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Amazing Baseball Trivia <!-- [Did You Know?] -->
Amazing Baseball Trivia <!-- [Did You Know?] -->
Amazing Baseball Trivia <!-- [Did You Know?] -->

baseball trivia Fun baseball trivia questions

Baseball trivia sure to stump your friends

Baseball has such an interesting tradition. Sometimes, I just like looking up stories about its past and, of course, one can use them for some fun baseball trivia questions. Following are some of the baseball facts I found and you are welcome to try to stump your friends by making them into questions the next time you need a baseball trivia question. Along with each item, I add my two cents worth.

Who Knew Category
The incredible Hall of Famer, Willie Mays, "the Say Hey Kid" was a guest on the very first "Tonight Show" in 1954.
This one is sure to stump your friends, one may want to give the hint of "greatest to ever play the game" as Willy is certainly in that discussion.

Many Ways to Greatness Category
Another great one and Hall of Famer, Sparky Anderson" set the record for the most games played (152) for a player who played only one year in the big leagues in 1959.

baseball trivia Baseball Trivia that hits it out of the park

Wow, to think that Sparky only played one year but became one of the greatest managers ever, and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Don't judge if haven't done it Category
Rangers catcher Geno Petralli had 6 passed balls in one game of course, they came while trying to catch Charlie Houghs knuckle ball
If a major league catcher couldn't catch it, imagine trying to hit it. From experience, believe me, it's not fun.

In the Have-A-Day Category
Former major leaguer Mike Lansing hit for the cycle by the fourth inning of a game.
Crazy good, it took me a few major league seasons to get a cycle (no homerun of course) for the whole season, let alone the traditional cycle where it is done in the same game doubt I even did that in little league, let alone by the fourth inning of one major league game.

In the Times have Changed Category
Way back in 1915, Cubs right-hander George Washington Zabel threw 18 and 1/3 innings in relief one game.
Quite impressive, until you hear the rest of the story. The starter for the other team went the entire 19 innings, with a final score of 4 3 in the Cub win. "Cubs win, Cubs win" Harry was yelling.

More Baseball Trivia Stumpers

Talk about Longevity Category
Hack Wilson was awarded an RBI 51 years after his death.
Pretty cool, but I wish Hack would have known this before he passed. I'm going to review my major league records and see if I can come up with a few more hits or something, so I know before I leave this world.

I will Never Forget Category
Bo Jackson made his major league debut on September 2, 1986.
Oh, what a view I had for Bo's first major league game. I was with the White Sox at the time, although not in that game. Bo hit a routine ground ball to second and beat it out for his first big league hit. What a remarkable athlete Bo was and I am so proud to have played against maybe the greatest athlete ever.

Now I Don't Feel so Bad Category
The great Ron Guidry struck out 18 batters in one game for the Yankees.
No big surprise to me as I had the hat trick (3 strikeouts in one game) against him one day. Very disappointing as the day before I had 5 hits in a game. The game will humble you quickly. My excuseand I'm sticking to it, I was exhausted from having to run the bases so much the day before.

Why they are great category
Future Hall of Famer, Randy Johnson, threw a perfect game at the age of 40.

baseball trivia Would i want to face Randy Johnson?

I never feared standing in on any major league pitcher when I played, but I'm not sure I would be able to say that if I had ever faced Randy, seeing how I batted left-handed. It is amazing he did not throw more no-hitters and perfecto's just goes to show how incredible it is that the 60 feet, 6 inches distance is just right. Thank God for that extra six inches - gives hitters a chance even against the greats. I was part of a couple of no-no's though, with one of Nolan Ryan's, I was on the losing side but with Joe Cowley's of the White Sox, I was on the winning end. Never been part of a "perfecto" before, though.


Who says catchers can't run Category

After catching an attempted sacrifice bunt, catcher Dave Rader, races to second base and steps on the bag before the runner, who had headed toward third on contact, got back.
Right when you think you have seen it all. That's a double play I have never seen before. I guess Dave didn't trust his fieldersor his throwing, so he ran it there himself.

Who would have guessed Category
In 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays reached 1 million in attendance sooner than any team ever had.
If you need a good baseball trivia question that will stump people, here it is. Toronto would not come to many baseball people's minds when you think of the major league teams with much greater tradition put a great product on the field and they will come.

Just as Amazing MLB Attendance Category
The Colorado Rockies hold the record for the most fans in one season. In 1993, they drew over 4 million with an average of over 55,000 fans per game.
Talk about what must have been an electric atmosphere every night. Could not have been hard for the players to look forward to going to the park each day.

Yes, nothing better than throwing around a few good baseball trivia questions to your baseball loving friends. Until next time. JP

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