5 Largest Baseball Stadiums in The World

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5 Largest Baseball Stadiums in The World
Chris Sloan

To avoid doubt, when we say the largest baseball stadiums in the world, we refer to capacity, not size, although both overlap significantly. Many people believe the origins of baseball stem from the United States. Although America is primarily responsible for the high-quality game of today, as we see exhibited in the MLB, the most primitive version of the game is thought to have stemmed initially out of the United Kingdom. 

Although baseball has a surprising number of fans in countries you might not expect, such as Japan and Cuba, there are more baseball fans in the United States than anywhere else. You’ll see this reflected in our list today.

# 5 - Koshein Stadium - Nishinomiya, Japan

Widely regarded as the most popular sport in Japan, Koshein Stadium is home to the Hanshin Tigers. The purpose-built stadium was the largest in Asia when it was first designed over 100 years ago, and it is the same sort of innovative design that has stood the test of time and still looks new today. It is a marvelous spectacle and one of the jewels of Japanese sporting architecture. The Obayashi Corporation, a multi-billion-dollar organization still employing thousands of Japanese workers, designed the iconic shape of the stadium. 

Their design has stood the test of time by ensuring that innovation and maximizing the level of entertainment were at the spine of this plan. Immediately after its construction, it could seat 80,000 spectators, but this number has dwindled following some safety changes, and it currently has a capacity of 47,000.

Groundbreaking Designs Throughout Time 

Back in the 1920s, this was highlighted as a sensational innovation. In the same way, digital casinos and innovative new payment methods, such as using Bitcoin to play poker or roulette, are generating hysteria in modern-day society. Every decade or so, there is an innovation that comes around that is often so groundbreaking that it astounds people in the field. 

Given that they are such a new creation, it is hard to say whether a BTC casino will stand the test of time and age in the same way this iconic stadium has. However, it is undoubtedly generating hype at the moment. 

#4 - Chase Field - Arizona, United States

As the first of a few American baseball stadiums in today’s list, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks is one of the most advanced and newest designs. The record attendance at Chase Field occurred in 2019 when just over 50,000 fans crammed into the stadium to watch their team beat the LA Dodgers.

Chase Field has all the modern specifications you would expect from a world-class baseball stadium, including a retractable roof and a multi-purpose stadium that has hosted some of the world’s biggest musical acts, including Elton John and Stevie Nicks. 

#3 - Coors Field - Denver, Colorado 

Another stadium built in the 1990s, Corr Field, slightly pips Chase Field to third place. There is only a few hundred seat difference between the two stadiums - due to the altitude, it is considered a prime location for hitters as the ball often travels further.

The record capacity recorded during a Rockies game was 50,490 back in 2011. It has also crossed over into popular culture, featuring in a Robert De Niro film and two episodes of South Park. Famously, Trey Parker, one half of the iconic duo that created the landmark cartoon comedy series, hails from the State and is a fan of the team.

#2 - Estadio Latinoamericano - Havana, Cuba

As the biggest baseball stadium outside of the United States, the Estadio Latinoamericano has a maximum capacity of 55,000. Although the Latin American country has a phenomenal boxing track record, with some of their iconic gyms a must-see if you ever visit the country, baseball is by far the most popular sport in Cuba. This iconic ground has over 80 years of history and is a focal point of Cuban architecture and sporting heritage. 

#1 - Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, California

As you have probably guessed, the biggest baseball stadium in the world by capacity is the Dodgers Stadium which can pack 56,000. Of course, the Guinness World Record for the highest attendance at a baseball game is more than double this and was a game that involved the Dodgers in LA, but it was a game that took place in 2008 against the Boston Red Sox at the Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum.


Over the years, some of these grounds have had a much higher capacity. For example, some grounds held more than 56,000 - such as Shea Stadium, which was demolished in 2009 and replaced with the top-of-the-range Yankee Stadium.

Depending on new stadiums, and current regulations, this list is ever-changing, especially with just a few hundred seats separating some of the stadiums on today’s list. So don’t be surprised if this list takes a different format a few years from now.

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