What To Get a Youth Baseball Player on Black Friday

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What To Get a Youth Baseball Player on Black Friday
Chris Sloan

What To Get a Youth Baseball Player on Black Friday

Is your kid a youth baseball player who wants to make the big leagues? If so, you'll want to be able to say you did your part if their dream comes true!


With Black Friday approaching, there's no better time to get them a perfect baseball gift. That can be something small, like a pack of baseball cards, or something that will help them improve, like a training net.


For this article, we'll assume that your kid already has access to all the essential equipment. We're talking about baseball bats, baseball gloves, and all other gear they'll need to get on the field.


Ready to get started? Check out this list of seven classic gifts that will make your little baseball player happy!


New Baseball Bat


Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the baseball player in your life? If so, consider purchasing a new baseball bat on Black Friday. Many stores offer significant discounts on baseball bats during the holiday season, making it the perfect time to buy. Plus, with Christmas just around the corner, you can be sure that your baseball-loving loved one will be thrilled to receive a new bat as a gift. So why not take advantage of the great deals available on Black Friday and pick up a new baseball bat for the baseball player in your life?

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Training Net


Do you have a kid who can't get enough of baseball practice? Good news: you can make it easy for them to get better at home!


To do that, get a training net and place it in any space large enough to set up. Once you do that, a net can help you practice both hitting and pitching. All you need to do is place a tee in front of it and start taking swings!


In a pinch, you can use a training net to practice catching as well. That said, make sure you get a model that has a clear strike zone. Many models allow you to detach or adjust the strike zone as needed.


Most nets are big enough that you don't have to worry about missing them. That said, it's still not a good idea to set it up under a neighbor's window. If your backyard is too small, a garage or rec room will do instead.

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Baseball Glove


Rebounder Net



Does the idea of net sound fun but you don't feel like going to fetch the balls all the time? Well, we've got two words for you: rebounder net.


The purpose of a rebounder net is to serve as a pitching aid. If you can't afford pitching lessons, a rebounder net is a decent alternative. Be careful, though, as certain pitch speeds make the ball rebound too far.


Beyond helping kids work on their throwing motion, this type of net is great for fielding. Thanks to their shape, deflecting off the bottom part will induce fly balls and pop-ups, and the top part will induce grounders.

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Baseball Books


Does your kid enjoy reading as well as baseball? If so, baseball books can be a great way to help them learn more about the game.


The best place to start would be the Big Book of WHO Baseball. This book contains a bunch of interesting trivia on past and present MLB players. It's the perfect tool for inspiring all kids interested in the game.


The Baseball Codes by Jason Turbow is another gift you can't go wrong with. It provides insight into the unwritten codes of the game, from beanballs to sign stealing. Think of it as getting a look behind the curtain.


Finally, check out the Mental Game of Baseball by H. A. Dorfman. The mental component is a big part of any sport, but it's particularly important in baseball. Reading this book will help your kid avoid some hurdles early on.

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Baseball Movies

For kids who aren't fans of reading, you can always go with one of our full list of the Best Baseball Movies for Kids options younger fans.! Fortunately, there are plenty of great Netflix baseball movies out there.

If you're looking for a classic feel-good story, The Rookie is the obvious choice. Based on a true story, this movie follows a high school coach as he tries out in the big leagues. It's funny, charming—and compelling to boot.

For something a bit more serious, check out 42. This movie charts the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play in the MLB. The story transcends sports, but it's particularly inspiring for baseball fans.

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Soft Baseballs


If your child has just started getting into baseball, you may want to make things a bit easier for them. Case in point: baseballs.


Chances are, a real baseball will be too hardcore for a young child. Most kids aren't very coordinated, and those balls hit hard. Enough nasty bruises and your kid might start having second thoughts about the game.


The solution is simple: get them a few packs of soft practice baseballs. Their construction makes them perfect for training and they won't break any windows. Plus, you can use them as a stress relief tool!

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Batting Swing Trainer


As far as baseball equipment goes, nothing beats a swing trainer for practicing mechanics. It's better than a traditional tee in every way.


For starters, a batting swing trainer doesn't require a net since it comes with the ball attached to it. As soon as you take a swing, the ball rotates back to you. That eliminates the need for a pitcher or chasing balls around.


Most swing trainers give you plenty of variables to adjust. For instance, you can adjust ball height for lower or higher pitches. You can also increase the tension of the arm or stand further/closer away.


The batting trainer is great for youth baseball players who want to fine-tune their swing. Younger kids can also use it to build muscle memory. Most models are best used outside, but a big enough room can work as well.

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Cool Accessories


For most kids, doing well on the baseball field is only one-half of the game. The other half? You guessed it: looking cool out there, I mean why else do baseball players wear eye black?


There are a couple of ways to go about this. For example, if your kid wants to look like their favorite player, get them a pair of baseball sunglasses. Other than looking cool, sunglasses will help them identify pop-ups.


Eye black stickers are another fun accessory your kid may enjoy. Eye black is undeniably cool, and it has the practical purpose of reducing glare. That said, applying real eye black can be a mess, so stick with the stickers!

Check out our list of the best baseball eye black options!

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Youth Baseball Gifts Made Easy


With some luck, this list will help make your Black Friday shopping experience more fun this year. Remember: if you're unsure what your kid likes or needs, just ask them. As they say, better to be safe than sorry!


Are you looking for a baseball tournament that your youth baseball player can play in? Check out our list of travel baseball tournaments for all ages! And be sure to check out our complete lest of Black Friday Baseball Sales from various retailers here!


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