Best Youth Baseball Caps for Your Travel Baseball Team

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Best Youth Baseball Caps for Your Travel Baseball Team
Chris Sloan

Are you helping to shape the future of youth baseball?


If so, congratulations! Most kids won't end up going pro, but that doesn't make getting involved in organized sports any less fun and exciting.



When it comes to playing organized sports at a young age, it's important for youth players to have the right equipment. This includes having the best youth baseball caps to help maximize their enjoyment of the game. That's why it's important for parents and coaches to understand as much as possible about choosing quality gear for every youth baseball player. Fortunately, this article can help.



Here we look at selecting the best caps for your kid's baseball team. Keep reading to learn more.  



Choosing the Right Baseball Cap Style 



Believe it or not, there are plenty of different styles of baseball caps to choose from. 



Soft caps with a stiff peak and a rounded crown are the most popular. The size and shape of the crown vary by preference. 



When it comes to picking the perfect cap crown for your team, you can choose from medium, full, high, shallow, traditional call cap, or 5-panel. 



There are several styles of baseball hats to choose from. Let's take a look at some of the most popular:



  1. Fitted caps are designed to fit snugly to the player's head without needing to be adjusted. 
  2. Flexible fit caps feature an elastic band that allows the cap to stretch to fit the player's head. 
  3. A snapback cap features a plastic strap with holes so that you can adjust the size as needed.
  4. A strapback cap has a design similar to the snapback cap but features an adjustable velcro strap rather than a plastic one.
  5. A 5-panel cap is made with five sewn panels, with the largest panel in front. This allows the manufacturer to embroider the team logo on the front.
  6. A 6-panel cap is with six triangular pieces sewn together. The pieces connect at the top of the crown and are typically the same color.
  7. A 7-panel cap combines the five and 6-panel caps. This style of youth baseball cap features triangular pieces that are joined like a 6-panel hat, with a 7th panel for the team logo.



An unstructured cap is made using a softer, limper material that doesn't hold its shape when removed from the player's head.






When choosing the right size caps for your travel baseball players, you can pick from youth baseball caps that are either fitted, flex-fit or adjustable. 



Fitted caps come in small, medium, and large, so you'll need to order caps to match each individual player. Selecting the proper size is important for comfort and ensuring the cap doesn't fall off their heads during play.



Bill or Visor 



There are three types of bill styles you can choose from. These include the slightly pre-curved bill, the most popular style for decades, the pre-curved bill, and the flat bill, which has seen an increase in popularity with younger players in recent years.



The style of visor you select for your team's hat is mostly a matter of preference. Remember that the age of your players should probably factor into the style your team will enjoy wearing the most.



Choosing the Right Baseball Cap Material



When choosing the best materials for your team caps, the most important consideration is breathability. After all, your players are going to work up a sweat. Thus you'll want to select a cap material that will help them stay as cool as possible.



The most common materials for kid baseball caps include the polyester mesh, wool blend brushed canvas, cotton twill, brushed cotton, washed chino twill, and color dyed cotton.



It's important to remember that cotton and polyester materials are ideal for ball caps because they help wick away the head and forehead dampness.



Be sure to check with each team member to ensure no one has any type of allergies that will impact the type of material they can wear. 



Baseball Cap Buyers Guide



The Trucker Flexfit Cap from Pacific Headwear is a popular choice with many youth baseball teams. This cap is ideal for players needing breathability and comfort without sacrificing durability. It also allows for greater customization, including having a contrasting under visor.



The Under Armour Boys' Baseball Cap is another good choice. This cap is made with a front panel backed with foam padding to ensure maximum comfort during long hours on the baseball diamond. It also offers stretch construction that guarantees a comfortable fit and re-engineered fibers designed to wick away sweat.



The Perforated F3 Performance Flexfit Cap is another Pacific Headwear product that is highly recommended for youth baseball. This cap is part of Pacific Headwear's Elite Series line of premium sports caps designed specifically for the baseball diamond.



The Youth Athletic Mesh Cap from Augusta Sportswear is low-profile and adjustable. This cap is 100% polyester athletic mesh. It also offers tricot backing, a curved visor, and a hook-and-loop visor that makes it easy to resize for a comfortable fit.



The Lite Series Active Cap with Trim from Pacific Headwear provides a lot of comfort with an extra touch of style. This polyester cap features a pro-stitched finish, moisture-wicking, low-profile crown, and curved visor. It also has a hook-and-loop closure and contrast edge binding that will help your team stand out from the other teams in tournaments.



A Guide to Choosing Youth Baseball Caps



For most kids, there's nothing more exciting than being on a youth baseball team with friends. Fortunately, this guide to choosing youth baseball caps will help make the upcoming season the best ever.



Please contact us to learn how we can help you connect with other parents, coaches, and players for your youth baseball league.


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