5 Most Discouraging Baseball Game Losses

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5 Most Discouraging Baseball Game Losses

Baseball game losses that really hurt

Having played major league baseball, I remember that not all baseball game defeats were equal. Some games hurt more and were more difficult to get over than others were. When teams let a loss affect them, it may turn into a losing streak. Losing streaks build pressure that makes playing and winning difficult. Having an experienced, understanding manager helps teams bounce back.

One might think that getting shellacked in a game, something like 15 to 0, would be a difficult one for teams. Those defeats at the higher levels are not that heartbreaking. Teams know the nature of sports and one game is just an aberration. However, having a few games in a row of getting trounced is different and the pressure to win mounts. With youth baseball, it is different. A blowout loss is often the most discouraging one.

Baseball game losses Baseball game losses

Following are the baseball game losses that affect managers and players the most.

5 Baseball game losses that hurt the most

  1. The most discouraging loss for major league teams is the ninth inning loss when the closer blows it. A team feels like they have worked hard and were in a position to win, only to see it all slip away. The team's closer is crucial for team success. He is just what the term says. The closer shuts the door, keeps evil away and is Mr. Reliable. When Mr. Reliable breaks down, the team satisfaction and confidence goes out that door.
  2. Another loss that disappoints is the game that would have been won if not for the mental errors. Players and managers realize that physical errors happen, and may cost teams the game. But mental errors are under players' control and are inexcusable at the highest levels. When base running mistakes, throwing to the wrong bases and missing cutoff men lead to losses, teams feel like they just gave the game away. It hurts when teams know they were the better team, but blew it that day because of a lack of focus.
  3. Losing a game because of many physical errors is different. When teams look unprofessional, that is discouraging. Teams fall into defensive slumps as well as offensive ones. When teams allow many unearned runs that lead to losing, it is embarrassing. Embarrassment is the worst feeling for players.
  4. The close game loss that occurs because no players can come through with runners in scoring position hurts. Teams know the game was there for the taking, but when player after player fails in clutch situations, it disappoints. That failure builds pressure; that makes winning a little more trying.
  5. Another baseball game defeat that is tough to overcome is the game that the manager makes a mistake. When managers' panic by using players wrong in crucial times, it disheartens the whole. The manager is supposed to be the rock, and when they fail, it hurts. Once teams lose complete confidence in the manager, the season may be on the brink of disaster.


The ironic thing about sports and baseball is that teams can play well and lose, and play poorly and still win. When teams play well and lose, it is disappointing for sure, but not devastating. They realize that they will win many of those well-played games in the future.


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