Nutty Buddy Cups Review: Why The Nutty Buddy is the Best Protective Cups

HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogNutty Buddy Cups Review: Why The Nutty Buddy is the Best Protective Cups
HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogNutty Buddy Cups Review: Why The Nutty Buddy is the Best Protective Cups
Nutty Buddy Cups Review: Why The Nutty Buddy is the Best Protective Cups
Jack Perconte

The Nutty Buddy Cup Review You Need To Read

When most people think about baseball, the picture in their mind goes to a ball diamond, a bat and a ball, and a glove. OK, I would agree with that, but having played the game to the highest level, my mind also goes to a baseball cup. No, not something like hockey's Stanley Cup, but to the classic sports cup that protects the male ballplayer in the most private way, if you know what I mean.

Just like having a great pair of cleats protects the ankles and knees from injury, the nutty buddy protective cup, so appropriately named, is one of the best for the ballplayer who wants to preserve their future off the field, too. If you have ever taken a blow to the private area, you will realize the importance of doing the research on the best available baseball protective cup. You always need to protect yourself in sports. Every game has different safety measures, and all of them are important in terms of preserving your health. In football there are helmets, in basketball, there are pads or tape, and in baseball there are cups and the first that comes to my mind is the nutty buddy athletic cup.

The nutty buddy baseball cup is not just handy, it is vital. Groin protection is something athletes should always keep in mind, but it is even more on display in a sport filled with grounders, shot hops and speeding line drives. Even one bad bounce or stray ball can instantly lead to pain or long-term damage. To make sure you never take any unnecessary damage, you want solid equipment a cup that both feels great and protects you regardless of what happens out on the field. 

Better Quality Leading to Premium Protection


Nutty Buddy Cup

Nutty Buddy Cup - don't leave home without it, though all cups serve the same purpose, they come in many different styles, fits, looks, and functions. All brands cover you to a certain extent, but that does not mean they are going to provide you with the highest quality that you need and deserve. There are many products you can skimp on by going with less expensive or off-brand options. However, you never want to take chances with cups. Even one malfunction or break can lead to disaster, and that is often a disaster you cannot correct.

That is where the Nutty Buddy comes in. This brand is specially designed in a way that both offers incredible protection and a snug-but-light fit. Some cups are only great at incidental content, while others are much better suited for hard or straight-on shots. The Nutty Buddy does a great job of stopping both without sacrificing comfort. 

Nutty Buddy Soft, Breathable Feel

When choosing a cup there are several aspects you want to pay attention to. Protection is always important, and it should be valued above all else, but one of the most overlooked factors is comfort. Baseball is an active sport where you spend a lot of time moving around. In addition, you also spend a lot of time out in the sun under the midday heat. Both of those aspects lead to sweat, which then leads to discomfort. It is important to prioritize comfort in your groin protection.

The Nutty Buddy is one of the best feeling, most comfortable cup and best fitting cups on the market, which makes it a fantastic purchase. Not only is the comfort unique to its overall use, but the device also breaks the design of traditional cups in that it sits on the body with a much wider fit. That extended reach is great at keeping you protected and gives the cup more range. Of course, that does mean the device takes up more room, but this athletic cup takes steps to make sure that won't be too much of a bother.

If you've never worn a cup before, the Nutty Buddy may feel a bit bulky at first. However, the comfortable enhancements quickly create a much smoother and more comfortable experience. In contrast, those who have worn a cup before will get used to the feel in no time at all. 

Nutty Buddy - Great Fit Mixed with Superior Ventilation

Another key part of the Nutty Buddy's comfort is its great fit. In fact, that is a large reason the brand sets itself apart from the competition. You need something that will sit well on your body. Athletic cups that slide or move around can cause a lot of discomfort and itching. That is not something you need while out on the field, especially when you're running or diving. A good fit and comfortable cup helps resist such issues and allows you to stay focused on the game.

The NuttyBuddy athletic cup not only comes with special rubber material to help the fit, but the cup also cradles your anatomy in a way that is uniquely different than other models. Those cradling properties are excellent and easily help you forget you're wearing anything at all. Rather than fighting against your body, this model sits with it.

The final aspect of the Nutty Buddy's amazing comfort is that its material creates special ventilation. This is another sweat fighting technique that is a welcome addition on those hot days or double headers. Comfort is important, but many other cups use softer materials at the risk of lowering protection. The Nutty Buddy system gives you ventilation, a great fit, and comfort without sacrificing quality. That is just one of the many reasons it beats out other popular protective athletic cups. 

Body Defense that Won't Hold You Back

Be ready for the bad hop. As mentioned, baseball is a sport where you need to move around quite a bit. There are many ways you need to contort your body while at the plate or on the paths, and the Nutty Buddy makes sure you can easily perform any necessary maneuvers at the top of your game.

Cups are often stiff and actively restrict movement. While the Nutty Buddy is larger than many models, you never have to fret or worry about it getting in your way. The design ensures the device moves with your body at all times. That is another great feature and one that adds an extra layer to how this device blends in with your uniform. As the cup is crafted to specially match with the human body, you will never find it holding you back or getting in the way. Even one slip up can put you at risk or throw you off your game. This makes sure those issues will never come up, regardless of what position you play.

Strong, Solid, and Durable There are many reasons to choose the Nutty Buddy system, but one of the best is the quality of its construction. It always helps to have a good, close fit or a nice feel, but those features do not matter if your cup is not up to snuff. The Nutty Buddy is one of the best-made cups in the world. The company creates a range of different products, from jock straps to form-fitting shorts, and all of them come with the same top of the line construction that the NuttyBuddy athletic cup is known for.

This athletic cup, which is crafted from polycarbonate, is incredibly solid. That is an important feature in a device that is going to take a lot of punishment during its use. You always want to make sure your groin protection is strong and enables you to fend off any strikes or blows you might endure while playing. Nothing does that better than the Nutty Buddy. No matter how strong protective cups are, they aren't worth the investment if they cannot last. If a cup bends or breaks after a few hard impacts it isn't doing its job. You have no such worries with the Nutty Buddy. Rubberized Edges for Added Protection Everything about this cup is solid. It is well-made, has high craftsmanship, and comes from a single piece of material.

Though the strong quality is a key, another layer of the protection are the lightly rubberized edges. The cushioned edge is a fantastic feature that adds to both the device's traction and its general protection. That is because, while many people may view rubber as a one-use feature, it works on two different levels. Of course, you get extra comfort and protection from the material, but the rubber also helps the cup better absorb strong impacts. In that way, the Nutty Buddy has an extra layer on top of its already premium craftsmanship that other brands do not. 

Nutty Buddy - Rising Above the Competition

As you can see from the above section, the Nutty Buddy comes with a range of important features that take your mind off of potential pain and keep you on your game and that's why it made our list of the Top 9 Best Protective Athletic Cups for 2024 list. A baseball moving at 90 miles per hour can deliver a staggering 2,4000 pounds of force to the body. Though many popular protective cups fight against some of that power, they cannot cut all of it. In fact, they typically only reduce the impact down to 450 pounds of force. A sharp decrease, but still enough to break or harm a testicle no matter how protected it is.

The Nutty Buddy system reduces such a blow down to 100 pounds, which is well within a tolerable impact level. This system is perfect for keeping you protected because it is designed in a way where it can take hit after hit with little consequence. No matter where the hits come from, side, top, or bottom, you never have to worry. Nobody wants to get hit in the groin, but accidents do happen. Knowing you can take a strike from any angle and not worry about getting hurt is what the Nutty Buddy is all about. 

Numerous Awards and a Fantastic Warranty for the Nutty Buddy Cup

Not only did Sports Science show the cup's fantastic protection by shooting at it with a baseball gun from a few feet away, but it also has won numerous awards during its time on the market. The Nutty Buddy received an international award from the Industry Designer's Society for America Award for its unique design and bulletproof protection, the Best in Show award from Collegiate Baseball in 2010, and a Midwest Umpire Award.

Those accolades back up the company's claims and reveal why the device is chosen by so many baseball players and top-level athletes around the world. In addition, this nuttybuddy cup also comes with a 5,000 dollar warranty. As with the rubber sides, this is something that is easy to overlook. However, it is important to take note of because it shows how much the company believes in its own product. Not only does the warranty work to keep your investment protected should the Nutty Buddy ever break down (an incredibly unlikely event), but it also gives you an insurance not often noted in products specifically designed to take direct hits.

Ensuring Your Cup Stays in Place As great as the Nutty Buddy is, the protective cup is not made to be worn on its own. Rather, you also need a strong pair of compression shorts to help hold it in place and keep it from moving at any inopportune times. You can buy many other cup-friendly clothing items on the market but, as you might expect, the ones that work best with the cup are the Nutty Buddy brand shorts. These, like the cup, are made with an incredibly high quality and allow you to move around with little resistance. Do not worry about doubling up on your layers, you will hardly notice the shorts while in the game. All you need to do to set up the system is put on the shorts and then nestle the cup in the designated pouch. Adjust to make sure it is comfortable and sits well, and you're good to go.

The entire system comes in different sizes to make sure it can be used at any level with any player. The athletic cup has five distinct levels, while the shorts work with various body types. Together, both of these items create one of the best and most affordable protection systems around. Safety and Comfort in a Single Package You simply cannot play baseball without a strong, well-made cup. The entire Nutty Buddy system is a solid, well-made item that works to protect you from all different types of impacts you may experience while out on the diamond. Your protection should actively work in a way where you never think about it. You simply suit up, wear it and go.

That is what the Nutty Buddy athletic cup excels at, and what gives it the extra bit of reliability that so many other models lack. This is not just your run in the mill baseball cup, this is a strong craftsmanship and a dependable brand that helps protect your groin at all times. No matter how much you play, how hot it gets, or how hard the ball comes, you this model will make sure you feel alright. 

Nutty Buddy FAQ's

How is the Nutty Buddy Cup different from other baseball cups?

The Nutty Buddy Cup stands out due to its superior quality construction, comfortable fit, and exceptional protection. Unlike other cups, it offers a wider fit, special rubberized edges, and ventilation for added comfort.

Does the Nutty Buddy Cup restrict movement or hinder performance?

No, it doesn't. The Nutty Buddy Cup is designed to move with your body, ensuring it doesn't get in the way of your performance. Its contoured shape and flexible materials allow for unrestricted movement on the field.

How does the Nutty Buddy Cup provide superior protection?

The Nutty Buddy Cup is made from polycarbonate, making it incredibly solid and durable. It has been scientifically proven to reduce impact force by up to 95%, providing optimal protection against powerful blows and potential injuries.

Are there different sizes available for the Nutty Buddy Cup?

Yes, the Nutty Buddy Cup is available in five distinct sizes to accommodate players of various body types and ages. This ensures a proper fit and maximum comfort for each individual.

Does the Nutty Buddy Cup come with any warranty?

Yes, the Nutty Buddy Cup comes with a $5,000 warranty, reflecting the company's confidence in its product. This warranty ensures that your investment is protected and provides additional peace of mind for users.

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