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Baseball Hitting Tips You should Be Using

Top 10 Baseball Hitting Tips of 2014

When I look back at my hitting lessons this past year, I realize I repeat many baseball hitting tips. I have thought about making an audio tape of those tips. With that, I could just press a button when I need one of them to save on the voice, as many radio and TV shows do. Just kidding, but I have said these thousands of times, I suppose, as they address many common hitting mistakes.

Most of these have to do with the mental game of hitting during batting practice, after the tedious repetition of hitting drills and mechanical fixes. It is not code language but they are ways of making points without degrading the player. Said enough players pick up on their meaning without having to go into great explanations with them.

Most Used Baseball Hitting Tips of Year

  1. Don't forget the speed of the fastball

Many batters get in the batter's box and seem to be unaware of the pitch speed of the pitchers fast ball. Or, after an off speed pitch they seem to be late on the follow-up fastball. This hitting tip is a reminder that they get to watch the pitcher warmup and watch them pitch to other hitters. Hitters need to use that advantage when they get into the batter's box.

  1. "It Won't be the last time"

This hitting instruction statement is just another way of saying "why are you hanging your head" after a swing. The negative body language is counterproductive for hitting success and players must deal with the inevitable hitting failures.

  1. "Where's your head"

This batting tip may seem to question a player's mental state, but it refers to the physical position of the head. The batter's head is the key to balance and where the head goes the swing goes, so without head control, swing control lapses.

baseball hitting tips baseball hitting tips

  1. "You are not ready"

Many hitters have a good swing but do not prepare with the necessary readiness and rhythm to square balls up.

  1. "Read the ball"

This baseball hitting instruction tip refers to players not recognizing the pitch. The results are chasing non-strike pitches and failing to recognize off speed, inside and outside pitches. Of course, pitch selection is a never ending practice for batters and this batting tip is another way of saying "See the ball."

  1. "Good swing bad pitch"

Even when players swing at bad pitches, their swing may have been a good one and I want players to know that. In time, they begin to believe in their baseball swing even though good results do not show up without swinging at strikes.

  1. "That's the best you can do on that pitch"

Like the above statement, this one tells hitters that they did everything correct but the pitch was a nasty one. The best result of these swing are foul balls, but often they result in lazy hit ground or fly balls. Once again, it is a way of saying good job, but your chances were slim to begin with on that pitch.

  1. "Your only chance was to do take it that way"

This is another follow up to the previous two baseball hitting tips. The verbal advice means the pitch was a tough one and if they had timed it to hit the ball to the correct field, they may have had more success.

  1. "Think high - adjust low, look out - adjust in, think fast - adjust slow"

These baseball hitting tips are not absolutes for all hitters and all situations. But, they help batters understand timing and mechanics. By looking high, players keep their hands up and back, necessary to handle speed changes and all pitch locations. By looking away, the batter has a better chance of keeping their front shoulder and stride in on the pitch, which prevents the early pull-off. By thinking fast ball and adjusting to off-speed ones, they have the best chance of timing the pitch thrown the most the fastball.

  1. "Figure it out"

Even though this is the last of my baseball hitting tips here, it would be number one in frequency if someone were counting. The point is that hitting coaches can only tell, show and drill how to hit, they cannot hit for players. Once in the batter's box, hitters must figure it out and realize they have been given the information to make the necessary adjustments.

If I had gone to my eleven most used baseball hitting tips, it would be "Never saw a pitch he (she) didn't like." That statement is one of those tongue in cheek remarks that means a player swings at everything. It implies that players need to be more selective and learn the strike zone, but that I admire the aggressiveness at the same time.

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