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The Grand Slam Bullies Baseball is a youth travel Baseball organization with select Baseball teams based out of Morrow, Georgia. They are located in the 30260 zip code and historically they participate in travel tournaments that are Mostly travel, with some local tournaments.

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Currently the Grand Slam Bullies Baseball are actively looking for coaches. Please visit our website or call 404-775-5520 to be considered for one of our travel head coaching positions.

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Currently, the Grand Slam Bullies Baseball fields teams in the following age group(s):


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Coaches Notes: 

Executive Summary
Grand Slam Bullies Baseball is a nonprofit baseball league, sports training, and mentorship program for
young men and boys ages 14 – 22 located in Atlanta, GA. We lead a competitive travel baseball team
that incorporates skill development, strength training and conditioning while mentoring participants
through enrichment programs and activities. Our organization’s namesake, the bully bulldog, is
introduced to our players as a form of development. The goal of the bully in the program is to eradicate
fear from the participants and teach responsibility and ownership to aid in the development, growth
and enrichment of the lives of young men.
The organization is led by Richard Harris and Brian Gary, both former collegiate baseball players
dedicated to developing athleticism, maturity, leadership, and sportsmanship in young boys and men of
the Atlanta to help build a community of young leaders. Our goal is to train young men and boys to play
baseball at the collegiate level and beyond. Richard and Brian own and operate a dog kennel and
specialize in bully dog breeding and sales.
Primary Goals
GSBB’s primary commitment is to aid in the development, growth and enrichment of the lives of young
minority and inner-city athletes from Atlanta. We look to share our passion for the game of baseball,
plant seeds of excellence and leadership, and nurture young rising leaders of Atlanta. Through
instruction, we hope to demonstrate that success is achieved through effort, discipline, consistency and
Our immediate goals are to:
• Implement the BullyPrep and TestPrep programs for the upcoming 2020 – 2021 school year.
• Increase name and brand recognition in the state of Georgia and in the South and Southeast
regions of the U.S.
• Develop valuable business relationships, attract corporate sponsorships and increase revenue.
• Increase membership by 10% in the next two years.
Our long-term goals are to:
• Create the GSBB Academy where participants engage in competitive Summer league baseball
and complete programs designed to promote excellence and develop top-tier student athletes.
• Increase membership at the market average of 10% each year.
• Purchase land and build a state of art training facility in the Atlanta metro area for sports
training and host referee and umpire clinics and sports tournaments year-round.
• Purchase or lease two passenger vans.
• Expand our reach to include a Summer softball league for young girls and women.
GSBB is part of a national network of traveling competitive baseball teams for boys ages 14 – 17. The
industry is a “hypercompetitive world of youth sports, travel and club baseball teams [that] start
identifying and grooming their best players at the ages of 7 and 8. By the time they are 9, many are
already on elite teams, often with private coaches, practicing every day and training year round.” This is
very different from the leagues of the past in which “every kid, no matter how inept or uncoordinated,
got a chance to play.” The industry continues to grow each year as more children become eligible to play
at specified age levels and existing baseball organizations compete for talent.

Season Costs: 
Local or National: 
Mostly travel, with some local tournaments
Phone Number: 
2299 Old Rex Morrow Rd
Morrow, GA 30260
Indoor Facilities
Outdoor Facilities
No Permanent Facilities
Paid or Volunteer Coaches: 
Volunteer Coaches
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