Most Important Time for Youth Baseball Players is Now

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HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogMost Important Time for Youth Baseball Players is Now
Most Important Time for Youth Baseball Players is Now
Jack Perconte

Recommended End of Season Game Plan for Youth Baseball Players

Youth baseball players should be excited now, as this is the best and most exciting part of the season, at least for serious youth baseball players, whose favorite sport is baseball. You are probably thinking that makes no sense as the season is now over, except for the lucky few advancing in the Little League World Series chase. Precisely, but the weather is great for baseball and the major league season begins to get more exciting for teams run to the World Series, so players can still watch baseball. Baseball is fresh in players' minds and hopefully they are not burned out from too much baseball. Unfortunately, that is the case for many, due to the nature of youth baseball now, when adults have youth baseball players playing ball year round, something I do not recommend at any level of baseball. For youth baseball players, they should have at least four months off from touching a baseball, but this is not the four months I would recommend to take the break. That is a story for another day. The important thing is that because it is still the baseball time of year, players should take advantage of it. Players' arms are in shape and without games to play in this end of season break time, there is no pressure, so it is a great time to keep working on their games, as well as to make changes to their mechanics, without worry of how the changes will work in game play. Following are some tips for youth baseball players to consider before using the next six weeks or so to sharpen up their game, putting them in great position when they begin their off season workouts, after that four month break. Many players may play fall baseball, which is more reason to sharpen up before that begins, which delays their off season break. Parents should help players with the following.

Youth baseball players Youth baseball players

End of Season Tips for Youth Baseball Players

Players and parents should

  1. Evaluate the season that just ended determine strengths and weakness. Parents may want to consult with player's coach for input on this.
  2. Consult with an expert to know what drills and skills to work on so the focus is correct and so they are working on things the right way.
  3. Set up a schedule to improve on those weaknesses, without totally ignoring strengths. For example, when players need to improve their fielding, they should work 70% on that and the remainder on other parts of game.
  4. Have plenty of rest days and do not work to fatigue on practice days.
  5. Keep practice sessions focused but never intense, keeping the fun in the game.
  6. Remind self that all this work, this time of year, pays off next season.

This time of year is an especially good time for youth baseball players to work on building throwing arm strength, as saving the arm for games is not an issue. Even for kids getting ready for playing another sport, recommended, they should still find time for some baseball practice on the side. Youth baseball players, who practice when others are not, have a great opportunity of advancing ahead of the competition, as long as they remain enthusiastic for the work, without risk of burnout.

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