The Elite Club: Two-Time World Series MVPs

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The Elite Club: Two-Time World Series MVPs
Chris Sloan

Hello baseball lovers! The World Series is the biggest event in baseball, and winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in it is a gigantic achievement. It’s like being crowned the king or queen of baseball! But guess what’s even more special? Winning this royal title not once, but twice! That’s right, there’s an ultra-exclusive club of super baseball stars who have managed to win the World Series MVP award two times. It’s like lightning striking twice at the same spot - rare and amazing! Let’s dive into the journey of the World Series MVP award and the superheroes of baseball who’ve won it twice!

History of the World Series MVP Award

The story of the World Series MVP award started in 1955. Before then, everyone just cheered the winning team. But people realized that within the winning team, there was often one player who shined a bit brighter, like a superstar among stars. So, they decided to create a special award to cheer this player too! That’s how the World Series MVP award was born.

As years passed, the award became a dream for every player. It’s like the golden ticket, telling the world that you were the top player in the biggest baseball event of the year! The award has seen some tweaks over the years. For example, initially, it was just a shiny trophy, but now it’s sponsored by big companies and comes with a brand-new car! Cool, right?

The World Series MVP award also started to reflect the changing game of baseball. In the old days, pitchers often won the award, but as baseball became a game full of powerful hitters, batters started winning the MVP more often. It’s amazing to see how the award has danced along with the rhythm of baseball, celebrating the players who make the World Series a show worth watching every year!

Through our journey today, we’ll get to know the legends who didn’t just stop at winning this magical award once but went on to grab it twice, cementing their names in

Overview of Two-Time Winners

Oh boy, are you in for a treat! In the grand history of baseball, only four players have climbed the mountain to grab the World Series MVP trophy twice. Their names sparkle in the baseball sky like the brightest stars. They are Sandy Koufax (1963, 1965), Bob Gibson (1964, 1967), Reggie Jackson (1973, 1977), and Corey Seager (2020, 2023). Each one of them has a story that’s as thrilling as a bottom of the ninth, bases-loaded home run!

Deep Dive into Each Two-Time MVP 

Sandy Koufax (1963, 1965)

Sandy Koufax was like a wizard with a baseball. His pitches zoomed past batters as if they had wings. He played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and is remembered as one of the greatest pitchers ever! In the World Series of 1963 and 1965, he was like a superhero, leading his team to victory. His pitches were so good that they seemed to have a mind of their own! Sandy's legacy is like a tall tale that baseball lovers pass down through generations. His name is often whispered in awe whenever people talk about the greats of the game.

Bob Gibson (1964, 1967)

Bob Gibson was another pitching magician, but he wore the St. Louis Cardinals' cap. He had a way of making batters miss that was almost funny—well, unless you were the batter! His performances in the 1964 and 1967 World Series were like baseball poetry, helping the Cardinals fly high to victory. He left an everlasting mark on the Cardinals, making fans and foes tip their hats to his baseball genius.

Reggie Jackson (1973, 1977)

Reggie Jackson, or "Mr. October", was a home run hero! His bat spoke loudly, especially in the World Series. Playing for the Oakland Athletics in 1973 and the New York Yankees in 1977, he had a knack for hitting homers when it mattered the most. His World Series actions are like legendary tales, with baseballs soaring over fences as if they had rockets attached! Reggie’s name is carved deeply in baseball’s story, making many dream of swinging the bat like him.

Corey Seager (2020 with Dodgers, 2023 with Texas Rangers)

Corey Seager is the newest member of this elite MVP club. He first dazzled us in 2020 with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and then again in 2023 with the Texas Rangers. In both series, his bat did the talking, scoring runs when his team needed them the most. His unique achievement of winning MVP with two different teams shows just how special he is. With Corey on the field, both the Dodgers and Rangers shined bright, making their fans leap with joy. His story is still being written, but oh, what a thrilling tale it’s shaping up to be!

Interesting Facts & Stats

Did you know that being a two-time World Series MVP puts you in a group that’s tinier than a peanut? Out of all the players who’ve ever swung a bat or thrown a pitch, only four have this double crown! Our friend Bob Gibson was just a whisker away from a third MVP in 1968, but just missed it. Talk about a close shave! And guess who’s the youngest to win it twice? It’s Corey Seager! He was just a baby in baseball years, at 26, when he got his second MVP. On the other side, the title of the oldest two-time MVP goes to Reggie Jackson, who was 31. These facts show how these players shined bright like diamonds in the rough, making a mark that will be remembered forever!

The Significance of Winning Twice

Winning the World Series MVP twice is like finding a golden ticket, and then finding another one! It’s a big deal, even bigger than catching a home run ball in the stands. It places you on a pedestal in the baseball world, higher than the other major awards because it’s tied to the World Series, the grandest stage of them all. The pressure cooker really turns up in the following series. Everyone’s eyes are on you, expecting lightning to strike again. But our heroes, they didn’t just handle the pressure, they danced in it, showing the world their baseball magic not once, but twice! This double dip of MVP glory isn’t just a pat on the back, it’s a ticket to baseball immortality. It’s a tale of their skill and grit that will be told as long as there are folks around to enjoy the sweet melody of a bat hitting a ball. Winning twice isn’t just a page in their baseball story, it’s a whole chapter, one filled with home runs, breathtaking pitches, and memories that keep the heart of baseball beating strong!

Modern Contenders

The MVP stage is sparkling with stars like Mookie Betts and Juan Soto, who have tasted MVP glory once and are hungry for more. With their bats speaking volumes and their field magic, they surely have eyes set on that second MVP crown. Will they join the elite two-time MVP club? Only time, and their bats, will tell!


The journey of a two-time World Series MVP is a rollercoaster filled with roaring cheers, heart-thumping moments, and a sprinkle of baseball magic. It’s a journey of swinging for the fences, not just to hit home runs, but to carve a legacy in the heart of baseball. As we tip our caps to the legends who’ve achieved this remarkable feat, let’s also keep our eyes peeled for the next stars who might dazzle us on this grand stage. So, as you munch on your popcorn and enjoy the game, remember, you might just be witnessing the rise of the next two-time World Series MVP!

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