Analysis of Charlotte Knights for the 2024 MLB season

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HomeBlogsChris Sloan's blogAnalysis of Charlotte Knights for the 2024 MLB season
Analysis of Charlotte Knights for the 2024 MLB season
Chris Sloan

As the Charlotte Knights gear up for the 2024 Major League Baseball season, the spotlight intensifies on their strategy and potential for improvement. Situated in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, this Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox has become a cornerstone of baseball in the region. Playing their home games at the modern Truist Field, the team offers a platform for rising stars to shine and serves as a key player in the International League's competitive landscape.

The 2023 season unfolded with its share of challenges for the Knights, culminating in a record of 53 wins and 96 losses. This performance placed them tenth in the league's East Division, a standing that the team and its fans aim to improve upon. The season was marked by statistical hurdles, most notably the team scoring the fewest runs in the league, a total of 674, and allowing the highest number of runs, at 965. Such figures clearly show the areas needing enhancement: offensive production and defensive solidity.

2023 Season Performance

The Charlotte Knights concluded the 2023 season with a record of 53 wins and 96 losses, finishing tenth in the International League's East Division. The performance underscored a challenging year marked by struggles both at the plate and on the mound. The team scored 674 runs, the fewest in the league, and yielded 965 runs, the highest in the circuit, highlighting significant areas for improvement.

The White Sox's record usage of 56 players at the MLB level in 2023, as highlighted by Ted's Saturday Sporcle, directly impacted the Knights, who had to navigate through these changes, particularly in their pitching roster. 

The Knights employed 51 different pitchers over the season, surpassing the record set the previous year and underscoring the tumultuous nature of their campaign. This frequent shuffling, prompted by injuries and call-ups, strained the Knights' depth, especially evident as the team faltered in the second half of the season, losing 56 of their last 74 games.

Offensive Struggles and Pitching Woes

The Knights' offense, traditionally a strong suit, faltered significantly. A comparison with league averages reveals a stark decline in offensive production, with the team falling short in runs per game, batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. This downturn was a departure from the previous season's near-average scoring output, raising questions about the efficacy of the batting lineup and the need for strategic adjustments.

On the pitching front, the Knights' staff faced considerable challenges, yielding runs at a rate significantly higher than the league average. The elevated walk rate and below-average strikeout percentage further compounded the team's difficulties, making it clear that pitching needed attention.

Spotlight on Individual Performances

Despite the team's overall struggles, certain individual performances offered glimpses of hope and potential. José Rodríguez, for example, showcased his prowess despite a challenging start to the season. His resilience and eventual improvement in the batting average, coupled with a display of power, underscored his potential as a valuable asset for the Knights and possibly for the White Sox in the future.

Adam Hackenberg's progression, particularly in the latter part of the season, highlighted his potential as a reliable catcher with a promising batting profile. His ability to adapt and perform at the Triple-A level bodes well for his future contributions to the team.

Yoelqui Céspedes and Oscar Colás, each with their own challenges and triumphs, provided insights into their developmental paths and the adjustments needed to harness their full potential.

Looking Ahead: The 2024 Season

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As the Charlotte Knights look toward the 2024 season, the focus will undoubtedly be on addressing the shortcomings of the previous year while building on the individual successes that emerged. Having experienced a turbulent year, the pitching staff will benefit from stability and the development of promising talents like Cristian Mena and Nick Nastrini. 

Mena's performance, in particular, highlighted his potential as a standout pitcher within the organization, suggesting that with time and experience, he could play a significant role in strengthening the Knights' pitching lineup.

The offensive lineup, too, will need to find its footing, leveraging the growth and development of players like Rodríguez, Hackenberg, and others who have shown flashes of brilliance amidst a challenging season.


The journey ahead for the Charlotte Knights is one filled with potential and promise. By addressing the previous season's shortcomings, capitalizing on individual talents, and fostering a culture of resilience and determination, the Knights are well-positioned to write a new chapter in 2024. 

This upcoming season is about surpassing past performances and setting new benchmarks of excellence and competitiveness in the league. With the collective spirit of improvement and the strategic enhancements in play, the Charlotte Knights are on the brink of transforming challenges into triumphs, ready to capture the attention and admiration of baseball fans and critics alike.


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