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Hey there, parents of young baseball players! Are you looking for ways to help your child improve their skills in the game? Well, one cool way to do that is to watch informational youth baseball videos together. These videos can teach your child about the rules and strategies of baseball, and they might even inspire your child to become a better player.

Watching baseball videos and baseball drills can be a fun activity to do with your child, and it's a great way to bond with them over a shared interest. Plus, it's a good excuse to spend some quality time together!

But be careful when you're choosing which videos to watch. Not all of them are made by people who know a lot about baseball. Make sure to pick videos made by experienced coaches and players, so your child can learn from the best! And now, go grab some popcorn and let's get ready to watch some baseball!

Coaching the Backhand Play - Video

Coaching the Backhand Play - Video

posted on 06 Sep , 2018 in Fielding Videos by Jack Perconte

Coaching the Backhand - Baseball Instruction Video

For most infielders, the backhand play is the toughest play, not only to catch, but also to complete the play, as they are usually moving away from the direction of the throw. This is also a difficult play for coaches to teach, as many coaches do not know the little details that help players make this difficult play.


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