Baseball Cleats: Under Armour Harper One

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Baseball Cleats: Under Armour Harper One
Baseball Cleats: Under Armour Harper One
Jack Perconte

The Under Armour Harper One series are a dope pair of baseball cleats designed in partnership with the renowned Bryce Harper. These all black cleats are made from synthetic material and provide a lightweight low profile outsole. If you have been in the market for Baseball cleats and have been wondering which type of cleats work well, look no further than the Under Armour Harper Ones.

What Are the Under Armour Harper Ones and How Do They Work?

The Under Armour Harper Ones are a pair of baseball cleats that were made by Under Armour in partnership with Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper is an American professional baseball player that currently plays for the Washington Nationals. He has also been featured in the 2015 Body Issue of ESPN Magazine.

These baseball cleats are some of the cleaner cleats available bearing a similar resemblance to 90s era high tops. The high top aesthetic isn't just purely for visuals though, as the ankle strap was added for increased stability. You won't be rolling or twisting your ankles when you're making game defining power slides in these cleats.

The Under Armour Harper Ones features nine metal cleats on the bottom of the shoe that offer optimal traction and stability. Baseball cleats that offer great traction are important as they help you perform in various types of weather conditions. Cleats are meant to protect the player's foot and help with overall performance. They provide players with the ability to absorb shock better. Better shock absorption makes actions like running, stealing, pitching, or hitting less brutal on the body.

The Harper One's features an insole that is made out of Super Foam. Super Foam contributes to shock absorption by allowing for the best form of displacement of energy when impacting with many forms of terrain. The Harper One's midsole also contributes to shock absorption as well as providing a comfortable fit. The Under Armour Harper One is a baseball cleat that is completely designed to provide maximum comfort and stability.

The Under Armour Harper Ones also come with Forefoot flex grooves that ensure appropriate levels of flexibility. The flexibility is meant to extend along the metatarsophalangeal joints. You will definitely want to have this level of protection as the chance of injury increases as terrain and weather conditions become poorer.

Manufacturer History

Under Armour was founded by 23-year-old University of Maryland special teams captain Kevin Plank in 1996. The idea for Under Armour was born out of the necessity to have a shirt that could withstand more sweat and wear than the typical cotton tee shirt.

Kevin Plank researched the athletic benefits of synesthetic fabrics to design a shirt that could be the replacement to the typical cotton tee shirt for players. Plank ended up designing the Under Armour Heat Gear T-Shirt code named #0037. This shirt was designed with moisture absorption that helped keep players cool and light during hot days on the field. In their first year Under Armour generated $17,000 in sales along the East Coast area.

In 1997 Cold Gear fabric was created which did almost the exact opposite of the Under Armour Heat Gear T-Shirt. The Cold Gear fabric was meant to keep players warm and light in cold climates. In 1998 after the success of the Cold Gear line, Under Armour was moved from a humble basement in Washington DC to a warehouse in Baltimore.

Under Armour became renowned in that late 1990s and early 2000s. Under Armour received a deal to be a supplier of costumes in the form of Under Armour gear for the film Any Given Sunday. This film starring Al-Pacino and Jamie Foxx had actors who wore Under Armour clothes and accessories in memorable moments in the film.

Plank took the exposure from Any Given Sunday and placed an ad for Under Armour in ESPN Magazine. This move generated an increase in sales totaling around $750,000. After this Under Armour would go on to form key partnerships with Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the Baltimore Marathon. Under Armour is known today as a quality company that is committed to developing comfortable, usable athletic wear.

What Makes The Under Armour Harper Ones Unique?

Right out of the gate one of the most unique things about the Under Armour Harper One's is the high top design. This high top design is reminiscent of popular brands like Nike and Jordan. The Limited Design Harper One's come with a black and gold color design is also supreme, offering a dope color palette that provides more flair than most baseball cleats.

Speaking more on the Limited Edition design, the bottom of the cleats comes with a shiny metallic gold finish. The mesh design that covers the Under Armour Harper One's also have cool diamond like meshes. You will also notice a sleek silver embellishment that lines the bottom of the shoe above the bottom of the cleats.

The black and silver Under Armour Harper One's has a similar design to the limited edition version. The all black finish with silver mesh design is very clean. Also noticeable on the tongue of these shoes is a signature from Bryce Harper. In terms of insignias, there is the very specific under armor logo that represents the brand of Under Armour.

The Bryce Harper collaboration is another aspect that makes the Under Armour Harper One's unique. Anytime you have a special edition shoe, whether for basketball, baseball, or football, the value of that shoe increases over time. Bryce Harper's familiarity in the world of baseball makes this collaboration unique for fans of baseball.

One of the last factors that makes the Under Armour Harper Ones unique is the balance of form and efficiency with its clean design. The Harper One's are meant to perform excellently in any form of terrain. The cleats sport ArmourBound midsole technology and Armor Guide outsole technology. These technologies are specific to Under Armour cleats and assist with balance and stabilization for different forms of terrain.


You can find the Under Armour Harper One available at the following retailers:

You can purchase these shoes from a size 6.5 to a size 14. Depending on availability all, or only a few of these shoe sizes will actually be available for purchase.

The Under Armour Harper Ones are available for $119.99 on Under Armour's site. They can be purchased from Amazon for $129.99. Lastly, you can find the Under Armour Harper Ones at Baseball Express for a discount of $79.97. Depending on the size you select on Amazon's website you can expect to pay near $5 more for larger sizes.

Public Perception of the Under Armour Harper Ones

Under Armour is a world-renowned brand that is recognized for well-designed clothes, shoes, and cleats. Among responses to the quality of the Under Armour Harper Ones, it is noted that these cleats are very comfortable. This is very positive as it confirms that the technology Under Armour does in fact work. Of interest is how the design of these cleats also allow for the shoes to be worn in public.

How It Compares

The Under Armour Harper Ones represent just one style of mid baseball cleats that you can purchase. When searching the web for comparable mid baseball cleats, we looked to see if we could find a balance between the clean design the Harper Ones manage and the shoes level of comfort.

Nike Alpha Huarache Keystone Mid

The Nike Alpha Huarache Keystone Mids are clean baseball cleats designed by Nike. The shoes are made with a synthetic leather upper with a mesh tongue that offers excellent support. This mesh tongue also helps keep your feet cool and comfortable during intense baseball matches. The midsole is made from full-length phylone that adds cushioning and alleviates cleat pressure.

The Nike Alpha Huarache Keystone baseball cleat also has a Fastflex outsole. In terms of spikes this show has 12 spikes that help induce maximum traction and promotes natural motion. There are 8 cleats in the forefoot and 4 cleats in the heel. In terms of additional support, the Huaraches have a ¾ height collar that helps support ankle support.

You can purchase the huarache baseball cleats from Nike or Amazon for anywhere between $36.97 and $85.00. The price you will have to pay is going to be dependent upon the size of the shoe that you order.

New Balance Men's PM4040v4 Mid Molded

The New Balance Men's PM4040v4 are a pair of mid baseball cleats that are a sleek pair of New Balances that comes in various color designs from black and white to red and blue. The durable TPU mesh upper provides ventilated comfort and also encourages fluid movement. There is also a durable TPU foot plate and molded cleat pattern that is designed to give excellent traction. We think do not think the traction this shoe provides is comparable to the Under Armour Harper Ones.

The one thing that we do think stands out on the New Balance shoes is the built-in toe protect that is meant to protect toes when sliding or slipping. There is also a conveniently placed lace cage that offers a loop that keeps shoelaces secured.

What We Think

We will just be straight up here. Don't get the white cleats. They will get dirty and unless you feel like using a toothbrush, some baking soda, and cleaning your cleats after every wear we recommend going with colors that will hide some of the dirt. If you have the extra resources, we definitely recommend purchasing the Limited Edition mids as the black and gold design is too clean to pass up.

In terms of the base Under Armour Harper One, we think it is a very comfortable shoe that balances comfort and fashion quite well. The technologies built into the shoe promotes comfort and protection and ensures that the player is protected first. We also like the shoes because they are street conscious and wearable both on the field and off the field.

We think the price of these cleats are quite fair being on the lower end of most high-end baseball cleats. The Bryce Harper collaboration also ensure that these cleats will maintain some level of value as time goes on.

If you are a fan of this shoe and want the latest iteration, we recommend you check out the second edition of the Under Armour Harper Ones that Under Armour Harper 2 Mid ST. These shoes not only have a sleek modern look and are only $120.00. The black and silver version of these cleats are as clean as ever with a silver signature from Bryce Harper.

Coupons and Deals

Depending on where you purchase the Under Armour Harper Ones you can get a pretty decent discount on them. For example, you could purchase them with an almost $50.00 discount from Baseball Express. If you are a member of Amazon Prime you can also get the Under Armour Harper Ones delivered to you with free same day delivery or free two-day delivery.

The Under Armor Harper Ones Are Aesthetically Pleasing And Reliable

Using comfortable technology, the wearer's foot is protected while having great design sensibility makes the Under Armor Harper Ones an easy recommendation. It isn't often that you see baseball cleats designed with the swagger of a shoe that can be worn off the field and on the field. The color palette is exceptional. The function of the shoe is of high quality. Under Armour puts out some of the consistently highest rated products that are proven to both prevent gross sweat build up and allow for peak performance. The Under Armour Harper Ones continue this trend of Under Armour excellency and are well worth the price.

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