How to Occupy Your Team Between Games in a Travel Baseball Tournament

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HomeBlogsChris Sloan's blogHow to Occupy Your Team Between Games in a Travel Baseball Tournament
How to Occupy Your Team Between Games in a Travel Baseball Tournament
Chris Sloan

Travel baseball tournaments can be an exciting and challenging experience for young athletes and their families. While the games are the main focus of the tournament, there is also plenty of downtime between games that can be used to build team spirit, bond with other players and families, and relax before the next game. In this article, we'll provide tips and suggestions for how to occupy your team during their downtime in a travel baseball tournament. Whether you're a coach, parent, or player, you'll find plenty of ideas to make the most out of your tournament experience.

Plan Ahead for Downtime

As a coach or a team manager, planning ahead for downtime during travel baseball tournaments can be crucial to keep your team occupied and engaged between games. While some downtime is inevitable, it's important to have a plan in place to make the most of this time. Here are some tips for planning ahead for downtime during your next travel baseball tournament:

  1. Create a schedule: Before the tournament begins, create a schedule for the weekend, including game times, meal times, and downtime. This will give your team a sense of structure and help them stay focused throughout the weekend.
  2. Plan activities: Research local attractions or activities that your team can participate in during downtime. This can include visiting local schools, attending a movie or a local sports game, or exploring the surrounding area.
  3. Bring games and activities: Pack games and activities that your team can participate in during downtime. This can include board games, card games, or outdoor activities like frisbee or cornhole. Most likely some parents will have an iPad or Computer where players can play solitaire online; or other interactive word games.
  4. Encourage team bonding: Downtime can be a great opportunity for team bonding activities. Consider organizing team building activities like a scavenger hunt, a team dinner, or a group outing to a nearby attraction.

By planning ahead for downtime, you can ensure that your team stays engaged and focused throughout the tournament weekend.

Keep the Team Energized

Travel baseball tournaments can be exhausting for young athletes, so it's important to keep the team energized throughout the event. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Encourage Healthy Eating: Eating healthy meals and snacks can help keep energy levels up. Make sure your team has access to healthy food options, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoid sugary and processed foods that can cause energy crashes.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining energy levels. Encourage your team to drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks that can lead to dehydration.
  3. Take Breaks: It's important to take breaks between games to avoid burnout. Use downtime to rest and recharge, rather than filling it with activities.
  4. Bring Energy-Boosting Snacks: Snacks such as granola bars, trail mix, and energy bars can help provide a quick boost of energy when needed.
  5. Use Music: Music can be a great way to boost energy levels and morale. Consider playing music in the dugout or during warmups to get your team pumped up.
  6. Consider Supplements: While not necessary, some athletes find that supplements such as caffeine or pre-workout formulas can help boost energy levels. Talk to a healthcare professional before using any supplements.

By following these tips, you can help keep your team energized and ready to compete throughout the tournament.

Fun Activities for the Team

Travel baseball tournaments can be exhausting, but they also provide an opportunity for team bonding and fun. Here are some suggestions for activities that your team can do together during downtime:

  1. Scavenger hunt - Create a list of items for the team to find around the tournament location, such as a baseball card from a specific player, a specific color baseball glove, or a photo with a stranger wearing a baseball cap. The team that completes the scavenger hunt first wins a prize.
  2. Home run derby - Use a portable pitching machine or have a coach pitch to the team for a home run derby. This is a great way to work on batting skills while having fun with the team.
  3. Movie night - Bring a portable projector and screen and set up a movie night in the hotel room or at a local park. Choose one from out our full list of the Best Baseball Movies for Kids for a better option for younger fans, like "The Sandlot" or "Field of Dreams" for a fun team bonding experience.
  4. Board game tournament - Bring a variety of board games for the team to play in a tournament-style competition. Encourage players to pair up with teammates they might not know as well to build team chemistry.
  5. Field day - Set up a series of team-building activities like tug-of-war, relay races, and obstacle courses at a local park or field. This is a great way to keep the team active and engaged.

Remember, downtime can be a great opportunity for team building and fun, so take advantage of it and create some lasting memories with your teammates.

Watch Game Film

Watching game film can be a great way to spend downtime during a travel baseball tournament. Coaches and players can review footage from previous games, identify areas of improvement, and make strategic adjustments for the next game. It’s also a good way for players to learn from each other and see what the best players on the team are doing differently.

Coaches should consider bringing a portable iPad or laptop with a HDMI cable to connect to the hotel room TV. Make sure to also bring the necessary cables and adapters to ensure everything works correctly. Additionally, coaches should prepare by bringing any necessary game footage ahead of time and uploading it to a cloud storage service or portable hard drive.

If a coach is not available to lead the game film review, consider having one of the older or more experienced players lead the session. This can be a great way to foster leadership skills and help players take ownership of their own improvement. It’s important to keep the session focused and productive, so establish guidelines and goals for what you want to achieve through the review.

Watching game film is not only a great way to spend downtime, but it can also have a positive impact on the team’s performance. By identifying areas of improvement and making adjustments, the team can come back stronger in the next game.

Interact with Other Teams

Interacting with other teams is a great way to build camaraderie and sportsmanship in travel baseball tournaments. Encourage your team to socialize with other teams during downtime, especially during multi-day tournaments. Here are a few ways to interact with other teams:

  1. Play catch with other teams: Playing catch with other teams is a great way to meet new players and develop relationships. This is also a great way for players to warm up before games.
  2. Attend other games: Encourage your team to attend other games and support other teams. This shows good sportsmanship and can also help your team learn from other players and coaches.
  3. Participate in skills competitions: Many travel baseball tournaments include skills competitions such as home run derbies, base-running contests, and pitching contests. Encourage your team to participate in these events and compete against players from other teams.
  4. Interact during meals: Meals are a great opportunity for players to interact with other teams. Encourage your team to sit with players from other teams during meals and get to know them.
  5. Exchange team souvenirs: Many teams bring souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats, and pins to trade with players from other teams. This is a fun way to build relationships and create lasting memories.

Interacting with other teams not only helps build relationships but also helps players develop social skills and good sportsmanship. Encourage your team to interact with other teams and make the most out of the tournament experience.

Explore the Local Area

Traveling to a new area for a baseball tournament can be an opportunity to explore new places and make lasting memories with your team. Take advantage of the downtime between games to get out and explore the local area. Here are some ideas:

  1. Visit local landmarks and tourist attractions: Research the area and find out what attractions are nearby. Is there a famous monument or museum that you could visit with the team?
  2. Take a hike: Many areas have great hiking trails, and hiking can be a fun and healthy way to spend your downtime. Just make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks.
  3. Eat local food: One of the best parts of traveling is trying new foods. Look for local restaurants that serve regional specialties and make it a group activity to try something new.
  4. Attend a local sporting event: If there's a local college or professional sports team in the area, attending a game can be a fun way to bond with your team and experience the local sports culture.
  5. Go shopping: Shopping can be a fun way to pass the time between games. Look for local boutiques or markets that sell unique items.

Remember to always stay safe and be respectful of the local area and its residents.

Relax and Recharge

Between games, it's important to take some time to relax and recharge. Here are a few ideas for how to do just that:

  1. Take a nap: A short nap can do wonders for recharging your batteries. Make sure to set an alarm so you don't sleep through your next game!
  2. Listen to music: Put on some relaxing tunes or upbeat jams to help you unwind or get pumped up.
  3. Meditate: If you're feeling stressed or anxious, try some meditation or deep breathing exercises. This can help calm your mind and lower your heart rate.
  4. Stretch: Take a few minutes to stretch out your muscles and prevent any soreness or tightness.
  5. Get a massage: Some tournaments offer massage services on site, so take advantage of this if it's available. Alternatively, bring a foam roller or massage ball to help ease any muscle tension.

Remember, downtime is also a great opportunity to bond with your teammates and coaches. So, take the time to hang out and chat, play games, or grab a meal together.

Communication and Team Building

  1. Schedule Team Meetings: Team meetings can be scheduled to discuss the past games, what went well and what could have been better, and how to improve performance for the upcoming games. These meetings can also serve as a platform for players to express any concerns they may have and for the team to discuss their goals.
  2. Encourage Positive Communication: Encourage players to communicate positively with each other and their coaches. Positive communication can help to build a sense of camaraderie and unity within the team.
  3. Participate in Team-Building Activities: Team-building activities are a great way to bring the team together and build trust and cohesion. There are a variety of activities that can be done, from trust falls to obstacle courses.
  4. Emphasize Teamwork: Emphasize the importance of teamwork both on and off the field. Encourage players to support each other and work together towards a common goal.
  5. Create Opportunities for Player Input: Players should feel comfortable providing input and feedback to the coaching staff. This can be achieved by creating a safe space for players to express their thoughts and concerns. By involving players in the decision-making process, they will feel more invested in the team's success.
  6. Recognize Player Achievements: Recognize individual and team achievements both on and off the field. This can help boost player morale and foster a positive team environment.


In conclusion, keeping a youth baseball team occupied during downtime in a travel tournament can be a challenge, but with some planning and creativity, it can also be a great opportunity for team building, skill development, and fun. By planning ahead, keeping the team energized, incorporating fun activities, watching game film, interacting with other teams, exploring the local area, and allowing time for relaxation and communication, coaches and parents can create a positive and memorable experience for young athletes. Remember, the ultimate goal is not just to win games, but also to help young players develop a love for the game, build lifelong memories and friendships, and learn important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership.

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