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Wilson A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt Review
Jack Perconte

The Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt is a top of the line baseball glove, but is it worth the cost?

There are a lot of cheaper infield gloves readily available, so why go for this one?

Wilson has numerous baseball gloves, but this is the superior brand aimed at serious players.

The concern is, is the premium tag warranted and does it actually enhance your game?

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Shop Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt on Amazon.com

Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt Functions

The Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt was created for serious baseball players, and it shows in the design. It sports a H-Web pattern, and it has the patented Rolled Dual-Welting which according to the company will make break-in much easier and quicker.

Unlike less expensive baseball gloves, it also has 2X palm building and construction which makes for higher stability and endurance.

The glove also has longer laces that make it easier to wear, and it does not have the heel felt so there's a better fit.

The Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt was constructed for heavy duty and professional usage, and it's something you can tell by just looking at and holding the glove.

You don't need to be an expert to know the glove is different from the rest: it apparently has 3 times more craftsman shaping than their other Wilson gloves, and it clearly apparent.

The glove isn't just effective; it is versatile too, perfect for usage by shortstops or infielders. According to Wilson, special attention has been concentrated on the padding and the fit, and it feels better too.

In terms of quality and design, it's clear that the Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt is undoubtedly a premium item in the Wilson line, but it's not all appearances, due to the fact that the glove delivers in the area where it matters most: performance, it is a very expensive baseball glove catchers mitt.

Performance and Fitting

The glove looks great and it feels even better in your hand.

A universal complaint amongst gloves is how much time you have to take to break a glove in, however, the A2000 is shorter, which is expected due to the fantastic workmanship.

There are numerous ways to tell the difference between a regular and premium glove, and breaking in time is among them - generally, it's quicker in the Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt.

Once again, the difference in between this leather and the ones on more affordable gloves is substantial, and once you've attempted premium baseball gloves you will discover the contrast from this and other gloves.

Fitting is snug but not too tight, and while the leather is soft and breathable, it's durable. Other so-called premium gloves have a problem balancing between softness and sturdiness, with some either too soft and others too hard.

Luckily, Wilson baseball seems to have struck the ideal balance here, as the glove, considering how smooth and soft it is, is extremely durable.

One more thing should be noted is how the glove permits you to feel the ball.

Ask any infielder and he'll inform you that the manner which a glove lets you feel the ball makes a big difference, which is among the reasons why it's is so effective.


  • Crafted to be a high-quality product

  • Long lasting

  • Easy and smooth on the hands

  • Very stable


Shop Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt on Wilson.com

Shop Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt on Amazon.com


Reviews for the Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt have actually been extremely favorable. Thomas of Phoenix says:

This is the only glove for me. Trust me, if you're serious about baseball this is what you need.

Drake of Austin Texas says:

Before I purchased this baseball glove, I reassured myself that this is an investment for the future, and it has been. I have been using this for plenty of months and it works perfectly. Break-in was super simple.

Stevie of Philadelphia has this to say:

The glove is extremely comfortable and it fits well, and the break-in is the simplest I have actually discovered, and I have worn a lot of baseball gloves too.

Rafael of San Antonio says:

Because there were more affordable gloves readily available, I was a bit reluctant to purchase this initially. After my experience with a low-cost glove, I decided to take a look at this. I've been utilizing this glove for a month now and it feels just terrific. Worth every cent.

If you take a look at most of the reviews, there's general consensus that this is a high-quality baseball glove, and it will enhance your game in a number of ways.

Of course, some do complain about its price tag, but if you take stock of all the reviews most people think that it is worth it.

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Glove Purchasing Guide

A fielding glove is among the most important tools you have to have in order to be successful. Not every glove is equal, however. The size of baseball/softball glove you use mainly depends on what position you're playing, however, there are similarly other aspects that help find out exactly which glove you should pick.

Standards For Picking A Glove

Below, we have broken down the best glove for you dependent on which position you play.

  • Pocket size - pocket size of the outfielder's glove is larger than those of the middle infielder, making it possible for outfielders to catch balls more easily. Shortstops and Second baseman shallower pockets enable them to obtain the ball from the glove quicker.

  • Webbing - Numerous types of webbing can be discovered in gloves for baseball and softball players consisting of, but not restricted to I-web, Basket web, Closed web, Single Post web, Double Post web, Customized Trapeze web, and Trapeze web. The most common type of webbing for infielders is made from a looser stitch, offering more control in order to get the ball out faster - it similarly does not scoop up big little bits of dirt.

  • Cushioning - Cushioning choice is something else you have to consider. The quantity of cushioning you have on your glove depends on the position you play. Catcher's mitts consist of more cushioning to secure their hands from pitchers' tosses. Other positions, such as first and 3rd base, might also need more cushioning. Just recently, the popularity of extra wrist cushioning has got bigger, especially at the corner infield positions.

  • Wrist Changes - Some gloves are made with wrist changes that make it possible for players to make the glove fit snugly to their hand, enabling them to put on the glove with ease. These can be made from either be Velcro, a buckle system or a number of other things.

  • Product - Gloves are fashioned from numerous different types of materials including leather, mesh, or more. Leather is typically the preferred product among gamers due to its resilience and benefit. Players may choose to deal with leather gloves that are treated with oils, making the break in period quicker. Some select a mesh-backed build, making for a lighter glove. Young players may prefer a synthetic glove.

Shop Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt on Wilson.com

Shop Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt on Amazon.com

Baseball Gloves

Particular positions need to have a baseball glove that uses a particular webbing. Have a look below for the typical webbings you'll find in each position:

  • Outfielders - H-web, tailored trapeze or trapeze - bigger, much deeper pockets.

  • Middle infielders - I-web, single post, 2-piece closed - shallow.

  • 3rd basemen - double post, tailored trapeze, closed webs - more effective, much deeper pockets.

  • Pitcher - basket, 2-piece closed, one-piece closed, customized trapeze - conceals stitches when selecting a pitch.

Fastpitch Gloves.

Like baseball gloves, positions taken in fastpitch softball need to use a particular webbing for their gloves.

  • Middle infielders and first base, as well as some outfielders, need an open web that is efficient at switching to the tossing hand.

  • Third base and pitchers (some outfielders too) need to use a closed web that gives more support.

Youth Vs. Grownup Gloves

A youth glove is developed for more youthful gamers with smaller sized hands. They are generally more budget-friendly than the adult gloves and are a lot easier to close.

The youth gloves are not made from the specific same top quality leather; nonetheless the materials they are made from make them much easier to close. Youth gloves have smaller-sized, narrower fingers and ought to be utilized for a player under 10 years old. They in many cases can be used for a player as much as 12 years old, nevertheless, after that, kids ought to be making use of adult gloves. To put an adult glove onto a child's hand, you have to just tighten the back of the wrist.

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Catcher's Mitts

Catcher's gloves are typically referred to as catcher's mitts due to the fact they do not have individually cut fingers. This works for snatching fastballs the whole game without fear of wearing them down.

It's because of this, catchers' mitts have the propensity to be extremely stiff straight off the rack and take a while to break in. A lot of catchers buy a replacement mitt prior to when they estimate their old Mitt will break down, providing time to break their the new glove in.

Given that they may be connected with the most lacing without breaking, catcher mitts have the tendency to have a closed pocket.

There is a difference between baseball and softball catcher's mitts. A softball catcher's mitt is developed with a deeper pocket, in addition to thinner side walls. This is good for to handling a larger ball.

Shop Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt on Wilson.com

Shop Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt on Amazon.com

Pitchers' Gloves

These gloves will not have as much cushioning as other type of gloves and have a need to be comfortable. They're typically larger than some other gloves, permitting pitchers flexibility to move their hands, having the ability to grip the ball more effectively whilst protecting their hand motions (so the batter is not able to see).

A pitcher does not need to worry as much as other players about the effectiveness of their glove. The convenience is more important since they are constantly catching, and will regularly have to stop line drives countered through the middle.

It's of course crucial to make sure the glove isn't too heavy. Plenty of manufacturers make light versions of high-end gloves with distinct products that weigh considerably less than standard gloves.

What We Think About the Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt

To sum it up, the Wilson 2023 A2000 Baseball Catcher's Mitt is for those who take their baseball seriously.

If you're simply a casual gamer, a more affordable glove will do, however, if you're serious about enhancing your game and desire nothing but the best, don't go for anything else.

This isn't really going to come cheap, however, it's the real deal.

This is a coveted glove that provides fantastic control and super high quality for the best experience on the diamond.


What is the design and construction of the Wilson A2000 Catcher's Mitt?

The Wilson A2000 CM33 is a 33" baseball catcher's mitt designed with a thinner toe pad and a deep pocket for effortless framing and picking pitches out of the dirt. The glove has a combination of Blonde, Black, and White Pro Stock Leather, along with simple outlined Bold Logos. The design is meant to give catchers a glove that's as comfortable and practical as it is stylish.

What is Pro Stock Leather and what benefits does it offer?

Pro Stock Leather is a type of leather used by Wilson in their A2000 series gloves. It's preferred for its rugged durability and unmatched feel. This leather is designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular baseball games while maintaining a comfortable fit and feel for the player.

What is the Flat Finger Binding and DriLex Wrist Lining in the Wilson A2000 Catcher's Mitt?

Flat Finger Binding is a feature that provides greater comfort and control in the field for players who prefer to play with a finger outside the glove. It reduces the amount of space between your finger and the back of the glove, helping to reduce pain when making plays. DriLex Wrist Lining is a material used in the wrist area of the glove that helps keep your hand dry and comfortable on the field and behind the dish.

How should I break in my Wilson A2000 Catcher's Mitt?

To break in your Wilson A2000, play catch with it as often as possible. This helps the glove naturally mold to your hand. After the glove has had some play and has softened up a bit, apply a moderate amount of glove oil to the glove, including the back and the fingers. Massage the oil into your glove. Then, place a ball in the pocket, wrap the glove with rubber bands, and let it sit. This helps the glove form to the pocket created by the ball. When choosing an oil, be sure to pick from one of our best oil for baseball glove options.

How often should I oil and wrap my Wilson A2000 Catcher's Mitt during the break-in process?

It's recommended that you repeat the process of oiling your A2000 and wrapping it with a ball in the pocket "two to three times per week for the first two or three weeks." This helps to loosen the hide fibers and create the desired shape and fit. However, remember that playing catch is still the best way to break in the glove.

Can I customize my Wilson A2000 Catcher's Mitt?

Yes, Wilson offers a Baseball Glove Customizer on their website that allows you to create your very own custom baseball glove. You can choose from a selection of custom A2K or custom A2000 ball glove patterns, pick out your preferred leather, choose your laces, binding, and stitching, and add your own text and emblems. You can also customize features like the palm stamp, glove stiffness, binding type, and glove fit.

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