Rising Tide of Underground Basketball Gambling at Encore Casino Raises Concerns

HomeBlogsChris Sloan's blogRising Tide of Underground Basketball Gambling at Encore Casino Raises Concerns
HomeBlogsChris Sloan's blogRising Tide of Underground Basketball Gambling at Encore Casino Raises Concerns
Chris Sloan

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Wagering through shady forms of unlicensed sports betting puts gamblers at risk. It throws caution to the wind and strongly tends to go wrong. Best aus online casinos guarantee a safe gaming experience. This list is generated based on several criteria including licence, payment providers, games, bonuses, etc. Underground basketball betting, despite the surge, has zero pros. The concerns at Encore Casino are worrying. It is one act that should be entirely avoided due to its unpleasantness and high-risk factor. 

However, underground betting practices like this are secretive and also complex. Playing the best paying pokie machines offer better prospects to your gambling adventure. Poker players enjoy quick withdrawal options, regulated games, etc.

That said, the allure of easy and fast gains has created and empowered this underground betting culture. This review discusses underground basketball betting focused on Encore casino. 

Reasons for the growth of underground rates

It would surprise you that people still decide to explore underground betting markets despite all the legal platforms to place basketball and baseball bets. The allure of quick rewards is the primary reason gamblers take this illegal path. However, some players have a good reason why they gamble here. The rising tide of underground basketball betting at casinos is attributed to several reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • The mirage of easy and quick rewards due to the popularity of the sport 
  • Confidentiality – Most players choose to explore underground betting due to the stigma attached to sports betting. These underground betting markets are confidential. Payments are primarily made with cash. There is no reason for any identification.
  • Support from underground betting operations. Most operators allow patrons to borrow money to place sports bets. Essentially, they act like a bank. These operators understandably exploit players with problem gambling.
  • Poor regulations and enforcement of gambling laws
  • Lack of proper enlightenment programs

These factors are reasons why the underground rates keep thriving. It is also a reason why players keep exploring these avenues.

The attractiveness of basketball for betting

Basketball is a popular action-filled sport that provides quality entertainment for patrons. The thrill and unpredictability make the sport a good choice to bet on. Basketball has lots of games played in a season and during playoffs. This gives patrons lots of options as they find value in every game. Players can also easily access betting via several online bookmarkers.

The attractiveness of basketball for betting is easy to understand. Most sportsbooks have an in-play feature that allows patrons to bet even when the game begins. Taking advantage of the changing odds is great for a huge win. There is also the option to explore a plethora of bets. You can place bets such as spreads, over/under, moneyline, etc. There are indeed many options that appeal to both regular and amateur players.

Illegal basketball bets at Encore Casino

In February, Encore Casino owned up to accepting illegal bets on a women’s basketball game. This was exposed due to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission inquiry on wagers placed on instate collegiate events. This is the fourth time this inquiry has been carried out since sports betting launched, and there are, including Encore, three state casinos that are facing these investigations.

Encore’s casino is under scrutiny from the Gaming Commission for, once again, taking wagers on BC women’s hoops. The spokesperson, Beth Gibbons, addressed the situation and explained that they had it under control, working on a permanent solution. He explained a glitch in their system that allowed illegal betting.

The sports betting director, Bruce Band, also noted that the betting catalog was reviewed and turned off, but the system turned it back up automatically. In good faith and a show of responsibility, Encore Casino has stopped taking bets regarding the NCAA’s women’s basketball due to this technicality. That said, Encore Casino has officially stopped all wagering on NCAA women’s basketball.

Consequences of rising underground rates

Beyond the aura of paying great rewards and juicy offers, underground betting comes with its consequences. Unfortunately, these consequences are primarily negative. These illegal sports betting channels are unregulated and have no supervision and control. The implications of the rising underground betting range from social to economic and ethical concerns.

Players with gambling habits are often continuously exploited and hooked to these gambling platforms with no help in recovery. This becomes a social problem as it leads to the deterioration of players’ welfare, mentally and financially. Again, the revenue generated from betting is huge and is used for special development projects and public welfare. With underground betting, this revenue is diverted, leading to huge tax losses and an economic problem.

Underground basketball betting erodes the integrity and ethics of the sport. It could also result in corruption and match-fixing, diminishing the essence of fair play.

Countering Underground Betting

Countering underground betting is possible but has to be approached in a multifaceted manner. First, there is a need to enforce tough laws and regulations. Gaming agencies must be commissioned to clamp down on underground betting operations. Illegal operators would find a way to avoid regulations, so these agencies must be empowered with the necessary means to do their job.

Secondly, there also has to be public enlightenment programs. Players have to be educated on the negative consequences of these underground betting activities. Most players do not know, so they keep engaging in them. For others, they need to be made aware of legal platforms where they can place bets, even anonymously. Responsible gambling has to be promoted via these enlightenment programs.

Finally, Top rated casinos must show responsibility by preventing illegal practices. For instance, when it noticed the breach, Encore Casino stopped all NCAA gambling activities. The Government, sporting community, regulations, operators, and the general public must come together to address this illegal gambling act.

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