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Baseball Teams to Look Out for When Betting
Chris Sloan

Baseball, invented in the 1800s, is one of the most popular sports in America today. With tournaments like the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series and World Baseball Classic, the sport is also a haven for the more than 170 million fans who actively watch games.

Among these fans, and even among those who don’t necessarily love the sport, many enjoy placing bets on upcoming matches. If the prediction is correct, these bets are a great way to earn significant money.

While expert predictions and algorithms that try to calculate winning teams can make a big difference in betting accuracy, some teams are making impressive strides forward that are turning predictions upside down. These teams have shown they mean business and are making their mark while remaining under the radar. 

If you’re getting ready to place your bets on an upcoming game, the following MBL teams are the ones you should keep a close eye on.

Tampa Bay Rays

Founded in 1995, the Tampa Bay Rays were initially known as the Devil Rays and began officially playing in 1998. After receiving numerous complaints over the years that their original name was offensive, the team formally rebranded to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008. 

In its first decade, the team was rarely featured on any list of teams worth noting. In fact, they finished stone last in their division (East League) until 2004, when they came second last. However, the team eventually found their rhythm and started turning the tables.

In 2008, the same year they rebranded, the Rays won their division title for the first time. Although they made it to the World Series and were defeated, they at least managed to win their first pennant since their founding. 

While the team is also known for its rivalry with the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, its strong reputation among bettors is due to the decent number of wins it has had in recent years, including another pennant in the 2020 season. 

Although the team, once again, lost out on the World Series title, they have made impressive plays using strategies others wouldn’t consider and have become one of the top teams to look out for among bettors. Following the announcement of their new home field, the team is set to succeed in the upcoming seasons.

Atlanta Braves

Known under 11 different names since the team was founded in 1871, the Atlanta Braves are one of the oldest baseball teams in MLB. Starting life as the Boston Red Stockings, the team was one of the founding members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players, the first professional league in the US.

In their early days, the team made waves due to their incredible performance and uncanny ability to win. However, this didn’t last very long. After an astonishing comeback in 1914, which landed the team the nickname ‘the Miracle Braves,’ the team lurched through more than 30 years without any meaningful success.

This changed in 1957 when, against all odds, they again made an incredible comeback and won the World Series. Although they continued to suffer from the ups and downs that accompany most teams, the Braves were a solid force to be reckoned with after this. 

The 1990s was a time of particular triumph for the team, which won 14 division titles in a row and secured yet another World Series win. In the process, it raises multiple hall-of-fame players, including John Smoltz and Tom Glavine. 

Although the 2010s didn’t glean much notable success for the team and was filled with investigations into how players were signed and penalties for how they operated, the team has been on the mend since 2018, showing such strength that they are listed as favorites to win the World Series in 2023.

Baltimore Orioles

Beginning life as the Milwaukee Brewers in 1894, the Baltimore Orioles (commonly referred to as the O’s) were one of the original eight teams in the American League. Based in St. Louis for over 50 years, the team eventually settled in Baltimore, where they received their current name. 

Although gaining some early success and momentum, the team didn’t have any outstanding achievements until the mid-1960s. Between the ’60s and ’70s, the Orioles won six pennants and three World Series Titles. These wins are primarily attributed to players such as Frank Robinson and Eddie Murray. 

After these impressive wins, the team seemed to enter a never-ending decline. They achieved no remarkable victories and entered a 14-season rut where they did not make the playoffs. Although they made some headway in the early 2010s by progressing to the postseason three times, the decade ended with the team recording over 100 losses over two years.

Since 2020, however, the team has been actively recruiting new players with younger blood and training them for success. This has resulted in a margin of victory and a glimpse of what the team used to be. Because of this, bettors are increasingly confident that they will pull off a win. 

Pittsburgh Pirates

Initially named the Alleghenys after the river that snakes its way through Pittsburgh, the Pirates started playing baseball in 1876. The team is one of the original members of the National League and only received its current name after being accused of pirating a player from another team in 1891.

After securing Honus Wagner, considered one of the best baseball players in history, the team quickly made a name for themselves. By 1909, they won their first World Series title and enjoyed moderate success until they began to excel in the 1970s. 

During this decade, the team achieved six division titles, received two pennants, and won a further two World Series titles. However, these incredible years of success led to a downward spiral that saw the team defeated almost endlessly from the 1980s until the early 2010s. Within this time, the team missed the playoffs for 20 seasons straight.

Like the Baltimore Orioles, however, the team started a new strategy in the late 2010s to re-evaluate how they play and which players they sign. This has resulted in a slight turnaround and reasonable success while staying off the radar of the top teams. 

Because of their increasing success, many bookmakers offer favorable odds for them, and they are now considered an emerging top team that could bring bettors meaningful returns.

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