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Baseball Coaching Solutions - Failed Baseball Instruction
Jack Perconte

Baseball Coaching Solutions for Baseball Instructors

I have been giving baseball lessons for 27 years, somewhere over 60,000 of them, but who is counting. I wish I could say that I have helped those many students. Even though that was my intention, extra baseball instruction does not always work out. Having the right baseball coaching solutions is crucial to helping kids.

Most youth enjoy, gain confidence and improve from extra baseball training. It may take time for positive effects to take shape, but progress comes for most. Yet, some players regress with extra baseball instruction. That regression creates frustration for all players, coaches and parents. I am also sorry to admit, that my baseball coaching may have led some ballplayers on the path of ending their baseball careers. That also was not my intention, but baseball skill perfection is so difficult, if not impossible. When some ballplayers realize they may never figure them out, they lose interest. It's part of the game, so to speak.

One of the first things I try to decipher when kids begin lessons is why they are taking lessons in the first place. Additionally, I try to read their personality. Those two things help me know how to go about teaching the ballplayer.

Often Unknown Baseball Coaching Solutions

Reasons baseball instruction may not work and ways to help the situation.

  1. Players do not buy into it Some players feel like they are already successful, so change is unnecessary. Often, they are only taking lessons because mom and dad wanted them too. These type players have no intention of practicing and changing to new things after the baseball classes.

Baseball coaching tipbaseball coaching solutions

Coaching instructors must challenge these players immediately to show players why change is necessary. A constant coaching goal is convincing players that success now does not guarantee success long term.

  1. People expect miracles

Many people, parents and students, believe lessons alone bring success.

Baseball coaching tip

Coaches should temper any false expectations. Explaining how hard muscle-memory change is, and that progress takes time is crucial.

  1. Player confidence shot

Many baseball players take lessons and attend baseball clinics to gain confidence. Because change is difficult, confidence is hard to come by, and players feel like they will never be any good.

Baseball coaching tip

Coaches should not over challenge low-confidence players, at first. Instructors should always look for something to praise before giving the news of what needs fixing. Statements like, "I like what you are doing, let's try this, too" and "You are not that far away," are good ones to buy time with players.

  1. Players think too much

New learning may lead to over-thinking, limiting natural actions.

Baseball coaching tip Thinking is a natural thing when players learn new things. Coaches should do their best to help players clear their minds in games and just try to do it. Getting through the thinking phase takes time, so patience by all is necessary.

  1. Parents interfere

Coaching-frustration comes when parents coach at the same time.

Baseball coaching tip I believe it is best when everyone is teaching the same things. Coaches should be OK with parents listening in on baseball instructional classes. When parents act as if they know more, butt in at the wrong times or tell players different things, coaches must speak to them. When players have too many people in their ears, confusion comes with frustration not far behind.

Of course, sometimes extra baseball instruction does not work because of inadequate coaching. Without the right baseball coaching solutions players lose interest quickly. Finally, a baseball coach's primary goal is giving players the enthusiasm to practice. Coaches who spur kid's enthusiasm for playing baseball have done their job.

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