Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Men's Batting Gloves Review

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Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Men's Batting Gloves Review
Jack Perconte

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Men's Batting Gloves are a vastly versatile, multi-functional glove with an athletic fit, feel, and appearance. With a long-lasting leather heel spot and a touch of digital-camo flair, you can be sure to rely on this glove when it comes to game time.

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Men's Batting Gloves - Gray/White/Black features are as follows:

  • Digitally-etched microfiber palm for superior grip

  • Top grade genuine leather heel spot

  • Tri-Curve technology provides a perfect fit

Franklin Sports has been a leading name and innovator in Sporting Goods since 1946. As you can imagine, their expertise and passion for their craft has been built up steadily for many years. For Major League experts and aspiring young professional athletes, Franklin offers a full series of products created for every need.

Baseball has been their core business priority for over 60 years. Understanding the requirements of players at all levels and developing innovative products have made Franklin one of the leading brands in Baseball and the choice pick of experts and kids alike that aspire to play their finest.

The Progression of Baseball Apparel

Baseball gloves have steadily become more and more cutting-edge, and now every part of the glove is precisely developed to provide you with the very best in comfort and performance.

The palms of your glove are developed to take the workload from you (at least in part), gripping the bat and preventing you from squeezing too hard. Even the thinnest gloves are now great at decreasing large amounts of sting from hits and preventing the blisters that are caused by consistently gripping your bat.

Find a pair that's thin enough and you can wear it beneath your fielder's glove to minimize any detrimental side effects.

We'll likewise inform you what the pros are using, particularly the Silver Sluggers. These award-winners have been named the best offensive gamers by position and league, so they understand which batting gloves work much better than anyone else.

Material and Grip

Batting gloves can be found in both leather and synthetic material. Each of these products offers quite a decent grip, but the majority of gloves on the market are made with leather palms.

These gloves have the tendency to be more costly, however, batters typically choose the natural feel that leather gives them. It's commonplace to see leather gloves designed with added mesh ventilations.

If you want good quality leather palms, try using a pair with Pittards leather. Workhorse gloves are constructed with a Dynamic Fit System that gives a flexible feel. Another Pittards alternative is the Under Armour VII. Under Armour has also included embossing for additional grip on softer material.

You will likewise discover gloves that also favor palms made of Cabretta leather. Sheepskin leather is also used because it stays tough despite having a very soft, comforting feel.

This type of leather is an option for lots of top-notch athletes, and is often found in several gloves on the marketplace. You can find the Cabretta in the Under Armour CompFit Lawn Glove.

The palms are printed with a digital camouflage style and coupled with that renowned wrist style that extends for added stability.

Artificial gloves can provide comfort and plenty of versatility, due to the addition of spandex in the manufacture of some of these designs. They are often good at pulling sweat off your skin and disposing of moisture, helping to keep your hands nice and dry.

These types of gloves can be cleaned up and if you wish to restore their grip, washing them under water ought to work.

If you're trying to find some even more cutting-edge to increase your grip, there are a couple of gloves where this is the main priority. Easton's very own TurboSlot III Gloves consist of Power Pad innovation that properly places the handle for vastly improved bat speed.

Such a utility is developed to add power to the swing you take. Other choices include Cutters Prime Batting Gloves. They make use of C-TACK â„¢ material combined with Cabretta leather.

Tackiness is woven into the palm, much like their football receiving gloves. Such a build prevents the glove from losing grip across the season.


The method your gloves are made with will decide how they fit on your hands and how comfy they are. This is something that should be taken into consideration.

Extra material anywhere on the glove will minimize your feel for the bat and make it more likely that your gloves will cause inflammation as they rub on your hands. Inflammation can be brutal and cause pain during games and hamper performance.


This is always a smart idea in batting gloves. Whether it's the entire glove or just specifically placed stretch zones, flexible materials are designed to withdraw. They will help to stop bunching when you grip.


Palm pads are made from a thin layer of foam or product. They reduce sting in your palm, absorbing vibration and sting.

Using these pads, there is a balance of feel and protection you have found the variety that's best for you. You should have enough material to safeguard your hands from sting, but not an amount where you begin to lose grip or start feeling like the pads are becoming obtrusive.

If you've injured your hand, or you're searching for more protection, try the out EvoShield's Batting Gloves, which consist of a custom-molded hand shield that fits into the back of the glove.

EvoShield is now an MLB Genuine brand name, so you may begin seeing these gloves quite a bit in the majors.

Articulated Thumb

This means that the thumb of the glove is cut independently from the rest of the material. This strategy tends to add mobility to your batting glove, offering you more flexibility of movement in the thumb.

Franklin gloves have actually mastered this style, utilizing a drifting thumb to give you additional movement.

Pre-Curved Fingers

Many players find this to be an absolute necessity for any gloves they wear. This type of gloves keeps a nice, natural curve. When you ball your hand up in a fist or grip your bat, the building and construction reduces the quantity of fabric bunching below your knuckles.

Mizuno's batting gloves (Global Elite) take this idea even further, with Movement Arc Lines that go across the entire hand.

Wrist Design

The true secret with any style wrist strap is how it fits, as well as lockdown. However, if your cuff fits around your wrist, you have to have enough security to keep your glove from slipping or fitting in a way that requires your attention every two seconds.

When selecting a batting glove, you'll see mainly Velcro straps and some gloves using snap closures. It often comes down to dependability vs. versatility. Getting a balance of both of these is ideal, but you may have to make concessions when weighing up your options.

A wrist style with snaps will give you dependability. They are solid designs that are nearly guaranteed to keep the wrist closed. When you only have a few seconds during plays, however, snaps can be hard to change.

On the other hand, a Velcro wrist closure is remarkably easy to change on the fly. Velcro will likewise provide you a larger range of adjustability and fit alternatives.

Today, this is a more popular choice than snaps for significant makers, but it can get mucky and wet, ending up being less efficient over time. You could try out the EvoShield gloves we pointed out above or the Marucci Elite gloves if this type of lockdown is exactly what you're looking for.

Both utilize a complete wrist wrap for extra assistance.

Moisture Management

Most brand-new batting gloves will contain some sort of ventilation to increase air flow to your hands. Keeping your hands dry inside the glove will reduce the opportunity of your hand slipping during a swing.

Some types of moisture management are also great for the life expectancy of your gloves. Without moisture wicking or ventilation, your batting gloves will probably grow bacteria that can cause inflammation to your hands.

For this reason, you need to constantly let your gloves air-dry after you've played. Forgetting to do this can be a fatal error.

The most convenient way to find quick-drying gloves is to search for open-hole mesh - the kind where it's possible see all the way through the holes. Easton's HS9 Gloves are great, because they have perforations covering the majority of the hand.

Even better, they are available in over 20 color mixes, including those representing Little League World Series teams, so you should be able to find something suitable.

For the most effective moisture-wicking gloves, you should use the brands that have perfected drying innovations across all of their products. Dri-FIT material is commonly used by companies such as Nike to dry sweaty areas.

Fit together panels at the gloves reverse and go over the knuckles, keeping this glove ventilated too. Nike's gloves are worn almost all over, including on a few of the leading hitters in the Yankees lineup. It's no wonder, as Nike is a global giant with endorsements and testimonials from some of the biggest names in sport.

Alex Rodriguez owns a tremendous 10 Silver Slugger accolades, as well as 3 "˜Most Valuable Player' awards. Robinson Cano uses these too, and he has four Silver Sluggers under his belt (he only debuted in '05).

HeatGear ® technology uses a four-way stretch fabric for terrific breathability. These are used by Cincinnati Reds' Brandon Phillips, as well as the Miami Marlins Jose Reyes. This excellent sportsman trusts that his gloves will provide him with supreme grip.


When determining your glove size, constantly measure using your dominant hand. You should measure the number of inches from the base of your palm to the idea of your middle finger. Each glove manufacturer has their own set of sizing measurements.

The final feel of your glove is tough to explain. You want your batting gloves to feel snug, but comfy. Having a set that doesn't slip is exceptionally important in order to avoid diversion and to give you the appropriate level of security.

When you make a fist, make sure it's likewise tight adequate to prevent extreme bunching. However, if your glove is too tight, it will keep you from moving freely. Make sure you can move your fingers, separately and quickly.

If you find a great pair of batting gloves and you look after them, they could last more than one season.

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Men's Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Men's Batting Gloves are a solid choice for players of all types. And of course, there are plenty of different options on the market for those needing something a little different.

See our list of the Best Baseball Batting Gloves for 2023!

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