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Game Winning Managerial Decisions
Jack Perconte

Not so Obvious Game Winning Managerial Decisions

It is a special feeling when coaches make game winning managerial decisions. Of course, game winning managerial decisions come at different points, some even before games begin, with the line-up coaches decide to put on the field. Deciding things as who to pitch and when, as well as the batting order and positions players play, are constant managerial decisions that have a great impact on the outcome of baseball games. Additionally, many late inning games are in the balance when making the managerial decisions of taking pitchers out at the right time and pinch hitting the correct players, or doing nothing in those key baseball game situations.game winning managerial decisions

The outcomes of those managerial decisions are often obvious to those watching the game. However, some coaching choices, which determine game outcomes, are not so obvious, but determinations good coaches consider. Often, only knowledgeable baseball people know if those not so obvious decisions turned into game winning calls.

Following are some of those intricate judgment calls that good baseball coaches make that decide ball games. Often, these are late inning coaching calls, but not always, as avoiding big innings with these crucial managerial decisions win ballgames later.

3 Early Inning Managerial Decisions to Avoid Big Innings

Coaches often feel like they do not want to allow any runs to score, but giving up one run to avoid the opposition from having a big inning is important.

  1. This may mean that coaches play the infield back with runners on third base, instead of trying to cut the runner down at home. Taking an out at first base, instead of letting a weak hit groundball through the infield may keep the big inning away.
  2. The first and third steal situation creates a tough coaching call. Coaches must decide if just taking an out at second is better than allowing a run to possibly score. With youth baseball, just taking any out is often the best decision, even if it means letting the team score a run.
  3. Always instructing outfielders to throw to the cutoff man, instead of all the way to the base, is often best at the lower levels of ball also, as that avoids balls thrown all over the place and to the wrong bases.

3 Late Inning Game Winning Managerial Decisions

Late inning coaching calls often determine the outcomes of games. Some of those key calls are:

  1. Playing the first and third baseman on the lines to avoid the extra base hits down the lines is a tough decision. The reasoning is that it then takes three singles to score a run instead of two, a double and single.
  2. Similarly, having outfielders play much deeper to avoid the extra base hits is a coaching option that gives up singles but not extra base hits.
  3. Deciding to have outfielders throw balls into second base to keep the double play and force out in order, instead throwing to home with a run scoring is sometimes a good decision, warranted by the score of the game.

Of course, giving up any runs later in games is not usually good except with a lead in the game; whereas earlier in the game it is sometimes better strategy than allowing the big inning.

Most of these game winning managerial decisions come from careful analysis of player abilities and scores at the time the game determinations are necessary. Good coaches make the most of this analysis and help teams win games, even if they are the only ones, who realize it was a great coaching decision.



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