Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Baseball Sunglasses Best Sporting Sunglasses You Need to Add to Your Kit

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Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Baseball Sunglasses Best Sporting Sunglasses You Need to Add to Your Kit
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Ever had the worst game of the world's best game? Every avid baseball player has probably had one of those days marred by disastrous moves on the diamond. Some are just a result of circumstances beyond you're your control, while others are a result of improper equipment like improper (or no) baseball sunglasses.

That's why I would like to show you one of the best set of baseball sunglasses you can get to add to your baseball equipment the Under Armour Igniter 2.0 baseball sunglasses. But before we get into the review, let's take a look at why you need eye protection on the diamond, after all, baseball isn't a dangerous sport. Or is it?

3 Good Reasons You Need an Excellent Pair of Baseball Sunglasses

When it comes to sports that involve running, like baseball, sunglasses (or glasses of any kind) can seem to be more of a hindrance than beneficial. And because you don't want extra baggage as you are making your home run, you "conveniently" leave them that at home.

But what if I told you those sunglasses serve more purposes than you think. Let me show you.

1. Improve Your Vision

This is the obvious reason but it is still worth stressing. Vision is affected by the amount of light in your surroundings, and for sporting activities, that can mean too much light since they are played during the day.

This is where that pair of sunglasses you are neglecting comes into play. At those times where you are forced to look in the sun's direction, they keep you from being dazzled and losing precious time (and your bearings). A good pair of baseball sunglasses like Under Armour's Igniter 2.0 will certainly help you play your best game without inconveniencing you with the weight factor that most sunglasses are notorious for.

2. Protect Your Eyes

Like everything in life, the sun has its advantages and disadvantages. Though it is the source of life on earth, it also has its downside UV rays. I know UV rays and the damage they do is usually associated with skin care alone, but they are also one of your eye's worst enemies. And contrary to popular belief, UV rays are not only present when the sun is at its brightest. Even on cloudy days, they are present. And their intensity increases in open spaces, like a baseball field.

This ultimately means if you want to preserve your eyesight, sunglasses are a must, even on cloudy days. And, not all sunglasses offer the same UV protection. Go for trusted brands like Under Amour that offer 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC rays after all, gambling with your eyesight never pays.

3. Look Good

Okay, let me admit it. It's impossible to talk sunglasses without talking about the fashion side of things. When it comes to fashionable sportswear, no one does it better than Under Armour, and the Igniter 2.0 sunglasses are the best proof of that. Not only do they improve your visibility on a sunny day, and not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays, but boy do they make you look good as well.

Perhaps, the reason you feel uncomfortable donning your sunglasses is the way they make you look funny. That's a good enough a reason to retire them, after all, they are not serving one of their major purposes.

Right, now that you now understand the need for sunglasses on the baseball pitch, let me tell you a bit about one of the best baseball sunglasses on the market the Under Armour 2.0 Igniter.

The Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Your True Eye Armor

If you are on the hunt for a pair of exceptional sunglasses, look no further than Under Armour's Igniter 2.0. This is one pair of sunglasses you will not be leaving at home. Here are a few specs to whet your appetite before we dig into the main meat of our Under Armour Igniter 2.0 review.

  • Ultra-light ArmourFusion® frames that are built from a combination of titanium & Grilamid for superior strength and flexibility

  • ArmourSight® lens technology which delivers up to 20% more undistorted peripheral vision. Also makes lenses up to 10X stronger than ordinary polycarbonate lenses

  • Multiflectionâ„¢ lens coating which guards against scratches, abrasions, and smudges

  • Under Armour AutoGrip Temples create a comfortable, flexible & secure fit without any squeeze

  • Adjustable nose pad

  • Superior protection from UVA, UVB & UVC rays

Design and Build Quality

If there is one problem many people have with baseball sunglasses, it's the way they are designed poorly. The poor designs lead to the glasses having a lot of blind spots that can prove costly in a game. The Igniter 2.0 deals with all these problems and many others inherent in faulty sport sunglass designs.

The first design feature that the Igniter 2.0 boasts as being superior to others is its ultra-light weight. This is made possible by their choice of frame materials titanium and Grilamid. This superior formula, which they have dubbed ArmourFusion, makes the frames so light you won't even feel that you are wearing sunglasses, making it easier to play without feeling inconvenienced by the glasses.

Another innovative feature unique to Under Armour is their Multiflection coating that they use to coat the Igniter 2.0 baseball sunglasses with. This prevents smudges, abrasions, and scratches on the lens, making these sunglasses very durable.

All in all, the Under Armour Igniter 2.0 is one of those sunglasses that have been perfectly engineered and made. From the choice of materials to the design itself, Under Armour show that they really care about the person who wears their product. This is not that type of sunglasses that you will throw away after a few months of use due to showing signs of wear and tear this is eyewear that was made to last.

Comfort and Fit

Again, Under Armour set out to outshine their competitors in this department. Again, ArmourFusion shows its true worth here by providing frames that are not just ultra-light but are also very flexible and yet firm. Add that to Under Armour's AutoGrip Temples technology which creates a comfortable, flexible and secure fit without squeezing your temples. Most baseball sunglasses cause discomfort because of this squeeze element that is difficult to bypass without compromising on how well the sunglasses grip your temples.

Another great feature of the Igniter 2.0 that makes it very comfortable is the adjustable nose pad. Unlike other glasses, the nose pad on the Under Armour Igniter 2.0 is not hinged, you actually bend it to fit your nose. The small malleable metal insert in the rubber nose pad is easy to bend so as to conform to the size and shape of your nose, making the UA Igniter 2.0 sit perfectly on your nose without exerting pressure or weight on your nose. Now, that is unparalleled comfort in your equipment you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

If you struggle with finding baseball sunglasses that fit you well, this is the pair that will restore your confidence in the reality that perfect fitting sunglasses exist. Even sized eyewear can't compare to the fit and comfort that the Igniter 2.0 will afford you.

Durability and Strength

Because of the research, technology, and material that has been put in producing this $99.99 pair of sunglasses, durability is one thing they promise. From the lens to the frame, you can expect the Igniter 2.0 to be a part of your baseball games for a long time. The lenses have Under Armour's patented lens making technology called ArmourSight that makes the lens stronger than ordinary lenses 10 times stronger according to Under Armour.

The Achilles' heel of these sunglasses, though, is the bendable nose pad. As with all metal, too much bending back and forth weakens it and eventually leads to it breaking. That's exactly what happens with the Igniter 2.0. But the fix is simple. Find your sweet spot for the nose pad and leave it at that setting.

Besides, the nose pad weakness, the Igniter 2.0 is one of the strongest sets of sunglasses you will ever find the $99.99 price tag is well worth it in the long run.

Performance and Functionality

I bet this is the part you have been waiting for. After all, you need sunglasses that will help your performance on the diamond, and won't be a hindrance, don't you?

Obviously, when you get a pair of sunglasses for sports, you need maximum visibility, and that's exactly what the Under Armour Igniter 2.0 gives you. 100% visibility and no blind spots.

As for protection from the sun, another 100% guarantee from Under Armour 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC. With such great UV protection, no glare, and the lightweight that gives you greater mobility, I'd say the Under Armour 2.0 is one of the best baseball sunglass types you can get to compliment your baseball kit. Especially since, they are also stylish, cool, and chic. And speaking of style, you get to choose from a number of style options that best suit your taste or team colors.

As an athlete, performance, yours and your accessory's, is always important. And the Under Armour Igniter 2.0 won't let you down in this respect. In fact, on those exceptionally bright days, they will enhance your performance by giving the best visibility possible.

The Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Review Are they Really Worth It?

When you look at the $90.00 price tag that comes with the Under Armour Igniter 2.0, I'm sure your first thoughts are, "Are they really worth it?" the simple answer is yes, they are worth every penny you pay for them. Few sports sunglasses can offer you the protection, comfort, and functionality that the Igniter 2.0 do. This is one pair of sunglasses you will be glad you invested in.

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