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Energy Baseball


The ONLY Team All Inclusive Program in Central Massachusetts.
We believe in a fast-paced, competitive, fun, & positive environment for all of our ball players.
Each team is coached by experienced baseball coaches/players.
Our goal is to mold young boys into young men, both on the field and off the field.
We aim to create the successful student-athlete in all we do and all we teach.


Inspire athletes through remarkable experiences The Ripken Way

Pittsburgh Outlws

We are an elite travel baseball program. We have teams from 8U up through 18U. Our program is about taking dedicated athletes and teaching them the game of baseball. We pride ourselves on what we teach and how we teach it. The heart and soul of our program is our winter training. Each player will not only have over 31 hours of indoor winter team training, but will also have 5 hours of individual one on one lessons with Outlaws/C-Side's training staff. Our winter training starts in December and runs through the end of March.


The Baden Baseball Club was founded with the primary goal of pushing young men to jump start their mastery of life skills through a fulfilling experience with baseball.

From the day they are selected, our players are immersed in a positive (and fun) environment that shapes discipline, performance excellence, teamwork and learning.

Team Elite

Team Elite Baseball started in 2005 and has focused on developing and preparing youth baseball players for the college and professional level. It is our staff’s mission to build a relationship with each individual player in our program. Our goal is to help them understand what areas they need to develop in order for them to play successfully at the major travel ball and high school levels. Once they are successful at the major travel ball and high school levels, we focus on what the player needs to develop to be successful at the college or professional level.