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Another Baseball Triple Crown

A Better Youth Baseball Triple Crown Goals, Baseball Discipline, Baseball Routine

When people mention the BaseballTriple Crown, baseball people automatically think about batting average, home runs, and runs-batted-in, especially after the Triple Crown was so prominent this past year with Miguel Cabrera achieving it. I would like to propose a new Baseball Triple Crown that all players can achieve, with the help of coaches.

At the youth level, I am not a fan of keeping statistics for young baseball players, or of having players set statistical goals. Statistical goals at the youth level put the emphasis on just those, instead of on things geared towards overall improvement and longer-range goals.

Which brings me to different Triple Crown for Baseball, one that is worth achieving, is under players' control and one that sets them up for long-term success in baseball, and beyond.

The ingredients of this Triple Crown long-term baseball goals, baseball discipline, and baseball routine create a revolving circle that feed off each other and lead to success. Year in and year out, kids that have discipline and a routine they follow, have enough success to sustain them to see improvement, which keeps their desire to play. Impatient and undisciplined players give up before they reach their potential.

Baseball Triple Crown Discipline for Baseball Triple Crown

An Even Better Baseball Triple Crown Achievement


Baseball Goals Long-term goals as playing high school, college, or even pro baseball are good goals that require and challenge kids to work hard, without the pressure of having to be great now, or in every game. Having these type future goals, helps kids develop the other components discipline, routine with patience and perspective, necessary for baseball success, as improvement comes and goes at various rates for each player.

Baseball Discipline The very definition of discipline says it all - "training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character" (Webster Dictionary). Baseball training is all about constant training to improve, not about individual statistics, and mental training leads to the next Triple Crown component, routine.

Baseball Routine Synonyms for routine include scheduled, habitual, and repetitive. Once players set and follow a schedule, develop habits leading to good fundamentals, and repeat those good fundamentals, they are well on their way to reaching their eventual goals.

As implied, this Baseball Triple Crown helps players have success on and off the baseball playing field, and one that coaches can help players understand and utilize.

About Jack Perconte

After playing major league baseball, Jack Perconte has taught baseball and softball since 1988 and offered valuable coaching training too. He has helped numerous youth players reach their potential, as well as having helped parents and coaches navigate their way through the challenging world of youth sports. Jack is one of the leading authorities in the areas of youth baseball training and coaching training advice.

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