Reviews of Pine Tar-Based Grip Products from Pelican Bat Wax

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Reviews of Pine Tar-Based Grip Products from Pelican Bat Wax

As the debate over whether or not pitchers should be allowed to use pine tar to get a better grip on the baseball continues to rage on, the use of pine tar by batters (also called hitters) has become part of the game.

Batters can use the substance to improve their grip on the bat, as long as they adhere to applicable baseball rules. This is especially so for hitters that play the game competitively. A breach of the codes can lead to a suspension of a player, nullification of game results, or other disciplinary action by the relevant baseball regulatory agencies.

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Pelican Bat Wax is a San Francisco, CA-based company that provides tried and tested pine tar-based products for batters playing baseball at all levels, including in high school and college leagues, vintage baseball leagues, the big leagues, as well as at amateur level.

If you are looking to buy pine tar to get better grip on your baseball bat during gameplay, there are three quality pine tar products from Pelican Bat Wax you can choose from. These include: The Stick, Pine Stick, and Dip Stick.

Reviews of Top 3 Pine Tar Products from Pelican Bat Wax

Below are reviews of three in-demand pine tar-based products made by Pelican Bat Wax.

1. The Stick

"The Stick" is the original pine tar stick offered by Pelican Bat Wax. It is made using all natural pine tar ingredients.

With a total weight of 120g, this bat grip-improving stick comes conveniently packaged in an easy-to-tear paper tube. It offers a tack level of 7, and comes in three color options natural, pine tar brown and black.

This Pelican product can be bought either as a single item or in a pack of 3 items. Expect to save a little cash on the price of each item when you buy a pack instead of one item at a time.

With a tack level of 7, "The Stick" provides hitters at all levels an excellent grip on the bat on hot and cold days, as well as in non-optimal on-the-field conditions like light rain.

Liquid pine tar can be quite messy when used to enhance baseball batters' grip on bats, and Pelican Bat Wax must have taken this issue into consideration when they designed "The Stick."

This chalk-like baseball bat grip wax is easy to apply without creating a big mess. You simply need to exert a little force to remove the paper cap at one top-end of the paper tube, and rip back the paper packaging up to the desired level to expose the stick.

Once you've adequately exposed the stick, rub it onto the handle of your bat until you've applied a decent amount of it around the entire circumference of the handle, without exceeding the maximum legal length limit. Smear the wax on your bat handle with your hands while wearing your batting gloves. It is that quick and easy!

2. Pine Stick

This is a newer version of the traditional pine tar stick ("The Stick"). The standard size Pine Stick weighs 70g, while the bigger size is 90g. It is packaged in a twist-up tube to allow easier application of the pine tar on the bat.

Just like the original stick, the Pine Stick is made of 100% natural pine tar formula. However, this stick has a tack level of 6, which is lower than that of the traditional stick, but still offers good grip on the bat.

If you have used "The Stick" before, you may notice that this twist-up stick is slightly less tacky because it has a lower tack number than the original stick.

The Pine Stick is ideal for use by batters in both hot and cold temperatures, but it also works pretty well in wet conditions. Plus, it does not create the mess associated with liquid pine tar.

To use this bat grip wax, you simply have to remove the top cap and twist the bottom part of the applicator to push the stick upwards and outwards.

Once the stick is adequately exposed, you can rub it on the surface of your bat and spread the wax down to the handle to get the grip you desire.

3. Grip Dip

The higher the tack level of a particular baseball grip wax product, the better the grip it will provide to hitters, generally speaking.

With a tack level of 8, the Pelican Grip Dip offers batters a better grip and feel of baseball bats than both the traditional stick and Pine Stick.

When you use pine tar with a higher tack level, you'll have a firmer hold on your bat handle, meaning you'll have more control over your swing.

With that said, the Grip Dip is the best out of the three options included in this review if you are looking for Pelican pine tar that offers the highest level of stickiness.

When it comes to the application of the pine tar, however, this Pelican Bat Wax product may not the easiest to use compared to the two above-discussed options.

Unlike "The Stick" and the Pine Stick, which are both available as pine tar sticks, the Grip Dip pine tar is packaged in a container, and has a consistency that is comparable to that of peanut butter.

Instead of simply exposing the stick and rubbing it on your bat handle, you'll need to use the wooden spoon included in the product to scoop and spread the pine tar on the handle. This application process can be messier than when using a pine tar stick.

Each hand-poured container of Grip Dip weighs 4 oz. and contains 100% natural ingredients a mixture of pine tar, pine oil, and rosin.

From the above reviews, it is clear that all the 3 Pelican Bat Wax products are:

  • Proudly hand poured in the U.S.
  • Made of all natural pine tar ingredients
  • Offer reliable performance to batters

2 Ways to Achieve Additional Tack

Pelican Bat Wax also offers their customers additional accessories that can be used in tandem with the above-reviewed pine tar products whenever extra grip is desired.

Take a look at those products:

1. Pelican Rosin Bag

Sometimes, a drier tack may be needed after pine tar has been applied on the bat handle. Pelican Bat Wax thought about this when making Rosin Bags.

Rosin Bags contain all natural powdered pine-gum to provide hitters with a drier yet tackier hold of the bat handle.

To add a little tack, batters simply need to grab one of these bags and use it to tap around their bat handle.

These bags are also a favored accessory for pitchers.

2. Pelican Rosin Rub

This is an instant solution for batters looking to add more tack to their bats without necessarily applying more pine tar with a stick or spoon applicator.

A small pinch of rosin from the 4-ounce jar should do the trick. You simply rub the sticky stuff where it is needed and you will be able to get a stronger hold on your bat handle.

Was Pine Tar Originally Made for Baseball?

Almost everybody seems to be applying it on their baseball bats. Yes, you might also know pine tar as the brownish-black sticky accessory commonly used to enhance the grip on a bat handle, but, guess what! The substance has been used long before its use in baseball.

Historically, pine tar was used by sailors to protect the wood on their vessels from water damage. Pine tar has proven water-resistant qualities that made it ideal for wood preservation back in the days, and it is still being used to manufacture many wood protective finishes or coatings today.

It is the search for a reliable, grip-enhancing substance that led batters to start using pine tar to improve their grip on bat handles.

With that said, it is important to point out that old or excess pine tar has to be removed from bats.

2 Main Reasons to Clean Pine Tar from Your Bat

It goes without saying that pine tar is one of the most common substances that build up on most baseball bats. This can be attributed to the widespread use of this grip-enhancing substance by many batters across the U.S. and other parts of the world where the sport is popular.

Below are two essential reasons why you should remove pine tar from your bat.

1. To Get a Good Grip on Your Bat

As a batter, you need to have a good grip on your bat handle to have a nice swing and give the ball a good hit.

If old, hard pine tar is left to remain on the handle of your bat for too long, it may prevent you from getting a secure grip of the bat because the good feel of the bat will have been ruined.

Therefore, removing old or excess pine tar is critical to maintaining hitting performance of your bat whenever you are on the field.

2. To Keep Your Bat in Tiptop Working Shape

Are you aware that too much pine tar can degrade a wood bat and reduce its lifespan? Excess pine tar will cause your wooden bat to lose its hardness and strength, and this will interfere with your swing.

A decent quality wood bat isn't cheap to buy. If you bought one yourself, be sure to remove old pine tar from its handle to keep it in the best working condition possible all the time.

How to Remove Pine Tar from Baseball Bats

Removing unwanted pine tar from your baseball bat is not an easy job, but if you know how to go about it the right way, you will be happy with the results.

Here is the proper procedure to follow when removing old or excess Pelican Bat Wax pine tar from your bat.

1. Loosen the Pine Tar

The first thing to do to get rid of the gooey residue on your bat is to apply some heat to it. Put a piece of soft cloth in hot water and gently wipe down the bat with the cloth, stroking from the top towards the grip. This will help get rid of a bit of the sticky stuff.

It is essential to damp wipe your bat in only one direction that is, from the top towards the bat handle. Back and forth rubbing should be avoided to prevent the cloth dropping off grime it already picked up when going in one direction.

2. Rub the Bat with Rubbing Alcohol

The next step is to dampen a clean soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and use it to rub down your bat. Remember to rub the bat in only one direction, and not in a back and forth motion. Cleaning with rubbing alcohol should rid of stubborn residue that could not be removed with heat from the hot water.

You should be patient when wiping down your bat with the alcohol. Slowly but surely, it will get rid of all of the remaining pine tar as it quickly evaporates away.

3. Dry the Bat with a Dry Rag

After you've successfully removed all the pine tar (and other sticky substances) from the bat, use a clean, dry rag to eliminate any wetness.

This is because moisture or water can damage your bat if left to stay on the surface of the bat for too long.

Winding Up with a Verdict

The use of pine tar by batters has become prevalent in baseball, and from the look of things, the trend is here to stay.

If you are looking for the best pine tar for your baseball bat, you should consider choosing a product from the three above-reviewed products from Pelican Bat Wax.

Products with the label "made in the USA" evoke a perception of higher quality among Americans and other people throughout the globe. Buying Pelican pine tar hand-poured in the U.S. means getting a higher quality product that delivers greater performance and value.

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