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MadSportsStuff Baseball Logo Athletic Crew Socks


MadSportsStuff is an online athletic apparel company that started out as a small family business, offering high-quality products that are also "fun, fashionable, and affordable." With easy returns, flexible shipping options, and custom orders, purchasing from MadSportsStuff is a low-anxiety, high-enjoyment activity.

Headquartered in Littleton, CO, the company started out as a family business experiment in 2011 that promoted and sold sports gear and apparel that was family-tested and approved for school and intramural on-field play. The project was such a hit amongst friends and family that it has grown into a thriving online retail business.

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In addition to their own site, where socks start at $10.99, however, they also have an extensive storefront on Amazon, where their Baseball Logo Athletic Crew Socks start at $11.99, which is stocked separately, we are told. The upshot is that you may find a certain product that is out of stock in one location available and ready to ship at the other.

Accurate Sizing, Various Styles, and Tolerance

MadSportsStuff sells socks, shorts, baseball stirrups, leotards, softball sliders, jewelry, headbands, cleat covers, and custom items. So, whether you are ordering a pair of "Patriot Stars and Strips" over-the-knee socks or a set of baseball stirrups, MadSportsStuff promises to always be true-to-size - with a generous sizing chart that includes youth sizes, women's, and men's, as well as x-large accommodations - and offer great quality products.

Sock material includes 77% Polypropylene, 17% Nylon, 3% Elastic, 3% Lycra Spandex, which leads to an ultra-moisture wicking product and an arch and ankle-hugging effect that reduces fatigue and blistering. Plus, the socks are lightweight and the tops are double-welted for extra comfort (yeah, we did know either; think suitcoat pocket).

Moreover, these socks help control bacteria and odor with the addition of an Alphasan antimicrobial additive, which means that your MadSportsStuff baseball socks will smell fresh as a daisy, even after hours of play (well, a few hours, at least; it's not like you don't have to wash them anymore).

Also, you will find more than one style of sock, including socks for almost every sport, over-the-knee socks, crew socks, numbered socks, and low-cut socks. Moreover, you can search socks by category, e.g "animal print socks, "Relay for Life socks," and further filter the results by color.

Also, with a level of understanding and tolerance which can only come from youthful business owners who have not yet been railroaded into valuing commercialism over all else, the site also offers such unexpected gems as "Relay for Life Cancer Awareness Socks," "Salute to Service Military Awareness Socks," and "Rainbow Pride Socks."

MadSportsStuff Starts with TCK Socks

As you might, imagine, then MadSportsStuff starts with socks, and, in fact, the company may be best known for their selection of sports socks, in particular, the company's baseball logo athletic crew socks. But don't be lulled into thinking the company is like every other company selling sports-theme socks, featuring only the big three sports of baseball, basketball, and football because MadSportSocks features so much more.

You will find basketball and football-themed footwear as well, but you will also discover soccer socks, kickball socks, volleyball socks, lacrosse socks, tennis socks, and track socks. And pull up any of these categories, and you won't just find one or two offerings, you will likely find two or three rows of selections to choose from.

From NFL teams, like these Eagle-themed socks to collegiate-themed options, like these Michigan Wolverine socks, the many options are sure to impress. But, not everything at MadSportsStuff is sports-centric, and the site takes the time to add in categories like "Breast Cancer Awareness," under which 12 products are offers.

It is no secret the MadSportsStuff uses Twin City Knitting (TCK) of North Carolina for the manufacturing of many of their products, from socks to stirrups, and for good reason. From small runs to large productions, TCK has been doing it all when it comes to athletic socks and leggings since, 1961.

Their high needle count and machines that allow up to six colors at a time create a superior design and feel in an athletic sock. Moreover, polypropylene and nylon yarn fibers provide moisture management, breathability, and blister control. Plus, now with antimicrobial treatment, the socks offer odor control as well.

Made in the USA, TCK can also create any design from scratch; all they need is a photo of your logo. Plus their footwear products use advanced technologies like the following:

  • proDRI Technology - a hydrophobic, moisture-wicking (i.e. the ability to transport moisture away from the skin) and moisture management attribute that allows feet to stay dry in adverse conditions, Compression Technology - by sowing certain material together in specific patterns, TCK can offer increased levels of foot support (compression) at the ankle and the arch to reduce foot fatigue and aid in better circulation.
  • Blister Control Technology - by reducing friction with "high-splice" stitching, TCK socks can reduce the formation of hot spots and blisters.
  • Antimicrobial Technology - Best defined perhaps as "deodorant for your feet," TCK uses high-grade yarns and added antimicrobial agents during the sock manufacturing process, so your socks can fight order for years to come.

Apparel, Accessories, and the Baseball Logo Athletic Crew Socks

We could quite literally go on and on about the socks, but it may also be important to note that MadSports Stuff sells other items too, and apparel offerings include leotards, shorts, and softball sliders, while accessories boast jewelry, headbands, water bottles, ornaments, and cleat covers.

Any item you choose can be custom monogrammed and fit to your exact specifications, because we all know that when it comes to sports, baseball in general, which often requires players to sit still for long stretches of, on occasions, three hours or more, it is important to have gear that feels right and looks good. Moreover, it is critical that the gear fits correctly, performs well, and is comfortable.

With over 100 MadSportsStuff baseball socks to choose from (and almost as many softball variations), looking good and feeling good on the field has never been so easy, especially with their baseball logo athletic crew socks

If you are hoping to have success on the baseball diamond, then the right socks are crucial, and the baseball logo athletic crew socks do not disappoint. Socks come in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large in Youth, Women's, and Men's.

MadSportsStuff provides all of these sizing options so you don't have to compromise on fit, no matter what size feet you have, and each sock pair has reinforced heels and toes, something you won't find with cheap socks. Plus, there are eight color combos to choose from, including the following:

  • Navy and Neon Green
  • Navy and Red
  • Black and Red
  • Graphite and Black
  • Navy and White
  • Royal and White

Each color yarn is colored with a no-bleed dye and the high thread count and quality fibers will ensure your baseball logo athletic crew socks won't soon fade. So if comfort, performance, cost, and US craftsmanship are important to you, than MadSportsStuff may have the products you are looking for.

And, if you like their baseball logo athletic crew socks, don't forget to check out the"Baseball Socks with Player on Camo Background Crew" socks or the "Girls Softball Socks with Stitches Over the Calf" socks. They all come with the same quality construction, advanced sock technology, super sharp graphic, and perfect fit.

Reviews for Baseball Logo Athletic Crew Socks

But don't take our word for it. Out of 58 reviewers on Amazon, the Baseball Logo Athletic Crew Socks bagged an average score of 4.2 out of 5 stars, with almost 70 percent of reviewers giving the socks a full 5-spot. Plus, according to The Gear Hunt, in their review of the top 10 Best Athletic socks, MadSportsStuff comes in at eight out of 10, and the reviewer had some good things to say about the brand, namely that their price point for officially licensed was far more affordable than other brands. They also mentioned the robust selection of color schemes, and the crisp, well-executed logos and noted good things about form and function, durable construction, and cost and value.

One review site even claimed that out of 6,000 reviewers rating The Best Sports Socks for Boys, MadSportsStuff's Baseball Logo Athletic Crew Socks was able to attain 3rd place out of 10. Further, the sock company has earned more than nine thousand positive feedback ratings on eBay, with a current overall score of 100 percent positive feedback.

MSS is also recognized as one of the Top Rated seller globally due to fast shipping and timely and responsive customer service, and positive customer feedback and ranks as the 67,831st top-seller on eBay.

MadSportStuff WrapUp

There is a lot to like about this project that started out as a business experiment between high school sports players and their parents. Setting up an online retail end to someone else's manufacturing product may be seen as cheating by some, but, for others, the site offers refreshingly unique sock choices and designs build upon a solid product, after all, part of TCK's business model is to offer limited custom run socks to anyone who knocks on their door.

Plus, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better sock when it comes to quality materials, sock technologies, and that fact that the end product is manufactured right here in the U.S.A. (especially since For Bare Feet, one of their largest competitors has reportedly started moving some of their manufacturing overseas).

Their high needle count and machines make for vivid colors and high-contrast designs by allowing up to six colors to be stitched at a time. Moreover, with the new use of polypropylene and nylon yarn fibers, their socks have gained the ability to wick moisture away from the skin and add breathability and blister control at the same time. Plus, state-of-the-art silver-based antimicrobial fiber treatments mean their socks help retard the build-up of odors as well.

But, for us as reviewers, it is really the selection of thoughtful prints that really brings the MadSportsStuff into a league of their own. From off-beat spots prints to animal print socks, and "Relay for Life socks," the variety really does represent an eclectic collection of footwear for the whole family.

Also, with a level of understanding and tolerance which can only come from youthful business owners you regularly see such unexpected gems as "Relay for Life Cancer Awareness Socks," "Salute to Service Military Awareness Socks," and "Rainbow Pride Socks."

With a whimsical and compassionate philosophy of design selection also comes great sock technologies that include hydrophobic and moisture-wicking fibers, kitted compression technology that reduces fatigue and foot strain, blister control, and anti-microbial fiber treatments.

The interesting business experiment turned business venture has surprisingly resilient legs, but the sock game is admittedly a tough market, and, although the custom logo sock industry may yet have some wiggle room for competition, MSS will have to compete with the likes of Nike, Under Armor, Asics, Darn Tough, Smart Wool, and other in the sock technologies field.

In terms of socially aware business practices, sound sock technologies, entertaining and thoughtful designs, and a competitive price, though, we wish MadSportsStuff and their baseball logo athletic crew socks are around for a while and not just "a flash in the pan. "

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