Baseball Skills 7-Year-Old Baseball Players Should Know

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HomeBlogsJack Perconte's blogBaseball Skills 7-Year-Old Baseball Players Should Know
Baseball Skills 7-Year-Old Baseball Players Should Know
Jack Perconte

Baseball Skills to Teach Young Players

For parents, who want their kids to prosper in baseball, they should be sure their sons and daughters know these baseball skills by the time they are 7 years old. Of course, advanced youth players may know much more, but this is a good start. Of course, becoming proficient at these baseball skills takes many years of practice and repetition. Youth baseball coaches should not expect their 7-year old team to know all of these baseball skills, but if they do, they will have a head start on the competition. Coaches will have to teach these baseball skills to many team members, but the more players who have a good base in the game, the more time that coaches can spend on refining the skills and coaching the game strategy to advance players further. By age seven, all players should know where on the field each baseball position is located, along with an idea of where to set themselves correctly for each position. For example, astute seven year olds know that second basemen do not stand on second base, as their pre-pitch starting position. Most kids love to hit and practice hitting, but knowledge of catching balls correctly and running the bases is more critical at first for youth baseball players.

Necessary baseball Skills for Seven Year Old Baseball Players

Fielding and Throwing Baseball Skills This is probably the most important aspect of youth baseball development, up until this age, so injury from the inability to catch balls does not occur. Use of a softer type ball at the young ages is a good idea until the following skills improve.

  1. A basic ready position before balls come there way
  2. Which way to hold the glove on line drives and straight on throws, with fingers up
  3. How to line groundballs up, by staying down and in front of balls with fingers down
  4. How to get under fly balls, with correct glove alignment, without reaching up too high for balls
  5. How to correctly turn their body to get into throwing position and how to grip ball correctly

Base Running Baseball Skills Taking kids to games and watching baseball on TV helps players learn in this area of the game a good deal Players should know:

  1. How to safely let go of the bat after swinging and which direction to run
  2. When and how to run through first base and when to round the base, along with which part of the base to step on for both instances
  3. How to set themselves up for the quickest exit from the base on pitched balls and when they can leave the base by the rules
  4. A good idea of when to run on batted balls and when not to run depending on the number of outs and the type ball hit

Batting Baseball Skills - Players at this age should at-least look like a hitter when they get in the batter's box Players should know how to:

  1. Set-up at home plate correctly, making sure they:
  2. Know the correct distance to stand away from home plate and method for getting that distance
  3. Have their feet pointed correctly towards home plate
  4. Set feet a balanced distance apart
  5. Have weight predominantly on the balls of feet
  6. Setup with their eyes, hips, and shoulders level
  7. Set hands back and up in an aggressive looking manner
  8. Have the basic idea of letting the pitched ball come to them, with a sense of timing and balance

Another key for this aged player is teaching them to know where their baseball gear is at all times, as much time can be wasted looking for misplaced items. Once seven-year-old team players have the basic baseball skills coaches can help them refine those skills and move into advanced baseball strategies.

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