception of The Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove Line

Many reviewers and folks who have purchased this glove note the high level of quality that the glove has. Usually for the price of the glove people expect lower quality, however, they were happy when they found that wasn't the case with this glove. As we mentioned previously Wilson is a top sports equipment making company with a long legacy of designing quality products. The only negative review we could come across was an individual who claimed the glove was not "soft" enough. As with everything, there will always be outliers, take that review with a grain of salt.

People also felt the feel of the glove was excellent. The softness was rated highly among most reviewers and folks who had something to say about this baseball glove. An excellent glove for outfielders, this glove can also be played on infield and various different positions. People have noted that having a certain level of skill will allow any position of player to utilize this glove effectively.

In addition to the feel of the glove, many folks who purchased the glove also noted that the glove was in fact "Game Ready". This is positive as there are many buzz words that one sees when they look at purchasing a glove. Knowing that this glove is legitimately game ready based on reviews should ease any suspicions you have on this glove being too good to be true.

When purchasing a glove many individuals worry whether or not the glove is kid or adult friendly. Luckily folks have commented that this glove can be used for kids as young as 10, and adults. Also, gender is not an issue with glove feel as both men and women have commented that this glove can fit their hands. We find this to be refreshing as there are some gloves that are not designed in a unisex way.

Those looking to use this glove for a sport other than baseball, say softball can rest assured that this glove performs well in softball as well. The glove provides a comfortable fit while the pocket is large enough to catch large soft balls. The versatility of this glove is excellent.

How The Game Ready Soft Fit Glove Compares To Other Products

The Soft Fit Glove is not the only glove of its kind. There are other gloves that claim to be 100% broken in outside of the box. Some of these gloves could be used while others we have found can compare to this product. We will break down products that are similar to the Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove.

Louisville Slugger 125

The Louisville Slugger 125 is an outfielder glove that competes with the Wilson Game Ready Soft Outfield Glove. The Louisville slugger costs $66.64 and can be purchased from Amazon. The Louisville sluggers boasts the same form of material break in as the Soft Fit Glove.

Public perception seems to be that the Louisville Slugger 125 runs smaller than it is advertised. This has led many individuals to comment that they believed they were purchasing a glove that would be able to fit larger hands. For this reason, though the Louisville slugger is similar in price, we could not recommend this competitor.

Mizuno MVP Prime Series

The Mizuno MVP series is a line of baseball gloves designed by Mizuno. The glove features a pattern design that centers the pocket under the index finger. This centering allows for any easier break-in according to Mizuno. We find that this glove may actually be worthwhile to look into if you do not like the look and feel of the Wilson glove.

In addition to easy break in, this glove also features "PlusGrip" a configuration to the glove that makes the thumb grip more comfortable. The only downside to this glove is that some individuals claim the laces are not as sturdy as other gloves. In terms of price, we find the Mizuno MVP Prime series to be very affordable with an 11-inch glove costing $104.99 at Amazon.

What We Think

We think the Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove is an excellent pick for infielders, outfielders and folks playing on first base. Based on how the product works, we believe someone who purchases this product will enjoy that the glove is already broken in outside of the box. This means you can spend less time worrying about breaking in the glove and more time actually playing a game of baseball.

We also think the glove will be great for various age ranges. We noted that reviewers felt the glove could be used by someone as young as 10 and an adult. The manufacturer has a small range of glove sizes, so finding the right fit should be doable.

In terms of performance, we think you are definitely getting what you pay for when you purchase the Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove. It has been designed to make scooping up bad grounders easy.

Coupons and Deals

If you have Amazon prime you can get the Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Glove delivered within two days for free.

The Wilson Soft Fit Game Ready Glove line is Definitely Quality

The Wilson Game Fit Ready Glove is a quality baseball glove that you can use to play in outfield, infield, or first base position. Not only can you use this glove to play baseball, but you can also use this glove to play softball. This glove has the name of Wilson behind it, carrying over a century of history that proves they can create incredible products.

When it comes to customer reviews, we found that this product was highly rated and worth your money. If you are a fan of the sport of baseball, and you want to improve your game with a glove that doesn't take an eternity to break in, then we highly recommend the Wilson Soft Fit Game Ready Glove.

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