A Review of the Rawlings Knee-High Series Baseball Pants

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A Review of the Rawlings Knee-High Series Baseball Pants


Rawlings is one of the most trusted and well-known brands in baseball. The company makes all sorts of different accessories, including standard gloves, batting gloves, helmets, bats, and even balls. However, something else they excel at are pants.

Baseball pants are incredibly important because, not only do they offer protection while you're running or sliding out on the diamond, but they also allow you to breathe and keep cool. The Rawlings Knee-High Series hits on all of those levels, creating one of the most reliable and well-made baseball pants in today's market.

Pants You Can Trust

It is easy to get complacent when looking for baseball gear. There are simply so many different items and brands out there that it is quite easy to just go with a simple or cheaper option. However, that can often lead to issues or cause problems to arise at the worst times.

Not only can you experience tears or rips, but cheap pants may also cause you to sweat or tire out more easily. Rather than settling for the bottom of the barrel, you need pants that will offer you a range of different features.

Good sports gear should fit and work with your body in a way where you forget that you have it on. The Rawlings Knee High Series excels at that by providing you fantastic protection and a wide range of important features at the same time.

Regardless of what position you play, how often you play, where you play, or what level you play at, it is hard to find baseball pants that work as well as these ones. In the following sections, we will further analyze the Rawlings Knee High series to show why it stands so far above other brands.

One of the Best Looks Around

Baseball pants, despite their use, are clothing. That is an incredibly obvious sentence, but something people often forget while out shopping or looking for a new pair. It may not immediately jump to your mind, but you generally want pants that look cool.

Luckily, the Rawlings Knee-High Series is incredibly sharp. The pants come with a great retro look that, is not only unique, but also makes them stand out on the field.

Furthering that is the fact that they are available in different color options. You can go with white for a clean look, gray for a more neutral feel, or blue-gray for something a bit more modern. This is another way the series helps you choose the exact pants that fit you.

They also come in a knee high "knicker" style that gives them a distinctly old-school feel. That clean, professional look is then furthered by a gripper elastic waistband, belt loops all the way around, and a zip fly front. It is rare to find pants with such a comprehensive aesthetic, especially at such an affordable price.

In addition, if you want to enhance the look even further you can pair them with knee-high socks. Longer socks complement these Rawlings perfectly to give you an even look all the way through. They also look good with stirrups as well.

If you want to differentiate yourself from other players, Rawlings Knee-Highs are one of the best ways to make that happen.

A Good Mix of Comfort and Strength

When looking at pants, you always want to pay attention to the fabric. Materials are a key part of good baseball gear because you want something that is going to give you a lot of flexibility as you run or move around.

In addition, it can also be a drag to have pants that feel good but don't last long, as it can be a drag to own pants that last a long time but don't give you the flexibility you need.

The Rawlings Knee High Series provides both benefits because it is made with polyester, dual-layer 150 woven fabric that gives you a great mix of durability and comfort. That ensures the pants will always feel good and sit on your body in the way that you want.

The pants from the series are not just soft, they are soft in a way that enhances your play and keeps you moving at a high level for extended periods of time.

Premium Fabric for Stretch and Mobility

Another reason to choose Rawlings Knee Highs is their incredible mix of stretchiness and flexibility.

Baseball, as a sport, requires a lot of motion. You are going to spend a lot of your time on the field running, jumping, diving, and sliding. If your pants do not allow for those moves, it is going to significantly limit your game.

There is nothing worse than being stiff in a sport. Even a little bit of restricted movement can cause you to miss out on a grounder, fly ball, or particularly pitch.

To combat that, Rawlings equips their Knee-High series with a unique elastic hem and a special two-way stretch that permeates throughout the entire fabric. This doesn't just give the pants a bit of extra mobility, it gives them an almost unending range of mobility to make sure your clothing never holds you back.

Stretchable fabric is perhaps the most important thing to look for in a pair of baseball pants, and this is truly where the Rawlings Knee High series shines. If you want pants that can handle all the athletic twists and turns you need to do on the field, this is the series for you.

Keeping You Dry and Clean

As important as the above characteristics are when it comes to keeping you comfortable on the diamond, they do nothing to combat moisture.

Baseball is a game of moisture. Either you're out sweating in the heat of summer, or you're getting soaked and muddy during a light rain. Regardless of what situation you most encounter, you need pants that fight back against those issues and enable you to breathe.

Rawlings does this through their special Pro-Dri moisture managing fabric. Not only are the pants in their Knee High Series stretchy and comfortable, they also work to keep you both cool and dry in all different types of environments.

If you find yourself sweating too much, or if you play in a fall league or area with frequent summer storms, these pants will be one of your best purchases. While they won't completely protect you, having the extra comfort is an extremely welcome addition to the clothing.

Additional Features and Excellent Traits

Continuing our discussion of important traits, the Rawlings Knee High Series comes equipped with several different features that help improve your playing experience.

The pants have a gripper elastic waistband (adding to the general flexibility), flat-lock stitching, and pocket tie-downs. All of those raise the clothing up and take it to the next level.

The waistband helps you move, but it also ensures the pants fit tightly and never get too loose or slip down. Belt or not, they should have enough of a snap to stay put. Of course, the numerous belt loops can be put to use as well if you need extra support.

In addition, the flat-lock stitching is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your comfortable. Baseball is a summer sport, which means you are spending a lot of time running around in the heat. That then leads to sweating and all sorts of minor irritations.

The special stitching works to completely erase chafing, ensuring you are able to move around and end the game with no annoying rubs or burns. It also reduces itching as well.

The pants also have two set-in back pockets that are fully equipped with tie downs. Those features are not just a part of the great look, they also help give you a bit extra space to hold something like gum or sunflower seeds while you're waiting for the next pitch.

Finally, in terms of additional specs, the Rawlings Knee High Series comes with a 16-inch inseam as well as a range of available sizes.

You can get them from small to medium to large, extra-large, or extra, extra-large. Those options are great because they ensure, no matter what age you are or what level you play at, there will be something available for you.

Tough and Long-Lasting Apparel

As touched on above, another reason to purchase pants in the Rawlings: Knee-High Series is that they are made to last.

It never feels good to buy items that break down quickly. That goes double for baseball pants. If you play a lot, your pants are going to take a consistent beating out on the field.

Not only do they scrape when you slide or dive, but grass stains, dirt, and sweat can also quickly ruin or break down cheaper options. However, Rawlings Knee Highs are made to last year after year, giving you a peace of mind that does not exist with other brands.

In addition, these pants come with incredibly tough and durable belt loops.

Those loops are not something you may think of when choosing baseball apparel, but you use a belt when playing. You also take that belt on and off quite a bit.

That repeated use can cause weaker or lesser quality loops to break or fray after an extended period of time. If that happens, your pants become useless regardless of how well the rest of the material looks. The Knee High Series nips that problem in the bud before it ever happens.

If you want a pair of pants you can keep for a long while, this is the way go.

Reasons to Choose Knee High Pants

Before we finish up our discussion on the pros of the Rawlings Knee High Series, we need to answer a vital question: why would you choose knee high baseball pants in the first place?

The style is definitely not one of the most common out there, but it has a range of benefits that other wears do not.

One of the biggest reasons to pick knee high pants is that they are simply shorter than other options. That means less fabric, which also means less dirt or grass stains. Less stains, then, makes them much easier to clean and keeps them fresh for longer periods of time.

That aspect adds to the inherent durability and makes the upkeep on the Rawlings: Knee-High Series much simpler than it is on other pant types. In fact, these clean up incredibly well. All you need it a bit of elbow grease and you're good to go.

Another great reason to choose the shorter pants is because they are much cooler than more traditional styles.

Typically, baseball pants go down to the ankles and then are worn above or under the socks. Those two layers can create an extremely stuffy environment for your legs, especially in longer games or ones that take place during the middle of the day.

By raising your pants you open up that area, actively reducing sweat because you only have one layer as opposed to two. There are many aspects of the Rawlings Knee High Series that build towards comfort, and this is another great reason to choose them when suiting up.

Reliable Clothing for Any Player

There are simply no baseball pants out there quite like the Rawlings: Knee-High Series. These pants come with everything you could ever want or need out on the diamond, and they have some extra features thrown in for good measure.

If you want comfort, you have that here in spades. If you want durability, you get that too. Not only do these come with moisture resistance and great breathability, but they also feature flexible fabric, high-quality materials, and a great feel.

All of those reasons, combined with the above paragraphs, show why you should choose from the Rawlings Knee High series for your next trip to the diamond.

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